Top 20 Green/White Lands in Magic: The Gathering

Updated on August 7, 2019
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Green/White Decks in Magic

In Magic, pairing green with white yields the Selesnya theme, which emphasizes powerful creatures and defensive abilities. Beyond basic forests and plains lands, green/white decks want some that can tap for either color, ensuring you have access to your multi-color spells.

But you don't have to settle for mediocre fields like "Elfhame Palace" (which enters tapped and doesn't offer any bonus effects); today, we'll count down the 20 best lands that provide green or white mana in Magic: The Gathering!

Stirring Wildwood mtg
Stirring Wildwood mtg

20. Stirring Wildwood

Sadly, Stirring Wildwood enters tapped and lacks the forest and plains subtypes (which empower upcoming effects). However, not only can it provide either green or white mana, you can spend three to instantly turn it into a 3/4 elemental creature with reach for the turn.

That's a nice effect to have in store, especially since one of green/white's biggest weaknesses is a lack of flying creatures; reach helps you successfully guard aerial opponents.

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Jungle Shrine mtgSandsteppe Citadel mtgSeaside Citadel mtg
Jungle Shrine mtg
Jungle Shrine mtg
Sandsteppe Citadel mtg
Sandsteppe Citadel mtg
Seaside Citadel mtg
Seaside Citadel mtg

19. Jungle Shrine/Sandsteppe Citadel/Seaside Citadel

These cards enter tapped, but can provide not just two but three colors! Just remember that if you're playing EDH format, your commander needs to contain all three listed colors to include the corresponding land. Here's a quick rundown of each card's bonus color:

  • Red: Jungle Shrine
  • Black: Sandsteppe Citadel
  • Blue: Seaside Citadel

Bountiful Promenade mtg
Bountiful Promenade mtg

18. Bountiful Promenade

Bountiful Promenade works great outside 1v1 games, entering the field untapped as long as you have at least two opponents. But even in 1v1, Promenade matches generic two-color lands in power, so you've really got nothing to lose.

Selesnya Sanctuary mtg
Selesnya Sanctuary mtg

17. Selesnya Sanctuary

This interesting "bounce" land enters tapped and requires you to return another land you control to your hand. But to compensate for your trouble, Sanctuary taps for both a white and a green mana simultaneously!

Remember that you can tap the land you bounce before returning it to your hand, and bonus points if you're running landfall effects (since you'll ultimately gain an extra land-entrance trigger).

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Blossoming Sands mtgGraypelt Refuge mtg
Blossoming Sands mtg
Blossoming Sands mtg
Graypelt Refuge mtg
Graypelt Refuge mtg

16. Blossoming Sands/Graypelt Refuge

These identical lands enter tapped, but each grant you one life when they arrive. Can't hurt to stockpile a little extra health, especially with Selesnya colors since many white spells (like "Ajani's Pridemate") reward you for gaining life.

Murmuring Bosk mtg
Murmuring Bosk mtg

15. Murmuring Bosk

Murmuring Bosk is an interesting alternative to Sandsteppe Citadel. Both can tap for green, white, or black mana, but Bosk deals you one damage when you exhaust it for white or black.

However, to compensate, it enters untapped if you reveal a treefolk card from your hand, and it counts as a forest, which we'll soon see is very helpful for having other green/white lands arrive untapped.

Temple of Plenty mtg
Temple of Plenty mtg

14. Temple of Plenty

Temple of Plenty enters tapped, but in addition to providing either green or white mana, it scries one upon arrival. This lets you look at your library's top card and either place it on the top or bottom of your deck, a handy draw-manipulation, especially for a non-blue card.

Sungrass Prairie mtg
Sungrass Prairie mtg

13. Sungrass Prairie

Praire requires you to spend a mana of any type when you tap it, but in exchange, it'll grant you both a green and white mana, an excellent way to convert colorless resources from artifacts like "Sol Ring" into more-useful colored mana. And unlike many of today's lands, Prairie always enters untapped and ready to go.

Scattered Groves mtg
Scattered Groves mtg

12. Scattered Groves

Sure, Groves enters the arena tapped, but it contains both the forest and plains subtypes, empowering upcoming effects. Additionally, it has the standard cycling ability, letting you discard it from your hand and spend two mana to draw a card. That's a useful effect in the late-game when you would prefer new spells in have over extra lands.

A mainstay in my green/white decks, Groves is also much cheaper than upcoming cards, costing well under two dollars!

