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The Best Wicked God Cards in Yu-Gi-Oh

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The Wicked Gods in Yu-Gi-Oh

The Wicked Gods in Yu-Gi-Oh

What Are the Wicked Gods in Yu-Gi-Oh?

Most Yu-Gi-Oh players are familiar with the infamous Egyptian Gods (Slifer, Obelisk, and Ra) depicted in the original anime, but their dark counterparts, the Wicked Gods, aren't as renowned. These guys lack the unique divine attribute and divine-beast type that their inspirations possess, but they share the same difficult summoning condition of tributing three monsters.

The Best Wicked Gods Cards

However, the Wicked Gods compensate with daunting abilities, and their dark attributes and fiend type offer more combos than the generally-unsupported divine elements. So, which of these cruel monsters reigns supreme? Here are the best Wicked God cards in Yu-Gi-Oh!

  • The Wicked Dreadroot
  • The Wicked Eraser
  • The Wicked Avatar
The Wicked Dreadroot

The Wicked Dreadroot

3. The Wicked Dreadroot

ATK: 4000
DEF: 4000

He's not blue, but Dreadroot was inspired by Kaiba's infamous "Obelisk the Tormentor." Like his brethren, Dreadroot is a dark fiend who can't be special summoned, and normal summoning or setting him requires three tributes, making it a costly entrance. That said, Dreadroot's massive 4000 ATK and DEF make him one of Yu-Gi-Oh's strongest creatures, and he halves the ATK and DEF of all other monsters on the field.

This ensures that your opponent's monsters will be easy pickings in battle; I just wish the effect didn't also weaken your other units. Some sort of defense against being targeted or destroyed could also really benefit Dreadroot; as is, he's vulnerable to any non-battle removal.

The Wicked Eraser

The Wicked Eraser

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2. The Wicked Eraser

ATK: ?
DEF: ?

Like his peers, Eraser (the counterpart of Yugi's "Slifer the Sky Dragon") is a rare level 10, qualifying for effects such as the field spell "Mound of the Bound Creator." He needs three tributes to normal summon, but he gains 1000 ATK and DEF for each card your opponent controls. Factoring in their six monster zones and six spell/trap zones (including the field slot), Eraser potentially offers 12,000 ATK!

Additionally, when Eraser is destroyed and sent to your graveyard, he destroys all other cards on the field, leveling the field if your opponent manages to defeat him. You can also destroy him during either of your main phases if you need to access the field wipe immediately. Eraser is a powerful beast; just watch out for non-destroying removals that banish him or return him to the hand (and avoid his board wipe).

The Wicked Avatar

The Wicked Avatar

1. The Wicked Avatar

ATK: ?
DEF: ?

Since he's black rather than golden and doesn't resemble Marik's ace, few duelists know that Avatar is the evil counterpart to "The Winged Dragon of Ra," but his inspiration is easily seen when you look at Ra's Sphere Mode card. In our Egyptian God countdown, we discovered Ra is surprisingly weak; thankfully, Avatar picks up his inspiration's slack, offering one of my favorite three-tribute monsters in the game.

His ATK and DEF automatically become 100 more than the strongest monster on the field (not including himself), ensuring dominance in battle. Even better, when you normal summon him, you prevent your opponent from activating spells and traps until the end of their second turn after the effect resolves. With spells and traps disabled and nothing to defeat him in battle, monster effects become your opponent's only way to eliminate Avatar, and if they don't have one handy, they'll soon fall to his brutal assault.

A fun card that can still catch opponents by surprise in modern duels, Avatar remains my favorite of the Wicked Gods. Luckily, despite his rarity and power, he costs less than five dollars!

Contrasting the Egyptian God Cards

I appreciate how the Wicked Gods parallel the Egyptian deities not just in design, but also in effect. For instance, where Ra gains ATK by sacrificing monsters, Avatar gains strength from other units; and while Slifer is empowered by cards in your opponent's hand, Eraser is boosted by those on their field.

Little touches like these make the Wicked Gods more than cheap cash-ins, and you can tell Konami devoted effort into matching their effects to their lore, perfectly juxtaposing their inspirations. But for now, as we eagerly await Konami's next set of legendary monster trios, vote for your favorite card and I'll see you at our next Yu-Gi-Oh countdown!

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