BR LEGO Minifigure Promotional Polybag 5001121 Review

Updated on June 30, 2020
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BR LEGO Minifigure Promotional Polybag 5001121
BR LEGO Minifigure Promotional Polybag 5001121

Today we will be looking at the BR LEGO Minifigure Polybag set 5001121. This set came out in 2013, has 5 pieces and was designed for people 5 and up.

The BR LEGO Minifigure was available in BR Stores during the month of August to celebrate the toy stores 50th anniversary. BR Toys is the high end retailer of TOP- Toys. These stores are located throughout Scandinavian countries and also have 20 stores in Germany. Luckily for us LEGO collectors, the internet has made these regionally isolated minifigures available world wide.

The figure is based on the BR Toy’s Mascot, Cousin BR. Yes, his name is Cousin BR.

BR Toys Mascot Cousin and BR LEGO Minifigure
BR Toys Mascot Cousin and BR LEGO Minifigure

His outfit is similar to the full dress uniforms worn by Denmark’s Royal Life Guard. While side printing is becoming more common with Minifigures, it’s nice to see that back in 2013, LEGO took the time to put the white stripe down the leg of the blue pants. It’s a shame they didn’t bother having the black shoe printing wrap all the way around to the back. Luckily the red shirt torso piece was given a lot of nice details.

BR LEGO Minifigure Promotional Polybag 5001121 Front and Back
BR LEGO Minifigure Promotional Polybag 5001121 Front and Back

While the two black buttons and white X are obvious at even the most casual glance, if you look near the top, you will notice more subtle details showing the care LEGO put into designing this figure. Rounded black shadows in the middle are a nice resemblance to the black collar worn by the BR Mascot. It took me a while to figure out what those blue dots at the top of the x were supposed to represent. But upon researching the Royal Life Guard Uniforms, it occured to me that these are the Epaulettes worn by the soldiers.

Like most hat wearing minifigures, Cousin is bald and we don’t get the blond bangs of the official mascots. However, rather than just recycling the bearskin hat mold used for the series 5 Royal Guard minifigure. LEGO created a new mold to more closely match Denmark’s Royal Life Guard and the unique BR logo of the Mascot. That hat would make this one of the few promotional minifigures to ever get a new mold in it’s design.

BR LEGO Minifigure Promotional Polybag 5001121 Complete
BR LEGO Minifigure Promotional Polybag 5001121 Complete

I was pleasantly surprised to discover this promotional set came with its own minifigure stand. Up until now, I have never had a stand come with any sets outside the Collectable Minifigure Series. Usually these single figure promotions come with nothing but a minifigure and any necessary accessories.

Between the special occasion for its creation, the unique mold and its overall look this is a great addition to any LEGO collection.

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