Top 10 Cards You Need for Your Amazoness Yu-Gi-Oh Deck

Updated on October 11, 2019
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What Are the Amazoness Monsters in Yu-Gi-Oh?

The Amazoness clan has been with us since near the beginning of Yu-Gi-Oh, and thanks to a heap of awesome supports, they can hold their own even in modern dueling. These cards are generally earth-attributed, warrior-type monsters depicting the fierce women of the Amazon (based on the real-life enemies of the ancient Greeks).

Amazoness units are good choices for beginners since most of their effects are pretty simple to understand. Not that they're weak—they can boost ATK, prevent destruction, swarm the field, and much more. But with dozens of warrior women running rampant, which champions reign supreme? These are ten essential cards for your Amazoness Yu-Gi-Oh deck!

Amazoness Tiger
Amazoness Tiger

10. Amazoness Tiger

Type: Monster

The trained pet to the Amazoness bunch, you can only field one Tiger at a time and he gains 400 ATK for each Amazoness monster you control. This includes himself, giving an automatic 1500 ATK, and he can potentially reach 2300 or more if you rapidly swarm your field. Plus, Tiger prevents your opponent from attacking other face-up Amazoness monsters, nicely shielding your weaker units.

A useful card, but note that if you're using the continuous spell Solidarity to boost your warrior-type monsters' ATK, beast-type Tiger can potentially contaminate your graveyard and ruin the effect, so you'll want to pick one card over the other.

Amazoness Sage
Amazoness Sage

9. Amazoness Sage

Type: Monster

Sage's 1400 ATK veers toward the lower end of the Amazoness bunch, but with the defensive abilities of cards like Tiger and Queen, she should be well protected from enemy forces. When Sage attacks, she selects a spell or trap your opponent controls and destroys it at the end of the damage step.

This offers some much-needed spell/trap removal to your squad, breaking through enemy defenses and letting you directly attack with your muscled girls.

Amazoness Spy
Amazoness Spy

8. Amazoness Spy

Type: Monster

Spy is one of the weakest Amazoness cards, but that's okay—she's meant for support, not combat. Once per turn, you can reveal another Amazoness monster in your hand to cast Spy from your hand, reserving your normal summon for the turn. Then, when destroyed by battle, Spy lets you either return a different Amazoness from your graveyard to your hand or shuffle it into your deck.

An easy summon and graveyard recovery make Spy a nice sideline unit who blocks an attack and replenishes your hand. Also, Spy's lower level of three helps ensure you always have a target for the ability of...

Amazoness Village
Amazoness Village

7. Amazoness Village

Type: Spell

This potent field spell first boosts the ATK of all Amazoness monsters by 200, giving them an extra edge in battle. Plus, once per turn (on either player's turn), when an Amazoness monster is destroyed by battle or card effect and sent to the graveyard, Village lets you special summon an Amazoness from your deck with a level less than or equal to the defeated monster's level.

This continuously stocks your field, activates even if the destroyed unit was face-down, and (unlike several cards) can even procure a duplicate copy of the vanquished warrior. For its strength increase and awesome swarming, you'll definitely want a few copies of this arena in your deck list.

Amazoness Princess
Amazoness Princess

6. Amazoness Princess

Type: Monster

Another level three monster, Princess is easy to field with Village, and she alters her name to Amazoness Queen while on the field or graveyard (useful for the fusion material requirement of Amazoness Empress). Plus, when either normal or special summoned, Princess can add any Amazoness spell or trap from your deck to your hand, beautifully searching a variety of potent supports.

While Princess only wields 1200 ATK, when she attacks, you can send a card from your field or hand to your graveyard to special summon a different Amazoness monster from your deck in defense position. This makes a great method for fielding Queen, whose shield will ensure Princess survives her battle. Speaking of which...

Amazoness Queen
Amazoness Queen

5. Amazoness Queen

Type: Monster

As a level-six monster, you'll need a tribute to normal summon Queen, but you can also gimmick her to the field with cards like Princess. Not only does Queen wield a sturdy 2400 ATK, she also prevents all Amazoness creatures you control (including herself) from being destroyed by battle. This amazing barrier can indefinitely stall foes and lets you safely trigger the effect of Amazoness Sage even if your opponent's monsters are stronger.

