Top 10 Cards You Need for Your Noble Knight Yu-Gi-Oh Deck

Updated on October 11, 2019
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What Are the Noble Knight Monsters in Yu-Gi-Oh?

Bearing the light or dark attribute and warrior type, the Noble Knight monster archetype specializes in swarming and utilizing their unique Noble Arms equip spells to strengthen themselves and overcome enemy forces. Many Knights can search out their blades from the deck or revive them from the graveyard, ensuring you're always decked out with the best gear to slay your foes.

But with dozens of members and as many support cards, which Knights of the Round are worth your attention? These are 10 of the strongest cards you'll definitely want for your Noble Knight Yu-Gi-Oh deck!

Noble Arms - Caliburn
Noble Arms - Caliburn

10. Noble Arms - Caliburn

Type: Spell

Before we take a look at the best Noble Knight monsters, let's examine one of the strongest swords to bestow them with. Caliburn simply offers two effects to any warrior-type monster. The first boosts its ATK by a fair 500, and the second lets you (once per turn) gain 500 life points.

Both are nifty traits, and like most of its kin, if Caliburn is destroyed by a card effect, you can reattach it to any corresponding monster, meaning your opponent will have to wipe out your monsters and your equip spells simultaneously to truly eradicate it. The Noble Arms offer several handy boosts and we'll later see how several Knights can grab them from the graveyard, so you can reclaim them even if lost.

Noble Knight Brothers
Noble Knight Brothers

9. Noble Knight Brothers

Type: Monster

For a level-four monster, Brothers wields an incredible DEF of 2400, but you'll probably want to summon (and not set) him; when normal summoned, he lets you special summon up to two Noble Knights from your hand, although you won't be able to special summon non-Noble Knights for the rest of the turn. This adeptly swarms the field and casts higher-leveled Knights without needing to tribute.

Brothers can only attack while you control exactly three Knights, but due to his effect, you can easily meet the requirement. Plus, he can once per turn shuffle three Noble Knights and/or Arms into your deck, then draw a card, a nice mid or late-game draw boost. Of course, you can also use Brothers and his summoned allies as material for an xyz or link summon.

Lady of the Lake
Lady of the Lake

8. Lady of the Lake

Type: Monster

Cradling the Excaliburn Noble Arm (another equipment worth checking out), Lady of the Lake has low ATK but solid DEF and the tuner status, making her useful for playing synchro monsters. That said, she can only access warrior-types, and she banishes herself when used for a synchro summon. Still, when normal summoned, Lady can revive a Noble Knight normal monster from your graveyard. Also, if she somehow ends up in the graveyard, Lady can special summon herself by reducing a level-five Noble Monster to level four (similarly to the banned Level Eater), perfectly setting up for the theme's level-five synchro monster.

In short, depending on her location, Lady can handily revive a Knight or herself from the graveyard, letting you synchro summon without losing card advantage. Bear in mind she doesn't actually carry the Noble Knight name, and thus won't strengthen corresponding effects. Still, she's great for casting...

Ignoble Knight of High Laundsallyn
Ignoble Knight of High Laundsallyn

7. Ignoble Knight of High Laundsallyn

Type: Monster

Laundsallyn wields an average 2100 ATK, but when synchro summoned, he lets you equip a Noble Arms from your deck to himself, likely boosting his ATK to a fierce 2600. In addition, at the end of the battle phase, if Laundsallyn destroyed a monster in combat and sent it to the graveyard, you can add any Noble Knight or Arms from your deck to your hand. This useful search can even trigger in your opponent's battle phase if you somehow bait them into attacking (and losing to) your crusader.

You can only control one Laundsallyn at a time, but you'll rarely need more than one anyway. He needs one or more Noble Knights as his nontuner materials, but he helpfully accepts any tuner, letting you supplement or substitute Lady with other creatures if you wish.

Sacred Noble Knight of King Artorigus
Sacred Noble Knight of King Artorigus

6. Sacred Noble Knight of King Artorigus

Type: Monster

As a rank five xyz monster, King Artorigus demands two level-five Noble Knights as material, so use effects like that of Brothers to avoid having to tribute summon them. Artorigus arrives with a lukewarm 2200 ATK, but he can equip up to three Noble Arms with different names from your graveyard, hitting the field with a heap of awesome boosts!

Plus, once per turn, you can detach an xyz material to target and destroy a monster (even your own), offering a nice monster removal. Also, when sent from the field to the graveyard, you can special summon a level-four or higher Noble Knight from your graveyard, ensuring you're not left defenseless even if your opponent manages to defeat Artorigus.


