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Funko Pop! Dictionary: Terminology Used by Collectors

VP (Vynyl Pops) likes to collect geeky and funky stuff like Funko Pop! figures. She has a hand boiler!

This is a guide to everything you need to know to get started collecting Funko Pop! vinyls, especially the unique terminology.

This is a guide to everything you need to know to get started collecting Funko Pop! vinyls, especially the unique terminology.

What Are Funko Pop! Vinyl Figures?

Funko Pop! are popular themed vinyl figures that feature big heads, short bodies, and big eyes (surprisingly, they have no mouths). They are very recognizable and come in over 9,000 styles. Collectors and fans of these little figures use some specific terminology that you may not understand if you are a beginner or a newbie. You can learn about the Funko language in this article.

Funko Basics: Sizes and Categories

Did you know that Funko Pop! vinyls come in four sizes? The sizes are:

  • 4" Big-In Box
  • 6" Super
  • 10" Jumbo
  • 19" Mega

These little collectibles are divided into categories such as the following (new categories are frequently added):

Ad Icons




Conan O'Brien



Freddy Funko


Game of Thrones

Harry Potter






My Little Pony


Pop Asia

Pop the Vote




Sesame Street

Sci Fi


Stan Lee

Star Wars


Ugly Dolls


Wreck It Ralph

Funko Pop! Dictionary

If you browse a Funko Pop! online forum or go to a convention, you may see or hear some words you just don't understand. Here's the breakdown of those unique terms you might come across.

  • Animation: non-live action media usually anime or cartoons
  • Black and White: these figures are actually black and white
  • Blind Box/Bag: a box with the inside vinyl hidden (see a mystery)
  • Chase: a Funko Pop! with chase sticker on the box. Usually made in limited quantities and of common Funko design, some are altered a bit by using a different color or prop, the odds of getting one is about 1 in 6.
  • Collectible: anything bought to collect
  • Collector: someone who collects things
  • Comic Con: a pop culture convention
  • Common Pop: a Funko Pop! that can be found at many outlets
  • Convention Exclusive: one that can only be found at a convention, eg: New York Comic Con. If you see one you like, grab it. It won't be around too long
  • Flipper: someone who buys a quantity of vinyls to resell rather than collect, usually at a much higher price than the original cost
  • Flocked: covered with a soft flocking material so it's fuzzy
  • Freddy Funko: the company mascot
  • Funatic: a fan of the Funko products
  • Holy Grail: a very rare Pop! such as a prototype or a one of a kind
  • In Box Collector: a collector who wants his Funko in the box
  • Invisible: these are translucent, not really invisible
  • Mint: perfect condition
  • Mystery Box: the inside Pop! is hidden and it's a surprise to the buyer
  • Pre-Order: to order a Funko before it is actually released to a store
  • Prototype: a design of the figure before it's put into production. These are usually not painted and not intended for sale. Very rare
  • Restock: putting a returned item for sale again or restocking a sold out product
  • Rides: some character vinyl figures are riding a vehicle associated with them
  • Sepia: these figures have a look that resembles old photographs with lots of brownish/reddish hues
  • Variant: the same character vinyl figure with a minor change such as different costumes and sometimes made specifically for different stores
  • Vaulted: a discontinued figure that is more difficult to find
Loki Funko Pop! Variants: They are all Loki, but each one is a little bit different.

Loki Funko Pop! Variants: They are all Loki, but each one is a little bit different.

Funko Pop! Acronym Guide

Here is an explanation of the initials you might see collectors using. These are just shortcuts, so they're easy to understand once you see their meanings.

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  • FS/FSO: for sale/for sale only
  • FT/FTO: for trade/for trade only
  • GITD: glow in the dark
  • HTF: hard to find
  • ISO: in search of
  • LE: limited edition
  • MIB: mint condition in the box
  • NFS: not for sale
  • NFT: not for trade
  • OBO: or best offer
  • OOB: out of box
  • OOS: out of stock
  • PPG: product price guide to see the cost and value of the Pop! to help you with trading, buying, and selling
  • WTB: want to buy
  • WTS: want to sell
  • WTT: want to trade
Hamilton Pop! Broadway

Hamilton Pop! Broadway

Variant Types

  • Chase
  • Flocked
  • Diamond/Glittered
  • Glow In The Dark
  • Metallic
  • Chrome
  • Black Light

Is My Pop! Authentic?

Each figure has a serial number on it. The number is usually on the bottom of the foot, or behind the back of the head. This number is also on the box, so compare them. There should also be a licensing mark. No serial number, or licensing mark, or a poorly made figure probably mean it's not a genuine product.

You can find lots of information about fakes at Pop Collectors Alliance. This site is full of information on how to spot a fake and you can submit your fake's information to help them inform others.

A few things to look out for are:

  1. Price: if it's priced under the PPG, it might not be a smart deal
  2. Serial Number: double check the serial number, all Funko Pop! items have one
  3. Color: if the color on the box or figure looks different or off, it may be a fake
  4. Box Details: if the numbers on the box and figure don't match, don't do it
  5. Unrealistic features: if the eyes or bodies look different than the ones you are familiar with, it may be a fake

On the bottom of the box there is another way to determine if your Pop! is genuine. If you take a look at the bottom of your box you can see some capital letters followed by some numbers. The letters indicate where this figure was made and the numbers are the date it was made in reverse. All Funko figure boxes have this.

Other Pop! Products I Never Knew About

  • Pop! Pens
  • Pocket Pop!
  • Something Wild! Card Game
  • Keychains
  • Ornaments
  • Pez
  • Pins
  • Sockets
  • DIY
  • Pop! & Buddy
  • Watches
  • Deluxe
  • Die Cast
  • Game Cover and Album Covers
  • Rides
  • Trains

I love these vinyl figures and am familiar with the brand, but I had no idea they had this much merchandise. I did know about some stuffed toys and bobbleheads, but this list is full of new ideas for me.

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