Of course, you'll still take battle damage, so try not to swing at foes too much beefier than your own squad members. Still, Queen's good ATK, awesome barrier, and useful fusion material abilities (more on that later) make her essential to this archetype.

Amazoness Onslaught
Amazoness Onslaught

4. Amazoness Onslaught

Type: Trap

As a continuous trap, Onslaught stays fielded until removed with an effect, and it lets you once per turn (during either player's battle phase) special summon an Amazoness monster from your hand and increase its ATK by 500 until the end of the turn. This helps summon Queen without tributes, can field monsters on your opponent's turn, and the ATK boost lasts even if Onslaught is removed from the field.

Plus, after damage calculation where your Amazoness monster battled an opponent's monster while Onslaught was already face-up, you can banish that monster, adeptly preventing graveyard recoveries. Finally, if Onslaught is destroyed and sent to the graveyard, you can special summon an Amazoness monster from your graveyard, giving one last gift to your team.

Amazoness Baby Tiger
Amazoness Baby Tiger

3. Amazoness Baby Tiger

Type: Monster

As a level-two monster, Baby Tiger is easily available with Village, and when an Amazoness is normal or special summoned while Baby is in your hand or graveyard, you can special summon it. This once per turn trait makes it ridiculously easy to revive Baby from your graveyard, serving as excellent tribute, fusion, or link fodder.

Baby also switches its name to Amazoness Tiger while fielded, useful for fusion summoning Amazoness Pet Liger, and note that Baby gains 100 ATK for each Amazoness card in your graveyard. Since this tallies spells and traps in addition to monsters, Baby's weak 500 stat can become surprisingly competent in the mid to late stages of your duel. An awesome card, but again, be careful of graveyard contamination if you're opting for the Solidarity strategy.

Amazoness Call
Amazoness Call

2. Amazoness Call

Type: Spell

Call offers an astounding search to your aggressive gals. It lets you add any Amazoness card (including spells and traps) from your deck to either your hand or your graveyard. Plus, during your main phase, you can banish Call from your graveyard to let one Amazoness you control attack all opposing monsters once each during that turn's battle phase, although your other monsters won't be able to strike that round.

If Call's instant search and exiling ability somehow haven't swayed you, consider that it's a quick-play spell, letting you activate it on either turn and potentially bait your opponent into "wasting" a spell/trap removal on it.

Amazoness Empress
Amazoness Empress

1. Amazoness Empress

Type: Monster

This fusion monster needs Amazon Queen (or an altered Princess) alongside any Amazoness unit as material, making her pretty easy to summon. Even better, Empress arrives with an impressive 2800 ATK and prevents your other Amazoness cards (including spells and traps) from being destroyed by battle or effects. As if that weren't enough, Empress also lets your Amazoness warriors (including herself) deal piercing battle damage to defense position foes.

If you're somehow still not convinced of Empress's dominance, remember that when this fusion summoned card leaves your field through battle or an opponent's card effect, she can special summon Amazoness Queen from your hand, graveyard, or deck, ensuring you're not left empty-handed. With her high ATK and incredible buffs for your entire team, Empress is easily the best boss monster in the Amazoness clan. Thankfully, despite her prowess and extra deck status, she's a surprisingly cheap unit, costing less than a dollar!

Which card do you prefer?

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Tips for Amazoness Decks

We've examined some awesome Amazoness powers to infuse your structure with, but anything that supports warriors or earth creatures can also benefit the series. Since you'll mostly be using a single monster type, the trap "Rivalry of Warlords" can restrict an opponent's summoning capabilities. One of the best Noble Knights, "Isolde, Two Tales of the Noble Knights" searches a warrior while providing additional extra deck zones, and synchro monster "Colossal Warrior" can gain huge ATK boosts with a warrior-filled graveyard.

With the abundance of level four monsters, you also have several powerful rank four xyz monsters to choose from, so you can see just how many directions you can guide your warlike women in. But for now, as we eagerly await Konami's next expansion of powerful Amazoness combatants, vote for your favorite card and I'll see you at our next Yu-Gi-Oh countdown!

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