5. Merlin

Type: Monster

Like aqua-type Lady, Merlin deviates from the warrior standard with his spellcaster type. This would normally ruin the ATK boost of cards like Solidarity, but since both Lady and Merlin can easily banish themselves, you can avoid contaminating your graveyard. Merlin has three sweet effects, and you may only use each once per turn:

  • You can tribute Merlin to special summon a Noble Knight from your deck, but you can't special summon non-Noble Knights for the rest of the turn
  • As a quick effect on either player's turn, you can banish Merlin from your graveyard to synchro summon with monsters you control
  • As a quick effect on either player's turn, you can banish Merlin from your graveyard to xyz summon with monsters you control

Merlin's most notable for his handy self-tribute, letting you field whatever Noble Knight you wish from your build, bypassing the sacrifice requirements of the level-five members. His graveyard exiles let you catch your foe off-guard by summoning during their turn, a handy counter to effects that would remove monsters you control (by spending them as material before the removal can resolve).

Glory of the Noble Knights
Glory of the Noble Knights

4. Glory of the Noble Knights

Type: Spell

You can only activate one per turn, but Glory of the Noble Knights offers a simple and useful effect. Plus, as a quick-play spell, you can set it to use on your opponent's turn, just like a trap.

When activated, Glory attaches a Noble Arms from your deck to a Noble Knight you control, essentially granting whatever blade you need. As icing on the cake, since the card bears the Noble Knights name, it can empower the abilities of other archetype members.

Isolde, Two Tales of the Noble Knights
Isolde, Two Tales of the Noble Knights

3. Isolde, Two Tales of the Noble Knights

Type: Monster

Although her ATK is left wanting at a base 1600, link monster Isolde accepts any two warriors (even non-Noble Knights) as material and provides two additional extra deck zones without granting any to your opponent. Additionally, when link summoned, she can search any warrior from your deck, although for the rest of the turn, you'll be prevented from summoning, setting, or using the effects of cards sharing its name, forcing you to wait until future turns before playing it.

Next, you can once per turn send any number of equip spells with different names from your deck to the graveyard to special summon a warrior from your deck with a level matching the number of sent spells. This not only stockpiles your discard pile with swords to be reclaimed, but also fields a unit from your deck, beautifully filling your field and graveyard without diminishing your hand.

Finally, since Isolde bears the Noble Knight title, she's a valid target for any corresponding traits, and you can don her with your holy weapons to boost her ATK and keep her alive longer.

Last Chapter of the Noble Knights
Last Chapter of the Noble Knights

2. Last Chapter of the Noble Knights

Type: Spell

While you can only active one copy per turn, this awesome spell essentially revives two cards from your graveyard at once. When employed, Last Chapter rejuvenates a defeated Noble Knight, then adorns it with an appropriate Noble Arms from your graveyard.

Bam, you've not only fielded a champion (without using your turn's normal summon) but also given him a shiny new sword to rend enemies to pieces with. This may also adeptly rebirth formidable extra deck cards like Isolde or Laundsallyn, and when summoned from the graveyard, they won't use up your limited extra deck spaces.

Artorigus, King of the Noble Knights
Artorigus, King of the Noble Knights

1. Artorigus, King of the Noble Knights

Type: Monster

Artorigus thankfully needs level-four monsters (as opposed to tribute-needing level fives) for his xyz summon, and when fielded this way, he can equip up to three Noble Arms from your graveyard with different names, boosting his mediocre 2000 ATK to monstrous proportions. Not only that, Artorigus can (once per turn) detach an xyz material to destroy spells/trap up to the number of Noble Arms equip spells you control.

Not only does this provide some much-needed spell/trap removal, its "up to" text helpfully prevents blasting your own units, and it even tallies Noble Arms equipped to your other monsters, meaning you can often nuke three or more spells/traps at once! These two stupendous effects make Arto absolutely crucial to the structure, and I owe many victories to this royal guardian.

Thankfully, despite his prowess and extra deck status, you can buy your own Artorigus for less than four dollars, making him a surprisingly affordable boss monster available even to budget duelists.

Which card do you prefer?

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How to Use the Noble Knights

We've tackled some awesome Noble Knight members, but remember to round out your deck with a variety of cards since many abilities depend on having a variety of different names. Also, check out the other Noble Arms, especially Gwenhwyfar, who can equip from the graveyard, and Destiny, which once per turn shields against battle or effect destruction. Due to their light and dark attributes, Noble Knight can also blend with the Chaos monsters, and they combo well with anything that rewards you for using equip cards.

The Noble Knights have admittedly decreased in power as time passes and could definitely benefit from new supports (especially traps), but they're far from unsalvageable, and they wield a fun theme based on King Arthur's legends. But for now, as we eagerly await Konami's next expansion of the Knights of the Round, vote for your favorite card and I'll see you at our next Yu-Gi-Oh countdown!

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