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10 More of the Best Fusion Spells in Yu-Gi-Oh

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How to Fusion Summon in Yu-Gi-Oh

In dueling, the original extra deck cards were fusion monsters, which are powerful creatures who are generally summoned with two or more material monsters as well as an appropriate fusion spell. Some fusion monsters demand specific materials while many accept units of a certain type or archetype. Most fusion cards can access materials from either your field or hand.

Fusion summons thus save your normal summon for the turn, but they require several cards to play. To alleviate this issue, we've seen a plethora of awesome fusion spells that provide bonus effects or lower the entrance cost.

10 More Strong Fusion Spells

After previously exploring ten of the best fusions, we still have many more potent units to cover; without further ado, here are ten more of the strongest fusion spells in Yu-Gi-Oh!

  • Fusion Gate
  • Nephe Shaddoll Fusion
  • Void Imagination
  • Vehicroid Connection Zone
  • Metalfoes Fusion
  • Destruction Swordsman Fusion
  • Red-Eyes Fusion
  • The Fang of Critias
  • Power Bond
  • Ancient Gear Fusion

10. Fusion Gate

Useful for: Elemental Hero Absolute Zero, Neo Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon

Field spell Fusion Gate has admittedly aged, but it's still a decent option for high-risk, high reward players. This arena lets both players fusion summon on their turn by banishing materials from their hand or field.

The downsides are that your materials are banished (making graveyard recoveries difficult) and the fact that your opponent can also potentially use Gate. However, in fusion-heavy decks where you don't mind exiling your tributes, Gate lets you summon multiple monsters with the same ongoing fusion spell, and it fits any archetype. A great catch-all card of earlier dueling days that I hope receives a modernized update.

9. Nephe Shaddoll Fusion

Useful for: El Shaddoll Grysta, El Shaddoll Shekhinaga

The Shaddoll archetype heavily emphasizes fusion summoning, and Nephe offers a nifty way to access your different El Shaddoll fusion monsters, as each requires any Shaddoll material plus a monster of a particular attribute. To get that attribute, equip Nephe to a Shaddoll, as you can then alter the attached monster's attribute to your liking.

From there, Nephe lets you fusion summon using monsters from your hand and field, including the equipped monster, so you can access fire and water-needing monsters without contaminating your deck with oddballs. Plus, since Nephe bears the Shaddoll name, it qualifies for corresponding effects, letting it be searched from your deck or revived from your graveyard with other Shaddoll traits.

8. Void Imagination

Useful for: Infernoid Tierra

A rare continuous spell/fusion mix, Void Imagination alters the level of Infernoid monsters you control to one and halves their damage. While reduced damage is lame, the lowered levels let you field more at a time (as their effects usually only allow one).

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You can also send Void to the graveyard to fusion summon an Infernoid monster using materials from your hand or field. However, if your opponent controls a monster summoned from the extra deck and you don't, you can also use up to six monsters from your deck as material, keeping your hand and field stocked as you play the formidable Infernoid Tierra. Tierra wields fierce ATK/DEF and mills card to the graveyard while returning banished units, providing fuel to summon other Infernoid members.

7. Vehicroid Connection Zone

Useful for: Super Vehicroid - Mobile Base

Vehicroid accesses the default hand and field zones for materials to cast a Vehicroid fusion monster, so you're spending as many cards as you would with the standard Polymerization spell. However, the monster Vehicroid Connection summons cannot be destroyed by the abilities of effect monsters, spells, and traps, and its effect cannot be negated! This offers a pair of awesome benefits on top of your creature's default traits, making it an annoyingly troublesome powerhouse to remove.

A useful card, though I wish Connection worked with all fusion "roid" monsters, not just the Vehicroida, as it could then access cards like Barbaroid, the Ultimate Battle Machine.

6. Metalfoes Fusion

Useful for: Metalfoes Mithrilium, Metalfoes Orichalc

I really enjoy the simplicity of Metalfoes Fusion. It starts off with the expected hand/field material fusion, blending your units into one of several Metalfoes fusion monsters. Then, on any of your main phases, you can shuffle Metalfoes Fusion from your graveyard into your deck to draw a card. No tricky abilities here that rely on other units; this simply lets you replenish your hand, adeptly diminishing the heavy costs of fusion summoning.

