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30 Answers to the Most Asked "Yu-Gi-Oh!" Questions

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Yugi and Atem

Yugi and Atem

Common "Yu-Gi-Oh!" Questions

Both an advantage and disadvantage regarding Yu-Gi-Oh! is the complexity of its rules, with many different summoning methods to learn. So when I compiled the internet's most common questions regarding the series, I expected many rules clarifications, but interestingly, most queries are about the original anime.

In a way, it makes sense, as the anime is what introduced many of us to the game. So, what are fans dying to know regarding the franchise? Here are answers to the 30 most-asked Yu-Gi-Oh! questions! Spoilers for the show ahead.

Steel Black Luster Soldier

Steel Black Luster Soldier

Questions 1–10

1. What is the strongest Yu-Gi-Oh! card ever made?
Probably the spell "Pot of Greed." It's two cards for one, no downsides.

2. Is Yu-Gi-Oh! still going?
Yes, both the real-life card game and anime continue, though the anime's various seasons all follow different characters.

3. What is the most expensive Yu-Gi-Oh! card?
The so-called "Tournament Black Luster Soldier," a one-of-a-kind steel-glossed prize awarded at the first Yu-Gi-Oh! tournament in 1999.

4. What does Yu-Gi-Oh! stand for?
Translated, it means "king of games."

5. Is "Red-Eyes Black Dragon" good?
Like many original monsters, on its own, Red-Eyes is pretty bad. But his archetype greatly expands his power, so the Red-Eyes theme is definitely playable.

6. Why is Red-Eyes weaker than Blue-Eyes?
Lore-wise, Blue-Eyes represents the pinnacle of normal monsters. In gameplay, Blue-Eyes is technically stronger, but both archetypes have their strengths (Red is better at fusion summoning, for example).

7. What is the weakest Yu-Gi-Oh! card?
My money's on the terrible monster "Larvae Moth."

8. Is Exodia the strongest card?
No. If you gather his five pieces, you immediately win, but doing so is difficult.

9. Does Yugi get Exodia back?
He didn't lose all his pieces (keeping 2 of the 5), but he's never shown using Exodia again, so presumably, he never found the lost cards.

10. Does Yugi die?
No, but he separates from the Pharaoh Atem, who ultimately joins the afterlife. But even Atem returns in the Dark Side of Dimensions movie.

Atem and Mana

Atem and Mana

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Questions 11–20

11. Who is Yugi's father?
We don't know; we haven't seen either of his parents (but we do see Grandpa Solomon).

12. Does Yugi have a son?
No, at least not that we know of.

13. Does Yugi get married?
Again, there's no mention of it, but he and Tea were definitely an item.

14. Why is Exodia forbidden?
It's not! But all the pieces are limited, meaning only one per deck. So if one gets banished, hopefully, you have a back-up plan.

15. Is Atem Yugi's ancestor?
Probably, that would explain their likeness. The best clue we have is the statement that Yugi is the "modern version of Atem."

16. Is Yugi in GX?
Yes, we see him twice. At the start, he gives Jaden "Winged Kuriboh," reappearing at the very end to duel Jaden in a controversial match.

16. Who is the best duelist in Yu-Gi-Oh!?
Depends on the series in question. Believe it or not, some protagonists (Yusei) have better win records than Yugi. But if you ask me, the strongest is Akaba Reiji from ARC-V.

19. Are Yu-Gi-Oh! cards worth anything?
Some are, but they admittedly don't hold value as well as, say, Magic: The Gathering, since most are eventually reprinted. Some of the most valuable are from old sets, especially if they're in good condition.

20. When did Yu-Gi-Oh! come out?
The original manga debuted in 1996, but the anime started in 1998.

Five-Headed Dragon

Five-Headed Dragon

Question 21–30

21. Why are Yu-Gi-Oh! cards banned?
Some are simply too powerful and lead to cheap wins. But to be fair, many are only limited or semi-limited instead of banned, and the traditional format allows at least one copy of everything.

22. Where should I start watching Yu-Gi-Oh!?
Most seasons don't build off each other, so you can pick whichever one you like and start at the beginning of it. My personal favorite is ARC-V, though I definitely recommend the English sub versions rather than dubs. Websites like CrunchyRoll do the trick.

23. Which Yu-Gi-Oh! packs are best?
In terms of getting the best cards, the newest boosters are generally best. In terms of value, the oldest ones generally sell for more.

24. Can tokens be tributed in Yu-Gi-Oh!?
Finally, a gameplay question! Tokens can be used for tribute summoning (unless the effect that created them says otherwise, like with "Scapegoat") but can't be sent to the graveyard to pay a cost. So, for instance, you couldn't use one with "Dark Factory of More Production."

25. How do I link summon in Yu-Gi-Oh!?
Each link monster (which are stored in the extra deck) has different criteria, but you need to sacrifice a number of monsters from your field equaling the "link rating" shown on your card. But link monsters can count for a number of cards up to their own link rating, helping you summon better links using pre-existing ones.

26. How do I pendulum summon in Yu-Gi-Oh!?
Play two pendulum cards into your pendulum scales (your left and rightmost spell/trap zones), and you can once per turn pendulum summon monsters from your hand whose levels fall between the scale values (scales 1 and 8 allow levels 2–7). You can also revive pendulum monsters from your extra deck (they go there from the field instead of to the graveyard), but doing so needs an open extra zone or a main monster zone that a link monster points to.

27. Which is the best Egyptian God card?
I'd go with "Obelisk the Tormentor," but "The Winged Dragon of Ra" has the most supporting cards.

28. Who goes first in Yu-Gi-Oh!?
This is randomly determined, but in best-of-3 matches, the loser of the prior game gets to pick. Whoever goes first doesn't draw on their first turn and can't attack, but has the advantage of setting up their field without having to worry about opposing traps or effects.

29. Can you play Yu-Gi-Oh casually?
Of course! The big ruleset can be intimidating. If you're scared to jump into the main game, you could always try digital versions like Yu-Gi-Oh: Duel Links, which often simplify the rules to accommodate newcomers.

30. Which Yu-Gi-Oh! card has the highest attack?
The most ATK is 100,000 on "Don Thousand/Monster C," but he's not allowed except in special boss duels. The highest official ATK is a multi-way tie at 5000 on cards like "Five-Headed Dragon," though some monsters become stronger via effects.

"Yu-Gi-Oh!" Rules Clarifications

Hopefully, today's list gives an idea of what best keeps the fandom's interest, but if you have specific questions about card interactions, feel free to comment and email, or check the card's "rulings" category on the Yu-Gi-Oh! wiki. But until then, I'll see you at our next dueling review!

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