Krosan Verge mtg
Krosan Verge mtg

11. Krosan Verge

Krosan Verge itself won't provide colored mana, but it's one of Magic's best "fetch" lands. Verge enters the field tapped, and you can later tap it for a colorless mana. Or, you can tap and sacrifice it while spending two to place both a forest and plains from your deck onto the field tapped.

Cool thing about this is that you don't have to pull basic forests and plains, but any card with their subtype. This single effect can prepare four colors; for instance, you could sac Verge to play "Overgrown Tomb" (a forest/swamp that can give green or black mana) and "Hallowed Fountain" (a plains/island that can give white or blue).

Razorverge Thicket mtg
Razorverge Thicket mtg

10. Razorverge Thicket

Thicket's always a welcome addition since it doesn't rely on land subtypes; for it to enter untapped, all you need is to control two or fewer other lands, an excellent early land drop. But even if drawn it too late for this effect, it's still as good as any other two-color land that enters tapped, so again, you've got nothing to lose.

Fortified Village mtg
Fortified Village mtg

9. Fortified Village

As Village enters the field, you can reveal a forest or plains from your hand, and if you do, it'll enter untapped. In pure green/white decks, you should have plenty of cards to reveal, and remember that you can use any forest/plains (not just basic ones).

Canopy Vista mtg
Canopy Vista mtg

8. Canopy Vista

Unlike Razorverge Thicket, Vista works best later in your game, entering untapped if you control two or more basic lands. Vista fares better in pure green/white decks (which are more likely to run basic lands) than ones that go beyond two colors, but no matter where you use it, it handily contains both the forest and plains subtypes.

Sunpetal Grove mtg
Sunpetal Grove mtg

7. Sunpetal Grove

Simple and easy, Grove enters untapped if you control a forest or plains. Again, this effect doesn't care whether the forest or plains is basic; as long as you control any card with either subtype, Grove enters refreshed and ready to tap.

Horizon Canopy mtg
Horizon Canopy mtg

6. Horizon Canopy

Horizon Canopy requires you to pay a life when you tap it for mana, but that's a reasonable price considering it enters untapped, especially since green and white excel at stockpiling extra life points. Additionally, Canopy can spend one mana, tap, and sacrifice itself to let you draw a card, useful in the late-game when you need more cards more than extra mana.

Brushland mtg
Brushland mtg

5. Brushland

Similar to Horizon Canopy, Brushland deals you one damage when you tap it for green or white mana. However, it enters untapped and can tap for colorless without harming you, ensuring you're only taking the damage when you absolutely need the color and no other land can provide it.

Wooded Bastion mtg
Wooded Bastion mtg

4. Wooded Bastion

Wooded Bastion enters untapped and can tap and spend either a green or a white to provide any two Selesnya colors (green/green, green/white, or white/white).

This lets you turn white mana into green, green into white, or double up on a single color. Honestly, stopping there, you'd have a great card, but Bastion has a nice backup effect of simply tapping for a colorless mana, useful in multi-color decks when you haven't yet played a Selesnya land.

Windswept Heath mtg
Windswept Heath mtg

3. Windswept Heath

Another excellent fetch land, Heath can tap and pay a life to place any forest or plains from your deck onto the field tapped. Remember, you can pick multi-subtype cards like "Sacred Foundry", letting you prep two colors at once. By removing a land from your library, this also helps "deck-thin," increasing your odds of drawing non-land cards, helpful when your mana is already sufficient.

Temple Garden mtg
Temple Garden mtg

2. Temple Garden

Temple Garden has both the forest and plains subtypes, qualifying for many of today's abilities. Additionally, when it enters the field, you have the choice of paying two life, and if you do, Garden enters untapped. This handy effects gives you the rare option of using Garden immediately, especially useful in commander format where you'll have life to spare.

Savannah mtg
Savannah mtg

1. Savannah

Like Temple Garden, Savannah possesses both the forest and plains subtypes, but it always enters untapped, requiring no gimmicks or penalties in exchange for its ability to produce either white or green mana. Just don't have a heart attack when you look at this thing's price tag.

Which card do you prefer?

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More Multi-Color Lands in Magic

In addition to today's cards, remember that some lands (like "Command Tower" and "Mana Confluence") can tap for any mana type, especially tempting if you're running more than two colors.

After all, the more colors a land can tap for, the more cards you can play, ensuring you're never color-locked out of your hand. But for now, as we eagerly await Wizards of the Coast's next expansion of green/white lands, vote for your favorite card and I'll see you at our next MTG countdown!

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