Top 10 Creatures With Protection From Blue in Magic: The Gathering

Updated on October 8, 2019
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Protection From Blue in Magic

Several creatures in Magic carry protection from certain colors, preventing them from being targeted, damaged, enchanted, or blocked by any spell that has a color they repel. Protection relies a bit on luck, as you generally don't know what colors you'll face, but its heap of rewards grants enormous advantages against corresponding themes.

Many cards fortified against blue belong to its enemies, the green and red factions, although it's a rare trait, likely accounting for blue's relative lack of big creatures. But despite their scarcity, which arcane-shielded warriors reign supreme? These are the ten best creatures with protection from blue in Magic: The Gathering!

Nacatl Outlander
Nacatl Outlander

10. Nacatl Outlander

CMC (Converted Mana Cost): 2

Nacatl doesn't have any special abilities beyond protection from blue, but his innate guard and fair 2/2 stats make him a fair combatant. The cat subtype can also help, although it's generally supported by white cards rather than red or green. Thus, try using Nacatl in decks that blend the three hues.

Yavimaya Barbarian
Yavimaya Barbarian

9. Yavimaya Barbarian

CMC: 2

Blue's enemies unite for another two-cost creature. Like Nacatl, Yavimaya only has protection from blue, but he also enjoys the handy elf subtype, which stacks with many of green's best cards. Use him for an early-game beatstick who buffs several of his pointy-eared allies.

Goblin Piledriver
Goblin Piledriver

8. Goblin Piledriver

CMC: 2

Piledriver only carries 1/2 stats, but when he attacks, they're increased by +2/+0 for the turn per other attacking goblin. Use cards like "Krenko, Mob Boss" to rapidly swarm creatures that boost Piledriver. Applying trample also ensures his fierce assault can't be properly guarded.

Of course, being a goblin himself, Piledriver qualifies for any of their many supports, and protection from blue offers a handy bonus.

Mistcutter Hydra
Mistcutter Hydra

7. Mistcutter Hydra


One of the best hydras in the game, Mistcutter carries a variable mana cost that grants a +1/+1 counter for each mana after the first, adjusting to fit your current production. He also carries both protection from blue and haste, a rare but appreciated trait for green that lets him act immediately.

Use Hydra with counter-adding spells like "Doubling Season" to further boost his power and make him unbeatable in battle.

Sabertooth Nishoba
Sabertooth Nishoba

6. Sabertooth Nishoba

CMC: 6

A late-game warrior, Nishoba's stats are a decent 5/5, especially considering his trample and protection from both blue and red. Beyond his trio of useful effects, Nishoba's cat subtypes stacks well with the feline-infested ranks of the white faction.

Akroma, Angel of Fury
Akroma, Angel of Fury

5. Akroma, Angel of Fury

CMC: 8

Akroma needs a gargantuan fee of eight mana, but remember you can gimmick her into play with cards like "Kaalia of the Vast" and "Elvish Piper." And it's worth summoning this legendary angel; she carries 6/6, flying, trample, and protection from both blue and white.

Additionally, Akroma can't be countered, can spend a red mana to boost her power for the turn, and offers an alternative morph cost that lets you divide her price over multiple rounds.


4. Skylasher

CMC: 2

Skylasher carries many awesome add-ons for his low price. Not only does he possess a fair 2/2 stats, he has flash (letting you cast him at instant speed), protection from blue, can't be countered, and reach, letting him block flyers (especially important for the generally-grounded green faction).

His only failing is the lackluster insect subtype, but that's a big nitpick for a versatile card that often adorns my own builds. As icing on the cake, he's surprisingly cheap, costing less than 50 cents!

Oversoul of Dusk
Oversoul of Dusk

3. Oversoul of Dusk

CMC: 5

Oversoul accepts any combination of green and white mana, and her numerous colored symbols empower any devotion effects you wield (useful for the enchantment god cards). More than that, she carries not two but three protections, being immune to black, red, and blue.

Since white and green one-offs lean towards defense or buffs, very few removals (other than mass nukes) can eliminate her.

Great Sable Stag
Great Sable Stag

2. Great Sable Stag

CMC: 3

Elk isn't a great subtype, but Stag offers a sturdy 3/3 stats and can't be countered. He's also guarded against both black and blue, shielding against many of commander's most common removals.

While protection from blue is great, don't overlook the importance of counterspell immunity (which protection doesn't grant), as many blue decks prefer to thwart your initial castings more than remove already-present units.

Scryb Ranger
Scryb Ranger

1. Scryb Ranger

CMC: 2

Ranger only wields 1/1 stats but proves her worth with numerous traits. She can arrive at any time thanks to flash, has flying, and is protected against blue. Additionally, once per turn, she lets you return a forest to your hand to untap any creature. Use this to refresh mana-producing aces like "Priest of Titania," especially when you're out of lands in hand and have a free play anyway.

Which card do you prefer?

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Cards That Give Protection From Blue

In addition to today's creatures, remember that you can grant protection from blue using a variety of supports. Favorites include the artifact equipments "Sword of Fire and Ice" and "Sword of Body and Mind," offering handy power increases in addition to cerulean protection.

While blue's creatures aren't the strongest monsters around, its prominence in commander makes anything that shields against it a welcome addition. But for now, as we eagerly await Wizards of the Coast's next expansion of arcane-immune warriors, vote for your favorite card, and I'll see you at our next MTG countdown!

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