Top 5 God-Eternals in Magic: The Gathering

Updated on October 2, 2019
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The God-Eternals Cards in Magic

Few creatures possess Magic's god subtype, but the ones that do typically offer incredible powers at moderate price. And while still scarce, the War of the Spark set introduced five new gods, one for each color.

Unlike previous enchantment gods, these deities don't possess indestructible, but their alternative defense makes them near-impossible to permanently defeat (more on that soon). But what exactly makes them so good? Here are the five best (and only) God-Eternal cards in Magic: The Gathering!

God-Eternal Bontu mtg
God-Eternal Bontu mtg

5. God-Eternal Bontu

CMC (Converted Mana Cost): 5

As expected of a god card, Bontu carries impressive 5/6 stats plus menace, meaning only two or more creatures can block her. When she enters the field, you can sacrifice any number of permanents to draw that many cards, a prime way to exploit weak tokens or other unneeded spells. And if Bontu is killed or exiled, you can move her to your deck's third position from the top, letting you quickly redraw her.

With one exception, all of today's cards carry the helpful zombie subtype, but Bontu makes the best use of it since she belongs to black, the standard home of the undead.

God-Eternal Rhonas mtg
God-Eternal Rhonas mtg

4. God-Eternal Rhonas

CMC: 5

Rhonas carries deathtouch, which is usually redundant on a sturdy 5/5 but never hurts, especially since it's rare outside the black faction. Additionally, when he arrives, Rhonas doubles the power of your other creatures for the turn and grants them vigilance, letting them attack without tapping!

While this effect admittedly depends on other cards, it gives the firepower for an all-out strike to finish off weakened opponents, especially with trample creatures. And like his brethren, you can put Rhonas into the third position of your deck when he dies or is exiled, meaning it's only a matter of time before he returns (and reapplies his entrance effect).

A powerful finisher for any green theme (try him in Omnath commander decks), Rhonas is also one of the cheapest God-Eternals, costing less than five dollars!

Ilharg, the Raze-Boar mtg
Ilharg, the Raze-Boar mtg

3. Ilharg, the Raze-Boar

CMC: 5

Ilharg is the God-Eternal black sheep, lacking their name and zombie subtype but sharing their move-to-third-position effect when killed or exiled. He's a daunting 6/6 with trample, and when he attacks, Ilharg lets you play a creature from your hand tapped and attacking, though it returns to hand at the end of the turn.

While temporary, that's a great way to gimmick creatures into play, especially for players using expensive beatsticks like dinosaurs or eldrazi.

God-Eternal Oketra mtg
God-Eternal Oketra mtg

2. God-Eternal Oketra

CMC: 5

At first, Oketra looks like the weakest god, carrying only 3/6 stats, but since she has the excellent double strike trait, she essentially hits as a 6/6. Her initial damage comes at first strike speed, letting her avoid counterattacks if the first blow kills challengers.

Normally, I'd suggest boosting Oketra with auras or equipments to make full use of double strike, but try her with creatures instead; Oketra creates a 4/4 zombie token with vigilance whenever you cast a creature, even if your spell is countered! That's an unusually strong token, and it can benefit from zombie-token supports like "Gleaming Overseer".

God-Eternal Kefnet mtg
God-Eternal Kefnet mtg

1. God-Eternal Kefnet

CMC: 4

Kefnet is today's cheapest card, only needing four mana, and considering his lower price, he's an impressive 4/5 with flying. This also means he carries just enough toughness to survive red's four-damage "Lava Coil" spell, a common removal in standard (until it cycles out of rotation, at least).

In addition to his reduced price and shared God-Eternal third-position defense, Kefnet can reveal the first card you draw each turn, and if it's an instant or sorcery, you can immediately cast a copy of it for two less mana!

That's an enormous discount, and since it doesn't actually expend the spell, you can later cast the original (for its usual price). You can even use Kefnet's effect on other turns with spells like "Opt" that draw at instant speed.

Which card do you prefer?

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How to Beat the God-Eternals in Magic

The God-Eternals are powerful creatures, and since they can rebound from death or exile, it's not easy getting rid of them. But no card is invincible; instead of destroying these guys, try weakening them with auras like "Reprobation", which makes a creature 0/1 and has it lose all abilities.

Alternatively, use counterspells to prevent the gods from arriving in the first place (this won't trigger their death effect). If nothing else, you can always kill them traditionally to buy a few turns, and bonus points if you have your opponent shuffle their library. But for now, as we eagerly await Wizards of the Coast's next expansion of deities, vote for your favorite god card and I'll see you at our next MTG countdown!

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