Top 10 Scrap Cards in Yu-Gi-Oh

Updated on October 10, 2019
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What Are the Scrap Monsters in Yu-Gi-Oh?

Yu-Gi-Oh's Scrap archetype consists of several earth-attributed monsters who bear a variety of types, particularly machine, beast, and dragon. Scrap traits often destroy themselves, but simultaneously recover other Scraps from your graveyard, swapping your monsters in and out as needed.

Beyond that, they access several powerful extra deck creatures using their assortment of tuners and synchro monsters. But with dozens of Scrap members to sort through, where will you find the diamonds in the rough? These are the ten best Scrap cards in Yu-Gi-Oh!

Atomic Scrap Dragon
Atomic Scrap Dragon

10. Atomic Scrap Dragon

Type: Monster

Of the three Scrap Dragon variants, Atomic is the strongest with a fierce 3200 ATK, but his removal is less powerful, and he specifically needs a scrap tuner and at least two nontuners, meaning you'll spend three or more monsters to summon him.

Once per turn, Atomic can destroy a card you control to return up to three cards from your opponent's graveyard to their deck, preventing recoveries and graveyard activations. Destroying your own card may sound negative, but it'll help activate your Scrap abilities. Additionally, when Atomic is destroyed by your opponent's card (through either battle or effect) and sent to the graveyard, you can special summon a non-synchro Scrap from your graveyard, softening the blow if Atomic is annihilated.

Scrap Orthros
Scrap Orthros

9. Scrap Orthros

Type: Monster

To help play your synchros, you'll need tuners like Scrap Orthros. He can't be normal summoned or set, but you can special summon him while you control a Scrap monster. Orthros destroys a Scrap you control when he enters the field, but you can choose whether to eliminate him or another unit.

Why bother summoning him if he'll just nuke himself? Well, like many of his kin, when destroyed by a Scrap card, Orthros lets you add a different Scrap monster from your graveyard to your hand. With his entrance, you've shuffled around your units as needed, activated destruction-trigger supports like "Supply Squad," and preserved your turn's normal summon.

Scrap Twin Dragon
Scrap Twin Dragon

8. Scrap Twin Dragon

Type: Monster

Level nine Twin Dragon also demands a Scrap tuner, but this time he only needs one nontuner (though you can use more), ideally letting you spend just two monsters for his summon. He wields a powerful removal: by destroying a card you possess, you can return up to two cards your opponent controls to the hand. This adeptly removes multiple units and works especially well on extra deck monsters.

Like his Atomic counterpart, when destroyed by your opponent's card, Twin revives a non-synchro Scrap monster from your graveyard, helping you recover even if he's defeated.


7. Scrapyard

Type: Spell

Scrapyard is a simple and easy search that pulls any Scrap tuner from your deck to your hand. With no life point loss, "once per turn" restriction, or other disadvantage, Scrapyard lets you find whichever monster suits your needs without penalty.

It's as simple as that; use this junkyard to grab any of the several potent Scrap tuners. Speaking of which...

Scrap Goblin
Scrap Goblin

6. Scrap Goblin

Type: Monster

He has weak stats, but Scrap Goblin can't be destroyed in battle, skillfully stalling when needed. That said, if he was attacked while already face-up, he'll destroy himself at the end of the battle phase, so it's not a perfect defense.

Still, even this "downside" isn't so bad, as Goblin bears his archetype's usual ability, adding a different Scrap from your graveyard to your hand when eliminated by a Scrap effect. Of course, he's also a tuner, so you can use Goblin for synchro summoning as well as defense and graveyard recovery.


5. Scrapstorm

Type: Spell

Scrapstorm applies a myriad of useful abilities, and as a quick-play spell, you can even activate it on your opponent's turn if you set it (just like a trap). When resolving, you select a Scrap monster you control. Then, you send any Scrap creature from your deck to your graveyard, draw a card, and destroy the unit you selected.

