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Francie Doll’s Fancy “Mod” Clothes: 1967

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Francie in gold satin

Francie in gold satin

Francie's "Mod" Clothes

Francie Doll loved the fashions of Carnaby Street! The world went “mod” as it celebrated modern fashion and style, and the famed boutique district in Soho, London, was a hopping place to be in the late 1960s.

While Barbie Doll updated her wardrobe—she still wore classic and elegant clothes but added more “modern” pieces to her closet—cousin Francie loved the hot colors and shiny materials that all the kids were wearing. She and her friend Casey had the same body type: long, slender legs and a thin torso. In addition to more traditional outfits, the girls loved wearing the hip clothes shown by their favorite fashion model, Twiggy!

Casey in sharp shift

Casey in sharp shift

New Duds for 1967

In addition to many from the previous year, Francie had more than two dozen new outfits for 1967. She also had a number of clothing items and accessories sold separately in Fashion Paks. Casey could wear these items too.

Groovy Get-Up (#1270, 1967); pink, white, red, and black horizontally-striped sweater with stockings and matching hood. The outfit's hot pink corduroy pants had a zipper in the back. The ensemble included a matching skirt, jacket with a wide black belt, and a pair of soft black ankle boots.

Slumber Number (#1271, 1967–1968); short yellow nightgown covered with a sheer material trimmed with white, pink, and yellow lace. Matching panties, slippers, and a sleep mask completed the set.

Hi-Teen (#1272, 1967–1968); horizontally-striped top with three-quarter length sleeves—the stripes were in pink, rose-red, pale yellow, and light blue. The skirt was a rose-colored pleated wrap with fringe on the side and a yellow belt strap. Matching shoes finished the outfit.

Side Kick (#1273, 1967–1968); cotton dress of navy and white checks with white eyelet trim and five red buttons down the front. A matching hat (checked and eyelet materials with a red grosgrain ribbon) and red shoes added to the ensemble.

Iced Blue (#1274, 1967–1968); aqua-colored linen dress with white lace trim down the front and on the pockets. A lacy white cotton hose and white shoes completed the look.

Bells (#1275, 1967); blue bell-bottomed pants with a white floral pattern, sleeveless red top with white and blue print. The cap matched the pants. Flat blue shoes and a red vinyl long-strap purse came with the outfit.

Summer Frost (#1276, 1967); Sleeveless white eyelet dress with pale pink cotton lining and a bow that wrapped in the back. The outfit came with a blonde or brunette braided headband and pink shoes.

Francie in bells

Francie in bells

Sun Spots (#1277, 1967); hot pink long-sleeved dress with bright yellow spots. A matching hat, pink vinyl tote bag, and pink shoes completed the look.

The Bridge Bit (#1279, 1967); white turtleneck sweater with blue and green “v-stitched" embroidery down the front and a pair of royal blue stretch pants. Accessories included a pink pillow with multi-colored petal print, a “How to Play Bridge” book, playing cards, and soft royal-blue shoes.

Cool White (#1280, 1967); white organdy dress with long puffy sleeves, floral embroidery, cotton lining, and a matching white hair bow. White textured hose and white shoes came with the dress.

Clear Out (#1281, 1967); broad horizontal stripes of red, white, and blue on a long-sleeved knit dress, clear plastic raincoat with red trim and blue vinyl enclosures, matching hood, clear plastic boots with red trim, and a decaled red hatbox.

More Francie Fancy

Sweet ‘n Swingin’ (1967); long pale pink zippered-back gown covered, from the waist down, by a sheer floral eyelet overlay. Francie wore a long pink coat trimmed with flowers at the neck and cuffs. The ensemble included a white purse and either pink or white shoes.

Miss Teenage Beauty (#1284, 1967); long bright pink skirt with a layer of silk organdy, sleeveless white floral lace top with light-blue and pink floral embroidery. Accessories included light-blue shoes, long white gloves, red satin “Miss Teenage Beauty” sash, clear plastic silver-glittered tiara, trophy and flower bouquet.

