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How to Upgrade the Parallel World Tactician Digimon Starter Deck

Jeremy has watched and played Digimon since childhood, and probably far too long after.

Digimon Parallel World Tactician deck

Digimon Parallel World Tactician deck

Parallel World Deck Overview

Take it from someone who has played the PWT deck at local events: it's pretty good for a starter, especially when upgraded, and doing so doesn't have to break the bank. The deck combines yellow's defensive tactics with purple's trash-utilizing abilities, and the goal is to ultimately DNA-digivolve Angewomon and LadyDevimon into the insanely-powerful Mastemon.

You also have some nice search options between Tsukaimon and Gatomon, and with a few added options and tamers, we can steal a memory resource lead—how can you best customize the deck? Today we'll explore a budget-friendly yet competitive Parallel World Tactician upgrade!

Parallel World's starting Digimon

Level 3sLevel 4sLevel 5sLevel 6s

Salamon (4)

Gatomon (2)

Angewomon (4)

Junomon (4)

Lopmon (4)

Wizardmon (4)

LadyDevimon (4)

Mastemon (2)

Ghostmon (4)

Witchmon (4)

Bastemon (2)

Tsukaimon (2)

Optimized Parallel World Digimon

Level 3sLevel 4sLevel 5sLevel 6s

Candlemon (4)

Gatomon (4)

Angewomon (4)

Mastemon (4)

Gazimon (3)

Wizardmon (3)

LadyDevimon (4)

Nidhoggmon (3)

Ghostmon (2)

Devimon (2)

Orochimon (3)

Tsukaimon (3)

Parallel World Digimon to Keep

  • Ghostmon (ST10-07): Easy blocker, and your level 3 purples work well with your Night Raid option card, but you don't need four copies.
  • Tsukaimon (ST10-08): His on play effect to find an angel makes him your best level 3 to hard-cast.
  • Wizardmon ST10-10: Despite lacking effects, Wizardmon is strong at 6000 DP and synergizes with the Flame Hellscythe option (more on that later). His multicolor status also works well with Gatomon's search and Cody's tamer effect.
  • Gatomon ST10-04: Integral to the deck, has a great on play effect that can find two Digimon and reduces the digivolution cost into Angewomon and LadyDevimon. I recommend a second starter deck so you can run 4 copies instead of 2.
  • Angewomon ST10-05: While somewhat weak for a level 5, she's easily searched, works with Flame Hellscythe, and offers a useful security check+1 inherited effect.
  • LadyDevimon ST10-12: Also weak at first, but a when digivolve effect, Hellscythe synergy, and gives all your yellows retaliation as an inherited effect.
  • Mastemon ST10-06: Crucial as your main level 6, you want to DNA digivolve into her with Angewomon and LadyDevimon (using an inherited Gatomon effect). Offers 13,000 DP, adds a security card, and deletes an opposing Digimon when you play one of equal or higher level via effect.

Parallel World Digimon to Add

  • Candlemon (BT8-035): Cheap to buy and his inherited effect of giving +1 memory when you play a purple Digimon offers early-game memory rewards.
  • Gazimon (BT3-077): He prevents opponents from gaining memory via non-tamer effects. Excellent debuff, but it goes away if you digivolve onto him.
  • Devimon (ST6-08 U): Low digivolve cost, and can be found with Tsukaimon's effect. EX1-058 Devimon is a nice alternative for budget players.
  • Orochimon (BT7-076): He draws a new card when trashed from hand, which you'll trigger with either your inherited effect from Digi-egg Nyaromon or LadyDevimon's digivolve ability.
  • Nidhoggmon (BT7-077): Like Orochi, you want to trash him from hand, but in this case, you'll gain a bonus memory. Both also have high DP (8000 and 11,000), making them welcome sights in security checks, and are cheap in terms of real-world cost.

