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Crayola Color Wheel: A Fun Vintage Game

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One of my fondest childhood memories is of hours spent playing the Crayola Color Wheel game with my grandmother. We would sit at her kitchen table and play until I became bored of it and went outside. After exploring for what seemed like a really long time, I would come back in and find Gram still at the table adding embellishments to her drawings and mine. She would add outlines and shading as well as a whole background scene to her picture.

Years later, I asked about the Color Wheel game, hoping to get it from her so that I could play it with my youngsters. Sadly, she had sold the game in a yard sale. I wish I would have saved some of those drawings from so many years ago. It is fun to look back on things like that. When I tried to buy a copy of the game, I found that it was no longer in production. After years of searching, I snagged a vintage one on eBay. I was excited to finally be able to play the game with my kids.

1974 Crayola Crayon Color Wheel Drawing Game

The Crayola Crayon Color Wheel Drawing Game was copyrighted in 1974. The suggested age range is 6–10 years, but it is fun for adults who like to draw and color as well. The game suggests 2–4 players, but there really is no limit on the number of people who can play. There are 32 crayons in the game and 8 different stencils.

I don’t see any problem in having more than 8 players, except for the rule about time. In the instructions, players are supposed to wait for each person to finish coloring before they take their next crayon. This could take forever if there were more than 2–4 players. Simply eliminating that rule would shorten the game significantly. When we play, we do not wait for one to finish coloring before the next person can take their crayon. But we do make sure that we take turns and not get ahead.

How to Play

1. Each player chooses a picture guide and corresponding stencil. Players may choose the same picture and stencil; they will just need to take turns tracing the stencil.

2. Players trace the stencil onto their piece of paper. After tracing the stencil, players will need to add lines to make the picture match the corresponding guide.

3. Players take turns spinning the wheel. The first player to get a Red, Yellow, or Blue goes first, and play continues to the left.

4. Each player spins the wheel to start their turn. When the wheel stops, the player takes the crayon that corresponds with the color on the wheel. The player colors the portions of their drawing that correspond with their picture guide. For example, if the picture is of a house and the chimney is red, the player can color the chimney when they spin red on the wheel.

  • If the spinner lands on red or blue, the player may choose any crayon.
  • If the player lands on yellow (for example) and has already colored all of the corresponding parts, they must wait until their next turn to spin again for a different color.

6. The first player to finish coloring all the parts as shown on the guide is the winner. Other players check to make sure the winner colored everything correctly.

7. While waiting for other players to finish coloring, feel free to embellish your drawing by adding a background, filling in between stencil marks, shading, outlining, etc.

Making Your Own Color Wheel Game

Unfortunately, it is very hard to find a copy of this game. However, it is an easy enough concept that someone could make their own Color Wheel Game. It would be difficult to reproduce the tray that holds the crayons and functions as the spinner. But the tray is not necessary. Simply having a spinner with the colors on it would suffice. The crayons could stay in their box or in a container such as a cup, bowl, or soup can. Any stencils could be used as long as a corresponding color guide is created. Just be sure that each stencil/guide contains the same number of colored spaces and uses each color.

We have really enjoyed this game. Have you ever played it? Let me know in the comments if you make your own.

Crayola Crayon Color Wheel Drawing Game Creations

Crayola Crayon Color Wheel Drawing Game Creations

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