Top 10 Extra Deck Pendulum Monsters in Yu-Gi-Oh

Updated on April 5, 2020
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Pendulum Monsters in Yu-Gi-Oh

Most of Yu-Gi-Oh's pendulum monsters exist in the main deck, and they can either be summoned like other monsters or placed as spell-like pendulum scales that let you once per turn pendulum summon other monsters.

However, a few extra deck cards also count as pendulums. Of course, since these never exist in your hand, you can't place them as scales right off the bat, but they can enter your pendulum scale when destroyed on the field. To reward the extra effort, they often carry dominating abilities—which reign supreme? These are the ten best extra deck pendulum monsters in Yu-Gi-Oh!

Starving Venemy Lethal Dose Dragon
Starving Venemy Lethal Dose Dragon

10. Starving Venemy Lethal Dose Dragon

Type: Fusion

Venemy needs three dark pendulum monsters as material; fortunately, most Odd-Eyes and Magicians fit the bill. He's got fierce 2800 ATK and gains a Venemy counter whenever a card is sent to a graveyard, reducing the ATK of non-dark dragons by 200 per counter (be sure to use Odd-Eyes dragons or shift your other allies to a safer defense position).

Venemy can also negate all opposing monster effects during your main phase, and when destroyed, he can go into your pendulum scale. With a value of 1, he's a great low scale option, and his scale effect lets you once per turn place a Venemy counter on each opposing face-up monster, reducing their ATK by 200 per counter on the field. In short, Venemy's great for reducing enemy attack power, supporting the damage-doubling effect of "Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon".

Hope Magician
Hope Magician

9. Hope Magician

Type: Xyz

Hope has decent 2500 ATK, accepts any two level 4s as material, and can be pendulum summoned once face-up if you can pendulum summon level 4s, attaching a pendulum from your graveyard as material when cast this way. He can also detach a material to special summon a level seven or lower pendulum from your hand in defense position with its effects negated, then place himself in your scale.

Hope's scale works well as your high value at scale 8, and he can destroy himself to negate an opposing attack, which places him face-up in your extra deck to potentially be pendulum summoned. Pretty cool, but remember, you'll need link monster arrows to revive multiple pendulum monsters from your extra deck.

Odd-Eyes Rebellion Dragon - Overload
Odd-Eyes Rebellion Dragon - Overload

8. Odd-Eyes Rebellion Dragon - Overload

Type: Xyz

Honestly, I'm not big on the whole "use xyz monster as rank material for bonus effects" strategy, but if you pull it off, Overload is worth the effort. He's got 3000 ATK and can use any two level sevens or a Rebellion xyz monster as material (like "Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon"). Go for Rebellion where possible; if Overload has an xyz monster as material he can make three attacks each battle phase!

If destroyed, you can scale Overlord. His value is an undesirable four, but you can destroy him to special summon a Rebellion or Phantom Knights xyz monster from your extra deck, attach Overload as material, and then attach your other pendulum scale as material.

Supreme King Z-ARC
Supreme King Z-ARC
Original Dragon
Supreme King Dragon
Magician Substitute
Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon
Supreme King Odd-Eyes
Double Iris Magician (banned)
Starving Venom Fusion Dragon
Supreme King Dragon Starving Venom (banned)
Purple Poison Magician
Clear Wing Synchro Dragon
Supreme King Dragon Clear Wing
White Wing Magician
Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon
Supreme King Dragon Dark Rebellion
Black Fang Magician
Z-ARC's Dragon and Magician materials

7. Supreme King Z-ARC

Type: Fusion

Z-ARC is easily one of the strongest monsters in the game, but he's also one of the hardest to cast. His fusion summon requires 1 pendulum, fusion, synchro, and xyz dragon as material. The Supreme King dragons work, but you can also use their Magician variants (listed above).

Pull it off and you're rewarded with a massive 4000 ATK beatstick who destroys all opposing cards on entry, can't be targeted by their effects, and can special summon Supreme Kings when he destroys a monster in battle. Z-ARC rarely gets destroyed, but if it happens, you can scale him for a terrific scale 1 that negates opposing fusion, synchro, and xyz abilities while also destroying cards added to your opponent's hand outside their draw phase.

In short, Z-ARC takes effort to get, but is amazing as both a monster and scale, and he's also surprisingly cheap, costing well under a single dollar!

Odd-Eyes Raging Dragon
Odd-Eyes Raging Dragon

6. Odd-Eyes Raging Dragon

Type: Xyz

Another xyz-to-xyz monster, I recommend Raging over his counterpart "Odd-Eyes Rebellion Dragon". He's also got 3000 ATK and requires two level sevens as material; you really want one to be an xyz monster, which gives Raging two attacks each battle phase and lets him once per turn detach a material to destroy all opposing cards, gaining 200 ATK until the end phase for each!

