Top 10 Dragon Supports in Yu-Gi-Oh

Updated on July 8, 2020
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Dragons in Yu-Gi-Oh

Alongside spellcasters and machines, dragons have long been one of Yu-Gi-Oh's most popular monster types; famous examples include "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" and "Red-Eyes Black Dragon."

Though they come in many shapes and sizes, dragons typically wield powerful battle stats and destructive abilities—how can you support their clan? Here are ten generic dragon supports in Yu-Gi-Oh!

Eclipse Wyvern
Eclipse Wyvern

10. Eclipse Wyvern

Type: Monster

Eclipse ranks lower since he's banned as of this writing (in both the Asian OCG and American TCG). While his stats are unremarkable, when sent to the graveyard (from anywhere), you banish a level 7 or higher light or dark dragon from your deck.

Then, if Eclipse is exiled from the graveyard, you can add the chosen dragon to your hand, a powerful search you can trigger with cards like "Dragon's Mirror."


9. Trade-In

Type: Spell

Admittedly, this one isn't technically designed for a specific type, but it works great with common level-8 dragons. Trade-In has you discard a level-8 monster, then draw two cards.

Your overall hand size doesn't change, but you stock your graveyard while tinkering with your hand. Plus, you can activate multiple Trade-Ins per turn, and it helps prepare monsters who activate effects when revived from the graveyard (like "Rafale, Champion Fur Hire").

Odd-Eyes Revolution Dragon
Odd-Eyes Revolution Dragon

8. Odd-Eyes Revolution Dragon

Type: Monster

This pendulum monster wields an astonishingly high pendulum scale of 12, with the catch being it can only pendulum summon dragon monsters. Still, that's a great way to cast high-level monsters without tributes, and you can destroy your scaled Revolution to special summon a dragon-type fusion, synchro, or xyz monster from your graveyard.

As a monster, Revolution has to be pendulum summoned from the hand or special summoned by tributing a fusion, synchro, and xyz dragon. He gains ATK equal to half your opponent's life points and can pay 500 life points to shuffle all other cards on the field and graveyard into the deck.

Revolution Dragon works especially well with the Odd-Eyes and Supreme King archetypes, but don't underestimate his ability to special summon dragons in other themes.

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Dragon ShrineThe White Stone of Legend
Dragon Shrine
Dragon Shrine
The White Stone of Legend
The White Stone of Legend

7. Dragon Shrine

Type: Spell

Dragon Shrine sends a dragon monster from your deck to your graveyard, perfect for graveyard abilities or revivals. Plus, if you choose a normal monster, you get to mill an additional dragon from your deck.

Use Shrine in dragon themes that have normal monsters (such as Blue-Eyes or Hieratic) to put a normal monster in the graveyard, then mill an effect monster with graveyard triggers like "The White Stone of Legend."

A Wingbeat of Giant Dragon
A Wingbeat of Giant Dragon

6. A Wingbeat of Giant Dragon

Type: Spell

Wingbeat requires you to return a level 5 or higher dragon from your field to your hand, but in return, it destroys all spells and traps on the field. This gives dragons a legal alternative to the long-banned "Harpie's Feather Duster, "clearing the field for your assault.

Starliege Seyfert
Starliege Seyfert

5. Starliege Seyfert

Type: Monster

Seyfert can be normal summoned without tributes, has solid 1800 ATK, and 0 DEF adds synergy with cards like "Masked Chameleon." More than that, Seyfert lets you send dragons from your hand/field to the graveyard to search a dragon from your deck with a level equal to the total levels sent. You can also banish Seyfert from your graveyard to retrieve a level 8 light or dark dragon from your graveyard.

Basically, Seyfet helps find needed dragons, and his own light attribute works well with Blue-Eyes and Chaos themes.

The Melody of Awakening Dragon
The Melody of Awakening Dragon

4. The Melody of Awakening Dragon

Type: Spell

Melody has you discard a card, then add up to two dragons that each have 3000 or more ATK and 2500 or less DEF. This has a similar effect to Trade-In, but now you can discard anything and search out specific cards. Use this to find bulky beatsticks like "Blue-Eyes White Dragon," "Darkest Diabolos, Lord of the Lair," and "Chaos Emperor, the Dragon of Armageddon."

Guardragon Shield
Guardragon Shield

3. Guardragon Shield

Type: Spell

Like Shrine, you'll want to use Guardragon Shield in decks that have some normal monsters (although this time they can be any type). Once per turn, this spell targets a dragon monster you control, giving it ATK and DEF equal to the total link ratings of all monsters times 100 until the end of your opponent's turn.

That's a decent boost, and if a dragon monster you control would be destroyed, Shield lets you instead send a normal monster from your hand or deck to the graveyard instead, saving your dragon while stockpiling your discard pile.

Useful for link, dragon, and normal monsters, Shield is also surprisingly cheap, costing well under a single dollar!

Keeper of the Shrine
Keeper of the Shrine

2. Keeper of the Shrine

Type: Monster

Keeper's dark attribute provides another welcome addition to Chaos themes, and he wields a sturdy 2100 DEF. You can also treat him as two tributes when tribute summoning a dragon, and you can special summon Keeper from your hand or graveyard when a face-up dragon is sent to the graveyard from a card effect or battle destruction.

This provides continuous tribute/link fodder, can trigger when opposing dragons are killed, and if the destroyed card was a normal monster, you can return a normal dragon from your graveyard to your hand.

Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon
Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon

1. Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon

Type: Monster

Few cards as old as Darkness Metal stay relevant this long, with him being limited as of this writing (one copy per deck). Darkness Metal has fierce 2800 ATK and you can special summon him from your hand by banishing a dragon you control.

From there, Darkness Metal can once per turn summon a different dragon from your hand or graveyard, providing another easy way to field high-level behemoths without tributing. Throw in the dark attribute and synergy with the Red-Eyes clan and you've got an excellent support.

Which card do you prefer?

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Generic Type Supports in Yu-Gi-Oh

In addition to their unique boosts, dragon decks may also want generic type supports like "Solidarity," which rewards you for only having one monster type in your graveyard, or "Rivalry of Warlords," which restricts players to only controlling one monster type.

Look to your chosen themes for archetype-specific supports, but for now, as we await Konami's next set of dragon allies, vote for your favorite card and I'll see you at our next Yu-Gi-Oh countdown!

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      2 weeks ago

      Dragon Shine is most useful


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