Tweed-Somes (#1286, 1967); white, pink and green tweed coat with hot pink lining and three buttons. The dress bottom matched the coat; the bodice was hot pink with a matching belt (gold buckle). The hat matched the coat. Included in the package: white and green beaded necklace, hatbox, lacy pale pink hose and pink-heeled shoes.

Borderline (#1287, 1967); sleeveless yellow pleated-skirt dress with navy blue braided trim at the neckline. The over jacket was yellow with trim at the cuffs, neckline, down the front, and twice at the hem. The outfit had a yellow hat, a hose, and soft blue shoes.

In-Print (#1288, 1967); long-sleeved multi-colored floral print (light-green, yellow, powder blue, orange) dress with a ruffled hem and matching hat. The light-green sleeveless under-dress was trimmed in white. A pair of yellow shoes accompanied the outfit.

Note the Coat (#1289, 1967); double-breasted white crepe coat with gold buttons. White shoes came in the package.

Denims On! (#1290, 1967); slender yellow pants, sleeveless knit top with wide yellow, green and blue stripes, blue double-breasted jacket with six gold buttons and yellow lining, blue cap, flat royal-blue shoes.

Check This (#1291, 1967); ankle-length black and white checkered dress with yellow trim and scattered plastic daisy adornments. A yellow shawl with a plastic daisy, short white gloves, and white shoes completed the look.

Francie in "check this"

Francie in "check this"

And More 1967 Francie and Casey Outfits

Summer Coolers (#1292, 1967); yellow shift with thin straps—the bottom of the beach dress and its pockets had blue and red floral cotton printing. A two-piece swimsuit (that matched the bottom of the dress) and a matching tote bag completed the outfit. Accessories included cork sandals with red ribbon ties, brunette or blonde hair braid, paper parasol, and “granny” glasses.

Partners in Print (#1293, 1967); This was a Sears department store exclusive ... medium-green pants with yellow, pink, light blue, and white floral print—the matching jacket had a wide, lacy white collar and lacy flourishing cuffs at the sleeves. A floral-printed skirt was included in the set, as well as a plastic “Francie” hatbox and pink shoes.

Go Gold (#1294, 1967); this was also a Sears department store exclusive—gold metallic pants, matching belt, and long-waist jacket. A sleeveless satin top was patterned in pink, yellow, and blue plaid.

Prom Pinks (#1295, 1967); another Sears outfit, this long satin gown had a pink bodice and wide hem—its skirt was pale pink patterned with gold thread. The long pink satin overcoat was closed by a gold-foil belt. A gold clutch, brass headband, and pink shoes completed the ensemble.

Furry-Go-Round (#1296, 1967); Sears marketed this one for Mattel; an orange “suede” coat trimmed in brown fur. An orange hood, hose, and high plastic boots came with the coat.

Casey Goes Casual Gift Set (#3304, 1967); Mattel released this Sears exclusive for Casey, but Francie wore the items, too … horizontal wide-striped shift in red, pink, and pale glowing green, sleeveless pink floral jumpsuit, a black belt, hot pink jacket trimmed in pale green, Casey’s original silver swimsuit and earrings and pink shoes. A Casey doll was included in the box.

Fashion Paks

Francie had a number of Fashion Pak items in 1967. Pleat Neat dresses—sleeveless shifts with pleated skirts—came in blue, black, pink, red, and pale tan with yellow trim.

Also sold separately for Francie were lingerie, hose and garters, bonnets, scarves, hats, hair accessories, and footwear.

Mod Continued in 1968

1968 was just around the corner—even more hot colors and crazy patterns.

Francie loved "Mod!"

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Susan S Spencer from UK on October 06, 2011:

Another great hub! I love the borderline outfit and I'm wondering if i'm sad for preferring 60's fashions to the stuff we have today. Voted up!