Top 10 Cards You Need for Your Fairy Yu-Gi-Oh Deck

Updated on October 11, 2019
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Jeremy enjoys dueling in between working as a chemical analyst and campus building manager.

How to Use Fairy Monsters in Yu-Gi-Oh

Contrasting the popular machine and dragon monster types, fairies are generally peaceful and holy dueling warriors. That doesn't mean they aren't powerful, as these pixies bear a variety of tricky effects. In particular, they specialize in supporting counter trap cards, negating opposing tactics to ensure you maintain the upper hand.

Fairy monsters also contain a variety of swarming and hand trap options to round out their bunch, and they typically bear the versatile light attribute. But with hundreds of members and supports, which sprites deserve your attention? These are ten of the best cards for any Yu-Gi-Oh fairy deck!

Bountiful Artemis
Bountiful Artemis

10. Bountiful Artemis

Type: Monster

Bountiful Artemis is a versatile card with several awesome traits. First, you can normal summon him without tributes, and with 1600 ATK and 1700 DEF, he's competent in either battle position. Better yet, Artemis offers one of the best counter supports in the game, letting you draw a card whenever a counter trap resolves.

Counters are deadly since they operate at "spell speed 3", which basically means they can only be responded to by other counter traps (making them difficult to stop). Artemis's trait helpfully activates with both your and your opponent's counters, letting you quickly gain card advantage, and he combos well with other counter supports like...

Guiding Ariadne
Guiding Ariadne

9. Guiding Ariadne

Type: Monster

Guiding Ariadne offers useful counter supports whether serving in the pendulum or monster zone. While her pendulum scale is a bit midway at three, Ariadne prevents you from having to discard or pay life points when activating counter traps, letting you brandish powerful instants like "Solemn Judgment" and "Solemn Strike" without suffering their drawbacks.

Additionally, as a monster, Ariadne wields a decent 1700 ATK, and when destroyed by either battle or effect, you can select three counter traps from your deck. Your opponent picks one to add to your hand, and you shuffle the rest back in. This superb exit ability adds to your hand size, and since the effect doesn't mandate the counters bear different names, you can force your opponent by choosing three traps with the same title, ensuring you get what you're after.

Darklord Asmodeus
Darklord Asmodeus

8. Darklord Asmodeus

Type: Monster

The Darklord band bears the fairy type but deviate from light to the dark attribute. This stocks your graveyard with both light and dark monsters, useful if you plan to brandish the powerful Chaos monsters. Of course, Asmodeus is strong on his own, though he can't be special summoned from the deck or graveyard (but can be from the hand).

Not only does he match a Blue-Eyes with 3000 ATK and 2500 DEF, but Asmodeus also lets you mill a fairy from your deck to the graveyard once per turn, setting up your revival combos. Additionally, when destroyed while under your command, Asmodeus summons a Deus monster token with 1200 ATK and DEF that's immune to battle destruction and an Asmo token with 1800 ATK and 1300 DEF that's immune to effect destruction. Even in death, this Darklord provides you with fortified units who can stall foes or serve as tribute/link material.


7. Honest

Type: Monster

One of the best hand traps in the game, you can discard Honest when your light-attributed monster battles (on either player's turn) to grant your creature ATK equal to the ATK of its opponent, essentially guaranteeing victory. And of course, since he's a fairy monster, Honest doesn't contaminate your graveyard if you're employing the single-type ATK boost of the Solidarity continuous spell.

For a hand trap, Honest is also surprisingly competent on the field. He's got a decent 1100 ATK and 1900 DEF, and can bounce back to your hand during the main phase. In other words, you can summon this angel to help assault your foe, then nestle him safely back into your hand, ready to use his hand trap ability.

Sacred Arch-Airknight Parshath
Sacred Arch-Airknight Parshath

6. Sacred Arch-Airknight Parshath

Type: Monster

Airknight Parshath bears several forms with different powers and summoning requirements. Like most level nine monsters, you can normal summon his strongest Sacred transformation by tributing two units. However, you can also special summon him from either your hand or graveyard by banishing two other fairies from your hand, field, or graveyard after either activating a counter trap or negating the activation of an effect.

Basically, you can field Sacred Arch in a variety of ways, even from your graveyard, and he joins the fray with a fierce 2800 ATK. He also deals piercing battle damage to defense position enemies, and when he inflicts combat damage to your opponent (easy with his bleed effect), you can add any counter trap or "Parshath" card from your deck to your hand. This can search both the counters that your fairies support and useful Parshath members like...