In one fell swoop, you've stocked your graveyard and replenished your hand. While you had to eliminate a unit, this of course activates your Scrap recycling traits, letting you turn the destruction to your advantage by scavenging a monster from your graveyard. Thanks to its instant speed, Scrapstorm can bait and "waste" an opposing spell/trap removal, or be used in response to a monster removal; make the most of an inevitable loss by chaining its effects.

Scrap Dragon
Scrap Dragon

4. Scrap Dragon

Type: Monster

Scrap Dragon's usefulness stems not just from his qualities, but his ease of summoning. Level eight synchros are generally easier to summon since they suit the common level four tuner/nontuner pairing, and Scrap Dragon accepts any and all tuners and nontuners, letting you wield it even with non-archetype members.

Beyond that, he enjoys an impressive 2800 ATK and two handy effects. The first lets you once per turn destroy a card on each side of the field, and the latter mimics Atomic and Twin's exits, special summoning a non-synchro Scrap from your graveyard when destroyed by an opposing card. Overall, a powerful boss monster, and one of few Scraps who can function well even outside the archetype.

Scrap Factory
Scrap Factory

3. Scrap Factory

Type: Spell

Field spell Scrap Factory offers two great benefits to your theme. First, it simply boosts the ATK and DEF of all Scrap monsters by 200, a small but appreciated increase that helps you triumph in battle. More importantly, Factory lets you (once per turn) special summon a Scrap from your deck when a Scrap monster you control is destroyed by a card effect.

Luckily, this activates whether it was your or your opponent's card that blasted your soldier, letting you further augment your own self-destructive tendencies by fielding new monsters from your deck. Use this to easily cast high-level creatures without tributing, such as...

Scrap Golem
Scrap Golem

2. Scrap Golem

Type: Monster

A rare rock-type monster, Scrap Golem arrives with a solid 2300 ATK, but he needs a tribute to normal summon; avoid this fee with pendulum scales or Scrap Factory. In addition to his sturdy ATK, Golem offers an incredible ongoing effect: you can once per turn special summon a level four or lower Scrap monster from your graveyard to either player's field!

This lets you consistently recover whichever support members you wish. Clever players can even break through stalling opponents by handing them a weak monster in attack position, letting you attack it and inflict the large excess in power as shave damage. Thanks to his continuous ability, Golem's a fierce unit you'll definitely want to keep alive, especially since he doesn't possess the general Scrap-recovery if destroyed by an effect.

Scrap Chimera
Scrap Chimera

1. Scrap Chimera

Type: Monster

In addition to a fair 1700 ATK value, Scrap Chimera easily provides the needed materials for extra deck summons. Admittedly, he can only be used as a synchro material for a Scrap monster, and all other materials must also be Scraps, but this shouldn't be a problem in his archetype.

When normal summoned, Chimera lets you revive any Scrap tuner from your graveyard. From there, you've got the perfect materials for a synchro, link, or xyz summon (if you revived a level four creature), giving plenty of options. Two monsters in one, Chimera remains a Scrap staple who has won me several games; fortunately, he's available to budget duelists and costs less than two dollars!

Which card do you prefer?

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How to Support Your Scrap Yu-Gi-Oh Deck

While certainly not top of the meta, Scraps are a fun series whose revivals and destruction-recoveries offer engaging combos you'll enjoy pulling off. In addition to their own members, to support them, the aforementioned "Supply Squad" continuous spell lets you draw each turn when your monster is destroyed, the "Gozen Match" trap restricts foes who use multiple attributes, and "Level Eater" makes great fodder for your synchro abilities, though it often adorns the game's ban list.

To help adjust to the game's altered rules, I hope Scraps receive added link members and additional support in future releases, but for now, as we eagerly await Konami's next expansion of junkyard machines, vote for your favorite Scrap, and I'll see you at our next Yu-Gi-Oh countdown!

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