Again, this takes some effort (you'll need to get another xyz monster out, then use an effect that gives it a level), but pull it off and you've probably won, wiping your opponent's field and scoring two direct attacks of at least 3000 each. If destroyed, you can scale Raging, where he has a nice scale 1 and can place another scale from your deck if your other pendulum zone is empty.

Odd-Eyes Wing Dragon
Odd-Eyes Wing Dragon

5. Odd-Eyes Wing Dragon

Type: Synchro

Here's one of those annoying monsters with a poor Japanese-to-English translations; despite its English absence, Wing belongs to the Supreme King archetype (in addition to Odd-Eyes), increasing his support pool. Admittedly, he's tricky to summon, needing a dark tuner and a Clear Wings non-tuner, but he can once per turn negate an enemy monster's effect, or, during either battle phase, destroy all opposing level 5 or higher monsters!

Wing's even better as a scale, bearing a great scale 10 that once per turn lets your battling monster gain ATK for the round equal to the ATK of the monster it's fighting, ensuring you win any clash. And, like other Odd-Eyes cards, you can gimmick Wing into play using the effects of xyz monster "Odd-Eyes Absolute Dragon", bypassing his difficult summon.

Dark Anthelion Dragon
Dark Anthelion Dragon

4. Dark Anthelion Dragon

Type: Xyz

Anthelion accepts any two level 7s and can be pendulum summoned once face-up if you can pendulum level 7s. He's got fierce 3000 ATK and can once per turn detach a material—as a quick effect—to halve an enemy monster's ATK and gain that amount! This leads to massive battle damage, especially alongside Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon. If destroyed, you can scale Anthelion, which gives an excellent scale 10 that can once per turn halve an enemy's ATK for that round.

I prefer Anthelion over earlier dragons since his effects don't rely on using other xyz monsters as material. My only complaint is how he lacks the Odd-Eyes name and thus won't qualify for the series's supports, but he's still a competitive option who at least matches Odd-Eyes's dark-dragon status.

Clear Wing Fast Dragon
Clear Wing Fast Dragon

3. Clear Wing Fast Dragon

Type: Synchro

Fast needs a wind-attribute non-tuner material; I recommend "Oafdragon Magician" or Speedroids alongside any level 1 tuner ("Glow-Up Bulb" or "Effect Veiler" do nicely). His ATK is decent at 2500, but his brutal quick effect targets an extra deck foe, changing their ATK to 0 and negating their effects that round! That's great on its own, and it can lead to 5000 battle damage (2500 doubled) alongside Odd-Eyes.

Sadly, Fast's scale is an undesirable four and his ability relies on Speedroids (making him less tempting for Magician decks), but that's a nitpick that hardly tarnishes his excellent monster prowess.

D/D/D Super Doom King Bright Armageddon
D/D/D Super Doom King Bright Armageddon

2. D/D/D Super Doom King Bright Armageddon

Type: Synchro

This wordy monster requires a D/D tuner and D/D/D non-tuner as material, so he's locked into his archetype. However, Doom King rewards you with massive 3500 ATK and the power to shield all your monsters (including himself) from being targeted by enemy effects!

Plus, whenever another monster is normal or special summoned, Doom King can make your opponent chose one pendulum monster they control (if any), permanently negating the effects of their other monsters! That's a massive debuff that lasts even if Doom King is removed.

When destroyed, you can scale Doom King, where he wields a nice scale value of one and can destroy and inflict damage to opposing monsters when they attack if you control a D/D/D synchro monster. A neat ability, but most foes will see it coming and simply not attack—in itself a win.

Nirvana High Paladin
Nirvana High Paladin

1. Nirvana High Paladin

Type: Synchro

Nirvana needs a non-tuner synchro as material, but he also can treat a pendulum summoned monster as a tuner, and when summoned using a pendulum summoned pendulum tuner, you get to add any card from your graveyard to hand. Nirvana also halves your opponent's life points when he destroys a monster in battle (easy with 3000 ATK), and his dark-spellcaster status contains many supports.

A destroyed Paladin provides an excellent scale 8, making your pendulum monsters immune to battle destruction or damage when they attack and reducing the ATK of opposing monsters by your pendulum's after they attack. In other words, even if your opponent controls stronger monsters, you can beat them by first attacking with pendulums to lower their power.

Great as both a scale and monster, and not too difficult to cast, Paladin makes the best extra deck monster yet.

Which monster do you prefer?

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Pendulum Supports in Yu-Gi-Oh

Today's cards can be tricky to summon, but give overwhelming advantages when played, assaulting foes as both monsters and scales. Their pendulum status can also come in handy for other effects, like fulfilling the material requirement of "Odd-Eyes Vortex Dragon" when playing "Odd-Eyes Fusion" or reaping the shielding effect on support card "Dinoster Power, the Mighty Dracoslayer".

Use cards like "Sky Iris" to destroy undesired pendulum scales and provide a slot for your monsters to occupy if defeated, but for now, as we await Konami's next set of extra deck pendulums, vote for your favorite and I'll see you at our next Yu-Gi-Oh countdown!

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