Top 10 Supports for "Polymerization" in Yu-Gi-Oh

Updated on May 31, 2020
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How to Fusion Summon With Polymerizaton

"Polymerization" is the standard Yu-Gi-Oh fusion spell, letting you tribute monsters from your hand or field to summon a corresponding fusion monster from your extra deck. Polymerization doesn't offer any additional traits, so on its own, it's an unimpressive card. However, as the original fusion spell, it's enjoyed numerous supports throughout the years, keeping it relevant in competitive play.

But with dozens of search engines and graveyard recoveries available, which combos reign supreme? These are the 10 best Polymerization supporters in Yu-Gi-Oh!

Fluffal Owl
Fluffal Owl

10. Fluffal Owl

Type: Monster

Geared towards the Fluffal and Frightfur archetypes, Owl lets you add a Polymerization from your deck to your hand when either normal or special summoned. From there, his stats are decent (1000 each) for a level two monster, and he can pay 500 life points to fusion summon a Frightfur monster using cards in your hand or field as material.

This works well if you're planning multiple fusions and want to save your Polymerization for later. That said, note you can only use one of Owl's effects each turn and only once that turn, so activating his fusion ability requires him to either forgo his search or stay alive for at least one turn.

Elemental HERO Blazeman
Elemental HERO Blazeman

9. Elemental HERO Blazeman

Type: Monster

Just like Owl, Blazeman searches Polymerization from your deck when normal or special summoned. However, he has better stats and his level of four makes him easier to pendulum summon. He also belongs to the fusion-centered Elemental HERO group, and you can activate his second effect during your main phase. It prevents you from special summoning for the rest of the turn, except fusion summons, but you send a different HERO monster from your deck to your graveyard; until the end of the turn, Blazeman copies its stats and attribute.

You can only use one of his effects per turn and only once that turn, but Blazeman first searches Polymerization, then stocks your graveyard while adjusting his element for whatever attribute you need in your fusion summons. Definitely one of the best HERO monsters available.

Ancient Gear Golem - Ultimate Pound
Ancient Gear Golem - Ultimate Pound

8. Ancient Gear Golem - Ultimate Pound

Type: Monster

One of the strongest Ancient Gear monsters, Pound's biggest downside is he can't be special summoned. However, remember his archetype's field spell "Geartown" can reduce the number of tributes his normal summon needs from two to one, and he enters with a fierce 3000 ATK and DEF. Plus, yp to twice per turn, when Pound destroys an enemy in battle, you can discard a machine monster to let him attack again, quickly ravaging your foe's soldiers and life points.

All very nice, but when Pound is destroyed by battle or effect, he not only searches Polymerization from your deck but also adds an Ancient Gear monster (other than himself) from your graveyard to your hand, ensuring you're never left empty-handed. Use his powers to help summon "Chaos Ancient Gear Giant," one of the most powerful monsters in all of Yu-Gi-Oh.

Performapal Trump Witch
Performapal Trump Witch

7. Performapal Trump Witch

Type: Monster

Witch carries numerous synergies, as she's a Performapal member and her dark attribute and spellcaster type nicely combo with with "Dark Magician" or pendulum Magician themes. Either way, her scale is sadly a mid-range value of four, but its effect lets you once per turn fusion summon using monsters you control, essentially letting you contact fusion (no spell needed) any fusion monster.

If instead used as a monster, you can tribute Witch to add Polymerization from either your deck or graveyard to hand, an excellent search that lets you run a single copy of Polymerization in your deck, as you can just recover it if already drawn or searched. Remember that Witch's level one makes her difficult to pendulum summon, but it can be accomplished with rare scale-zero cards like "Supreme King Gate Zero."

Fusion Reserve
Fusion Reserve

6. Fusion Reserve

Type: Trap

Fusion Reserve reveals a fusion monster from your extra deck and adds a monster it specifically lists from your deck to your hand. Then, you can recover a Polymerization from your graveyard. In ideal circumstancew, Reserve will net you two cards for the price of one; be sure to quickly search and use Polymerization with other effects so you can recover it with Reserve.

Frightfur Patchwork
Frightfur Patchwork

5. Frightfur Patchwork

Type: Spell

Patchwork adds one Edge Imp monster (likely "Edge Imp Sabres") and one Polymerization from your deck to your hand. And that's it; you simply net two cards for one. Without any life point drain or other cost, Patchwork's only restriction is allowing just one copy to be used each turn, making it a great boon for Frightfur decks.

Lunalight Black Sheep
Lunalight Black Sheep

4. Lunalight Black Sheep

Type: Monster

Black Sheep's battle stats are terrible, but it shouldn't be a problem, as you can discard her to either add Polymerization from your deck to your hand or add a different Lunalight monster from your graveyard to your hand.

Both are great abilities that you tailor Sheep to suit your current needs. Plus, if she's sent to the graveyard as fusion material, you can add a Lunalight pendulum monster from your extra deck or any Lunalight monster from your graveyard to your hand, yet another appreciated support for fusion summoning.

Fusion Recycling Plant
Fusion Recycling Plant

3. Fusion Recycling Plant

Type: Spell

This field spell lets you once per turn discard a card to add Polymerization from your deck or graveyard to your hand, letting you swap out unneeded units for your key card. Additionally, once per turn during your end phase, Plant lets you recover a monster in your graveyard that was used as fusion material that turn, skillfully reducing the hand-depleting cost of fusion summoning.

Independent of archetype, Plant is a handy support for any fusion deck, especially ones that lack a good field spell, and you can quickly search it with "Terraforming."

Fusion Recovery
Fusion Recovery

2. Fusion Recovery

Type: Spell

Recovery is similar to Plant, but it doesn't take up your field spell zone and functions more quickly, instantly returning a Polymerization and monster used as fusion material (even in a prior turn) from your graveyard to your hand.

I use Fusion Recovery in several Polymerization builds, and it's easy to shuffle between decks; fortunately, it's surprisingly cheap, costing less than a single dollar!

King of the Swamp
King of the Swamp

1. King of the Swamp

Type: Monster

Swamp's stats are subpar, but you can discard him to search Polymerization from your deck. Alternatively, he can substitute for any material specifically listed on a fusion monster, but the other materials must be the correct ones.

Independent of archetype, Swamp will either pull your fusion spell or serve as a needed material, making him crucial to any Polymerization deck whose monsters have specific requirements.

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More of Yu-Gi-Oh's Best Fusion Spells

As the classic fusion, we've seen how Polymerization enjoys several supports to bolster your deck. Still, you can substitute it with the game's best fusion spells, many of which are geared towards certain archetypes, like "Invocation" and "Ancient Gear Fusion."

Despite being the oldest type of extra deck card, fusion monsters still receive new members and supports, ensuring they enjoy usage even in modern arenas. But for now, as we eagerly await Konami's next expansion of fusion spells, vote for your favorite card and I'll see you at our next Yu-Gi-Oh countdown!

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