5. Destruction Swordsman Fusion

Useful for: Buster Blader the Dragon Destroyer Swordsman

Like the infamously banned Super Polymerization, Destruction Swordsman can access monsters from both sides of the field for its material. You can also use cards from your hand, giving you plenty of locations to siphon from, but the summoned monster must be something that specifically lists Buster Blader as a material. You can also send a card from your hand to your graveyard to add Destruction from your graveyard to your hand, letting you swap out unneeded units to reclaim your potent spell.

Many of the Buster Blader archetype's cards will alter the monster types of opposing units to dragon, which fits the second material requirement of fusion monster "Buster Blader, the Dragon Destroyer Swordsman." In other words, first morph opposing monster types, then use Destruction to tribute enemies as material, simultaneously removing your adversaries and fielding your boss monster. Finally, note that Destruction ranks as a quick-play spell, letting you brandish it even on your opponent's turn.

4. Red-Eyes Fusion

Useful for: Archfiend Black Skull Dragon, Red-Eyes Slash Dragon

You can only active one Red-Eyes Fusion per turn (a minor downside) and can't normal or special summon other monsters the turn you play it (a bigger downside). However, you can still set and flip summon, so you're not entirely locked, and Red-Eyes Fusion can pull materials from your hand, field, and deck, letting you access resources without depleting your playable forces.

The fused beast has to specifically list a Red-Eyes monster as material, but it doesn't actually have to be a Red-Eyes itself. For instance, you can summon members such as Red-Eyes Slash Dragon as well as appropriate non-members like Archfiend Black Skull Dragon.

3. The Fang of Critias

Useful for: Mirror Force Dragon, Destruction Dragon

The first notable trait about The Fang of Critias is that its fusion summons only need two cards rather than the usual three: Critias itself and a corresponding trap. That's right, Critias summons a variety of powerful fusion dragons by sending one of several infamous traps (Mirror Force, Ring of Destruction, Crush Card Virus, and Tyrant Wing) from your hand or field to your graveyard.

It's as simple as that. Critias doesn't have any special graveyard effects, but its low-cost and unique summon make it an often underestimated force in competitive dueling; these are some of the best fusion monsters yet.

2. Power Bond

Useful for: Cyber End Dragon, Chaos Ancient Gear Giant

For a high-risk, high-reward spell that helpfully works with any machine-type fusion monster, look no farther than Power Bond. It uses the conventional hand/field materials and fusion summons your monster with an ATK bonus equal to its original ATK. That's right, your monster essentially doubles in power! With high-ATK cards like Cyber End Dragon and Chaos Giant (who Power Bond works on despite its immunity to spells/traps), you can easily achieve an OTK (one-turn kill).

However, there's a price: Power Bond inflicts damage to you at the end of your turn equal to your summoned monster's original ATK, so fusing Cyber End Dragon with 8000 ATK instead of 4000 means you'll eventually suffer 4000 effect damage. Thus, either use Power Bond with a high enough life point count to fall back on, or try to win the duel with your boosted unit before you incur Bond's price.

1. Ancient Gear Fusion

Useful for: Chaos Ancient Gear Giant, Ultimate Ancient Gear Golem

I love how Ancient Gear Fusion's artwork mimics the classic Polymerization but with a mechanical infusion, and its default effect is pretty similar to the classic: you simply summon an Ancient Gear fusion monster using materials from your hand or field. However, if you instead spend a fielded "Ancient Gear Golem" or "Ancient Gear Golem—Ultimate Pound," you can also utilize materials from your deck!

This lets you bypass the monster-draining requirements of powerful aces like Chaos Ancient Gear Giant, keeping your hand stocked as your deck provides the resources for you. Chaos Ancient Gear is one of the best monsters in the game who has won me several duels, wielding 4500 ATK, a spell/trap immunity, multiple attacks, and piercing damage. Thankfully, he costs less than two dollars, and if you plan to use Chaos Giant (and you should in Ancient Gear builds), you won't find a better way to summon him than Ancient Gear Fusion.

Tips for Fusion Summoning

Today we've examined some of the greatest fusion spells, and you can view more awesome units with our original fusion card countdown. Remember to examine your selected archetype's members to see if they possess any unique fusions, and if nothing else, you can support the standard Polymerization with useful cards like Fusion Recovery.

Despite their age, fusion monsters remain a competitive force thanks to their fierce effects, strong ATK stats, and sheer abundance (they've had many years to evolve), so don't overlook our old purple-backgrounded allies when building your own deck. But for now, as we eagerly await Konami's next expansion of awesome fusion spells, vote for your favorite card and I'll see you at our next Yu-Gi-Oh countdown!

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