Parallel World starting option and tamer cards

Options CardsTamers

Chaos Degradation (2)


Darkness Wave (4)

Night Raid (4)

Optimized Parallel World options and tamers

Option CardsTamer Cards

Chaos Degradation (1)

Cody Hida (3)

Night Raid (2)

Kari Kamiya (1)

Flame Hellscythe (4)

Parallel World Option and Tamer Cards

Option Cards
Most starter decks include too many option cards, and this is no exception; chop out the Darkness Waves, as we have enough search via Tsukaimon and Gatomon. I like Night Raid (remember, playing Digimon via effect triggers Mastemon's enemy deletion), but cut down from four copies. Chaos Degradation is your best removal against enemy level 6 and 7s, but keep in mind its high memory cost of 8.

Finally, I highly recommend adding Flame Hellscythes. These give an enemy Digimon -6000 DP for the turn and play one from your trash of 6000 DP or less for free! With Mastemon out, this can potentially kill two Digimon while reviving most of your level 5 or lowers, and unlike some trash-reviving effects, you get to trigger any "on play" abilities.

Tamer Cards
The deck doesn't start with any tamers, and while you don't need many, I do suggest a few. Cody Hida is cheaper than many tamers at 3 memory, refunds one when you start your main phase with a yellow Digimon, and gives an enemy Digimon -2000 when you attack with a multicolor; granting Gatomon, Wizardmon, and Mastemon much greater reach in combat, or letting Hellscythe destroy enemies up to 8000 DP.
I'd also consider one Kari Kamiya (BT8-090), as she ensures you start your turn with at least three memory and can provide another when you add to your security (via Mastemon's effect).

Summary of Cut Cards

  • Salamon (ST10-02): Weak and an inherited effect we're already getting from Gatomon. Perhaps 1 or 2 as a backup, but Candlemon is generally better. Plus, if you're running Devimon or other single-color level 4s, keep in mind they can't digivolve from yellow rookies.
  • Lopmon (ST10-03): Strong for its level but lacking effects makes it an easy chop.
  • Witchmon (ST10-09): Only good when revealed via security, and not enough overall synergy with the deck.
  • Bastemon (ST10-11): Too weak an effect for too high a cost, plus we have far better level 5s included in the deck.
  • Junomon (ST10-13): Nowhere near as good as our other level 6, Mastemon.
  • Darkness Wave: Use other cards to search without sacrificing memory.

Tips on Playing Parallel World

  • Don't be afraid to hard-play Tsukaimon and Gatomon, their on-play effects help find the cards you need. If you have a Candlemon inherited effect active, playing a purple also gives back one memory.
  • While you want to DNA digivolve into Mastemon, there are times where you won't have everything ready and should still regular digivolve into her from a level 5, especially since her DP is over twice as strong as LadyDevimon and Angewomon.
  • Since Cody's +1 memory triggers at the start of your main phase (after your hatching phase), you can guarantee you'll get it by having a Candlemon or Wizardmon ready to move up.
  • Always activate Nyaromon's "when attacking" effect to draw and trash a card. Ideally, you'll trash either Orichomon or Nidhoggmon (and you might draw into them to trash), but even if not, you can setup an Angewomon or LadyDevimon in your trash to revive with Flame Hellscythe. You can also trash Oricho and Nidhogg with LadyDevi's digivolve effect.
Nyaromon, the included Digi-egg

Nyaromon, the included Digi-egg

Obtaining and Upgrading Your Parallel World Starter Deck

Digimon is a surprisingly cheap card game, but its best to obtain the decks while they're in circulation before they increase in rarity (look what happened with the first Gaia Red starter); fortunately, you can nab your own for around $15! I do recommend buying 2 to double up on the Gatomons and Mastemons, but thankfully, the rest of the cards we added are pretty cheap, and the starters conveniently come with memory gauges and rules reminders.

If you have extra cash to spare, cards like Lucemon can assist the build, but for now, share your thoughts on the best structure deck and I'll see you at our next Digimon countdown!

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