Top 10 Green Land Tutors in Magic: The Gathering

Updated on May 12, 2020
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Tutoring Lands in Magic

Green is the color of mana acceleration and land support in Magic, offering many spells that provide extra resources or empower lands. Many green effects can find specific lands from your deck, and some play them directly to the field, offering bonus lands that don't expend your land-per-turn.

Some green searches only work with forest lands, others can pull any terrain—which reign supreme? These are the ten best green land tutors in Magic: The Gathering!

Harrow mtg
Harrow mtg

10. Harrow

CMC (Converted Mana Cost): 3

Harrow requires you to sacrifice a land, but in exchange, places any two basic lands from your deck onto the field. Notably, they enter untapped, so you're regaining much of the mana spent on the spell, it works at instant speed, and you can tutor needed colors since you can search any land types, not just forests.

Harrow's great for any green deck, but especially ones that can revive lands from your graveyard (using spells like "Harvest Wurm" and "Crucible of Worlds"), making the sacrificed land easy to recover.

Nissa's Pilgrimage mtg
Nissa's Pilgrimage mtg

9. Nissa's Pilgrimage

CMC: 3

Similar to a sorcery version of Harrow, Pilgrimage places a basic forest from your deck onto the field tapped and one into your hand. While it can only tutor forests, it also offers spell mastery; if you have two instants/sorceries in your graveyard when you cast it, you'll add two basic forests to hand, not just one, ensuring you've got several land drops—use extra land-play spells like "Exploration" to quickly field them.

If you're running a multi-color deck, you can find similar spells that tutor any basic lands (but without the spell mastery bonus) in "Cultivate" and "Kodama's Reach".

Elvish Reclaimer mtg
Elvish Reclaimer mtg

7. Elvish Reclaimer

CMC: 1

Considering his one-mana cost, Reclaimer has solid 1/2 stats, and he gets +3/+3 while there are three or more lands in your graveyard, soon offering an amazing 4/5. This shouldn't take long, as his effect lets him tap, spend two mana, and sacrifice a land to play any land from your deck tapped onto the field! That's a great way to search non-basic lands like "Thawing Glaciers" or "Vivid Grove".

Throw in the elf and warrior subtypes for some tribal potential, and you've got a lot of power packed into a turn-one card.

Ulvenwald Hydra mtg
Ulvenwald Hydra mtg

7. Ulvenwald Hydra

CMC: 6

Hydra requires several mana, but when he enters the field, you get to play any land from your deck onto the field tapped, another great tutor for specific lands. This will also empower Hydra, whose power and toughness are equal to the number of lands you control.

He's also got reach, letting him block flyers and compensating for green's own lack of flying creatures, and his hydra status means he only costs two mana if you control "Gargos, Vicious Watcher".

Nissa's Triumph mtg
Nissa's Triumph mtg

6. Nissa's Triumph

CMC: 2

For just two mana, Triumph adds two basic forests from your deck to your hand. Two mana for two cards is a great deal and offers a nice turn-two play. However, if you control a Nissa planeswalker as you cast Triumph, you instead get to tutor any three lands from your deck, basic forests or otherwise.

This means Triumph works well in both the early and late-game, and is a must-have for Nissa planeswalker decks; fortunately, it's one of today's cheapest cards, costing well under a single dollar!

Mwonvuli Acid-Moss mtg
Mwonvuli Acid-Moss mtg

5. Mwonvuli Acid-Moss

CMC: 4

Acid-Moss builds up your mana supply while attacking your opponent's, destroying a land while playing a forest from your deck tapped onto the field. This doesn't have to be a basic forest, so Acid-Moss offers a nice mana-fixer since you can search multi-color lands like "Overgrown Tomb".

Skyshroud Claim mtg
Skyshroud Claim mtg

4. Skyshroud Claim

CMC: 4

Claim also offers excellent mana-fixing; it doesn't destroy any lands, but plays any two forests from your deck! Again, these don't have to be basic forests, and this time, they don't even enter tapped, meaning you get two of the mana spent on Claim immediately back.

Throw in the fact that it only needs one green in the first place, and you've got not only a great mana ramp, but also color-searching tool.

Crop Rotation mtg
Crop Rotation mtg

3. Crop Rotation

CMC: 1

Rotation is like a cheaper albeit worker version of Harrow, sacrificing a land to play any land from your deck. Again, this works well with land-recovering tools, the land will enter untapped (unless it naturally arrives tapped), and it's an amazing way to tutor legendary lands like "Gaea's Cradle" in commander.

Primeval Titan mtg
Primeval Titan mtg

2. Primeval Titan

CMC: 6

This amazing card is banned in EDH, but he's still a powerhouse. Titan costs six mana, but rewards you with a 6/6 trampler. Even better, when he enters the field or attacks, you get to play any two lands from your deck tapped!

This means you get two immediately and two in future turns, and it's another great way to find any terrain, not just forests.

Land Grant mtg
Land Grant mtg

1. Land Grant

CMC: 2

Grant simply find a forest from your deck and adds it to hand. It can pull any type of forest, not just basic, but it's admittedly a little overpriced at two; fortunately, you can cast it for free by revealing your hand when it has no lands in it!

By the time you run out of lands, your hand should have dwindled anyway, so you likely won't be revealing much to your opponent, you can mana-fix by tutoring non-basic lands, and you're getting a free sorcery into your graveyard to empower spell mastery effects.

Which card do you prefer?

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Green Draw Cards in Magic

When building your deck, look at your lands and see what spells work best for them, like whether you want to tutor basic lands, forests, or other types. You might also consider generic green draw spells like "Lifecrafter's Bestiary" and "Harmonize", which don't search specific cards, but do continuously stockpile your hand, helping you meet your land-per-turn each round.

Lands can also be turned into creatures with cards like "Nissa, Who Shakes the World", but for now, vote for your favorite tutor and I'll see you at our next MTG countdown!

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