The Sanctum of Parshath
The Sanctum of Parshath

5. The Sanctum of Parshath

Type: Spell

In either the field or graveyard, Sanctum's name alters to "The Sanctuary in the Sky," handy for activating the abilities of several fairy monsters. Sanctum also grants fairy monsters an extra 300 ATK/DEF and prevents set spells/traps from being destroyed or targeted by effects, skillfully guarding your counters.

You can also (once per turn) place three counter traps and/or fairy monsters with different names from your graveyard on top of your deck, guarding against a deck-out loss and letting you choose what cards you next draw. Sanctum offers several great abilities to your structure, but note that its effects can benefit your opponent as well, so take caution when facing fellow fairy decks.


4. Athena

Type: Monster

As a level seven monster, Athena needs two sacrifices two tribute summon, but we're about to see a much easier way to freely cast her. 2600 ATK is a tad low on a level seven, but it's far from weak, and Athena inflicts 600 effect damage to your opponent whenever another fairy monster is summoned! This even includes your opponent's team, so they can potentially mutilate themselves just by fielding their monsters!

Athena's next effect helps trigger this burn damage frequently, as she can once per turn send a different fairy you control to the graveyard to special summon yet another fairy from your graveyard (and neither monster can be another Athena copy). This lets you exchange weaker warriors for stronger ones while piling on the effect damage; 600 adds up fast when used multiple times in a single turn. To help quickly field Athena, use either pendulum eight scales or...

Valhalla, Hall of the Fallen
Valhalla, Hall of the Fallen

3. Valhalla, Hall of the Fallen

Type: Spell

Here's a blessedly simple yet potent continuous spell. Once per turn, while you control no monsters, Valhalla lets you special summon a fairy from your hand. This adeptly plays your higher-level titans without tributing and reserves your turn's normal summon for a different monster.

You can even use multiple Valhallas in a single turn, perhaps if your first special summoned monster was destroyed with a counter, once again leaving your field empty. Even if your foe eradicates this magic before you can use its effect again, it'll have both summoned a free monster and absorbed the damage from a spell removal, more than justifying inclusion with just a single usage.

Tethys, Goddess of Light
Tethys, Goddess of Light

2. Tethys, Goddess of Light

Type: Monster

Like the infamous Monarchs, Tethys is a single-tribute monster with a sweet 2400 ATK. She also bears a fair 1800 DEF and amazing ability: whenever you draw a fairy monster, you can reveal it to draw another card.

This triggers with both your default draws at the start of your turn as well as any bonus draws you'll earn through card effects, and it can activate multiple times in a single turn—if you keep drawing fairies, you may reveal them to draw as many cards as you like. A potent ATK stat and awesome draw engine make for one potent deity; remember to use cards like Valhalla and Athena to field Tethys without having to tribute.

Cards from the Sky
Cards from the Sky

1. Cards from the Sky

Type: Spell

Cards from the Sky offers one of the best hand controllers in the game, offering a fairy counterpart to "Allure of Darkness." You first banish a light-attribute fairy from your hand, then draw two cards. You've spent two cards to gain two, so your overall hand size hasn't changed, but you exiled what you didn't need to hopefully draw what you did. Plus, fairys have a few tricks for recovering banished members, so exiling them doesn't completely exclude them from the game.

Now, you have to forfeit special summoning and your battle phase the turn you use Cards from the Sky, but with the negation powers you're likely employing, you're in it for the long haul anyway. Plus, no pesky "once per turn" text means you can activate multiple copies in a single round. I use this potent spell in just about every fairy deck I build, and thankfully, it's a surprisingly cheap buy despite its prowess, costing well under a single dollar!

Which card do you prefer?

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The Best Fairy Archetypes

We've seen some general counter supports fairies offer, but here's a list for some of the best fairy archetypes to firmly build your theme around:

  • Trickstar (inflict effect damage while shutting down opposing plays)
  • Timelord (stall opponents and conduct easy summons with an empty field)
  • Prediction Princess (use flip effects and ritual summoning to assault foes)
  • Melodious (focus on swarming and fusion monsters)

We'll undoubtedly see more powerful imps in the future, but for now, as we eagerly await Konami's next expansion of formidable fairy monsters, vote for your favorite card, and I'll see you at our next Yu-Gi-Oh countdown!

Questions & Answers

  • Do you think that using a 'counter fairy' engine in any type of fairy deck is a good idea? In a Valkyrie deck perhaps?

    Yes, fairy monsters blend well with counter traps, but I find they need more support to be truly competitive.

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