Top 10 Cards With Protection From Green in Magic: The Gathering

Updated on October 5, 2019
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Protection From Green in Magic

Several creatures in Magic carry protection, preventing them from being targeted, damaged, enchanted, or blocked by any spell that has a color they repel. Protection relies a bit on luck, as you generally don't know what colors you'll face, but its heap of rewards grants enormous advantages against corresponding themes.

Many cards fortified against green belong to its enemies, the blue and black factions, although it's a surprisingly rare trait considering green's hefty monsters. But despite their scarcity, which forest-shielded warriors reign supreme? These are the ten best creatures with protection from green in Magic: The Gathering!

Coast Watcher
Coast Watcher

10. Coast Watcher

CMC (Converted Mana Cost): 2

Watcher's disappointingly weak at just 1/1, and neither of his subtypes are particularly helpful, but he carries protection against green and flying, making him particularly tough to block. You can also access his upgraded version with...

Treetop Sentinel
Treetop Sentinel

9. Treetop Sentinel

CMC: 4

Sentinel mimics Watcher's dual bird/soldier subtypes and twin abilities, but he doubles the mana cost, now requiring four resources. However, his stats are a superior (if still mediocre) 2/3, making him a bit more reliable in battle.

Zombie Outlander
Zombie Outlander

8. Zombie Outlander

CMC: 2

Green's enemies unite for this simple creature. While he doesn't have anything beyond protection from green, Outlander's respectable 2/2 stats and useful zombie synergies make him a handy counter against forest-wielding decks.

Dunerider Outlaw
Dunerider Outlaw

7. Dunerider Outlaw

CMC: 2

Outlaw's stats are a poor 1/1, and despite enjoying three subtypes (human, rebel, and rogue), none are particularly abundant in black. However, Outlaw's handy effect grants him a +1/+1 counter at the end of any turn where he damaged an opponent.

Against mono-green decks, he should repeatedly bypass foes and gain strength, and note the effect can even trigger if he inflicts effect damage (which he could potentially acquire through other spells).

Grotesque Hybrid
Grotesque Hybrid

6. Grotesque Hybrid

CMC: 5

3/3 stats aren't terrific for a five-cost creature, but Hybrid offers super-deathtouch, destroying any creature he damages and preventing it from regenerating. Additionally, you can discard a card at any time to grant him flying and protection from both white and green for the turn, a slew of useful abilities that make him incredibly difficult to guard.

Throw in synergies with the zombie clan (who you can easily send to your graveyard with Hybrid's discard), and you've got a surprisingly versatile champion.

Woodlot Crawler
Woodlot Crawler

5. Woodlot Crawler

CMC: 2

Black and blue again unite for this inexpensive insect. While he's a bit of a glass cannon at 2/1, Crawler's protection from green and forestwalk makes him especially challenging to hinder.

Forestwalk renders Crawler completely unblockable against forest-controlling opponents, ensuring even their non-green troops (like colorless artifact creatures) can't guard his assault.

Vodalian Zombie
Vodalian Zombie

4. Vodalian Zombie

CMC: 2

Like Zombie Outlander, Vodalian is a two-cost with protection from green, but he enjoys both the zombie and merfolk heritages. These are some of the most numerous groups available (and are particularly common in blue and black), qualifying Vodalien for several clan-related combos.

Sphinx of the Steel Wind
Sphinx of the Steel Wind

3. Sphinx of the Steel Wind

CMC: 8

One of the strongest sphinxes in the game, Steel Wind costs an enormous amount of mana, but her dual creature/artifact status lets you gimmick her into play with a variety of supports.

And she's worth the effort, arriving with 6/6, flying, first strike, vigilance, lifelink, and protection from both red and green! Plus, unlike many of Magic's strongest creatures, she isn't legendary, meaning you can clone her without having to sacrifice any units.

Mirran Crusader
Mirran Crusader

2. Mirran Crusader

CMC: 3

2/2 may not look great on a three-cost knight, but Crusader hits twice in each combat thanks to his rare double strike trait, essentially serving as a 4/2. More than that, he offers protection against both green and black, making him invincible against several of commander's most threatening enemies.

Spectral Lynx
Spectral Lynx

1. Spectral Lynx

CMC: 2

Despite mediocre 2/1 stats, Lynx carries both protection from green and the ability to regenerate himself by spending a black mana, letting him endure any killing blow. Throw in useful cat synergies (plus spirit for good measure), and Lynx often adorns my own white/black commander decks, especially since he costs well under a single dollar!

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Cards That Give Protection From Green

In addition to today's creatures, remember that you can grant protection from green using a variety of supports. Favorites include the artifact equipments "Sword of Feast and Famine" and "Sword of Body and Mind," offering handy power increases in addition to emerald protection.

Although few units are shielded from green, you can challenge the faction with flyers, which it struggles to defend against due to its ground tendencies. But for now, as we eagerly await Wizards of the Coast's next expansion of forest-immune warriors, vote for your favorite card, and I'll see you at our next MTG countdown!

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