Exploring the Hilariously Weird Gundam F-90 Mission Pack U-Type

Updated on June 30, 2020
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Mamerto Adan is an engineer by profession, but a writer by night. He loves toys and knives, and has a martial arts background.

The U-Type
The U-Type | Source

Yes, we got a new Gunpla. And it’s becoming the talk of the town lately even before its release. With that said, the Gundams of the “Formula Project” may not appeal to everyone. For one thing, they are small. Even the Master Grade class is no bigger than a good-sized HG. In the manga and anime, they are small for a reason, though in real life I got a feeling that Bandai downsized its kits back then to save cost and to appeal to collectors with cluttered spaces. Size-wise, they don’t look that impressive, but the Formula Project Gundams got the sleekest and cleanest designs. In fact, I love the sports car appeal of the Gundam F-91, and the 2.0 MG version is one of my favorites. Its predecessor, the F-90 lacks its transformable wings or the bright green transparent beam shield. But it’s more colorful than its clear successor. Unfortunately, I still don’t have it, though I’m planning to get one in the future

And recently, we got good news and bad news. The good news is Bandai will be releasing a form of weapons upgrade for the F-90 MG kits. The bad news is its P-Bandai, hence we could have difficulties obtaining the add-ons. The weapons system is the Mission O-Type and U-Type. The O-Type is a neat set of an antenna pack and rifle. But it was the U-Type that gets the fans talking and laughing all the same. In fact, it became the laughingstock of some internet forums.

The Gundam Penelope
The Gundam Penelope

Bandai Is No Stranger to Weird Kits

But then, Bandai isn’t afraid to explore over the top suit designs. Since the UC timeline, we are already getting some unconventional and never-before-seen mecha renderings. One good example is the Penelope Gundam. I mean most the UC era Gundams were still following the Super-Robot mold, but Penelope Gundam now sports spiky add-ons that gave it the appearance of a deranged Big Bird. Nevertheless, the effects are impressive to look at despite the avian features. After the UC era, who could forget the outrageous mobile fighters of Gundam G? They come in various flavors, and they could be as odd as the Grand Gundam (as if the rest were not odd enough).

The oddities of G Gundam are hits and miss, with some getting the cool factor right, and with the others deserving to be forgotten (the Mermaid Gundam). And years later, Turn A Gundam will hit our airwaves, with the suit designs that will make us raise our brows. As a friend said, it took time for fans to get used to the Turn A suits. Some even claimed that liking the suits is an acquired taste.

Overall, Bandai got this knack of making weird designs look cool. But in the case of weapons add-ons of the Gundam F-90, Bandai seems to be overstepping the boundary here.

What's included in the set.
What's included in the set. | Source

Then There Is the Mission Pack

During the month of June, Bandai announced that they will be releasing the Mission Pack O-Type and U-Type for Gundam F-90 MG. Again, it’s P-Bandai so we will only see a limited release. The target month of release is September of 2020. I did some quick research on what this kit is all about, and according to fandom websites, the O-Type (Officer Type) is for commander specification. It includes large antennae and a beam rifle. The U-Type (Up-lift Type) on the other hand is a piece of atmospheric launch equipment. Basically, a giant booster and cover for the Gundam upper body.

A detachable antenna, giant beam rifle, and enlarged booster sound good to hear. I mean it brings in mind other classical suits with add-on features. I love my Duel Gundam MG, and the Gundam 00 with an XN Raiser is an impressive set piece for my shelf. It earned the admirations of my visitors. What’s more, the giant boosters could be reminiscent of the Unicorn Gundam Full Armor. Hence, I checked the P-Bandai website for a quick peek.

For those planning to buy it, the Gundam F-90 is not included. But the add-on set includes the wing like antenna, rifle, some attachment, this tower thingy (the stand) and the strange bullet train-like booster.

And I couldn’t believe my eyes when those things are put together. I was literally laughing my head off.

What the Hell Is That!

To be fair, the O-Type looks great! When we heard that it got antenna, it’s not actually some clunky piece of something sticking out from the Gunpla’s back. It’s a pair of graceful wing-like add-ons that goes well with the rifle.

The awesome O-Type.
The awesome O-Type. | Source

It was the U-Type that gave us the laugh. Just see for yourself.

These is pretty silly.
These is pretty silly. | Source

I couldn’t find words to describe it. Crazy is an understatement, cartoonish is close, and bonkers is how some see it. Because when you plug in the U-Type to the Gundam, you will get a hilarious bullet train-rocket hybrid with legs sticking out.

And my, there is a myriad of reactions in the net.

One described it as Elon Musk’s new space project, or NASA’s secret mecha construction research. Others joked that the giant rocket with Gundam legs looks dumb. In my case, it reminds me of those Looney Toons contraptions that Wile E. Coyote used. I mean, this is what will happen if Bandai partnered with Acme. There was also this fellow in the net that said that the goofy design will make it belong to the Evangelion universe

It’s quite hard to take this design seriously, though we had a good laugh. Yet the U-Type mission pack just etched itself a name in the Gunpla world as the most ridiculous Gunpla design. In real life, the enemy will surely die. Die of laughing.

More shots of the cartoonish Gundam.
More shots of the cartoonish Gundam. | Source

But I Think It Will Sell

Bandai just created a laughingstock among collectors, but this is one of those designs that is so stupid, it’s awesome. For one thing, the laughter it generated in social media and various online platforms just helped it gained publicity. Then there is the sheer oddity of the kit that will make it a sought after among collectors. People will want it because it’s an anomaly. And sure, that cartoonish rocket thingy with legs will look good on the shelf.

But then since people are different, there are some who will hate this kit. They won’t want this strange looking creature in their display area. But who knows? If reviewers will find it to be a solid collector piece, then people might look past the cartoonish exterior.

And if you will ask me, yes, I will get this kit for sure.


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