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How to Find LEGO Instructions for Assembly Online

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Lego Swim Meet. Custom design winner in Lego Magazine (Brendan Kearney).

Lego Swim Meet. Custom design winner in Lego Magazine (Brendan Kearney).

Have You Lost Your Lego Instructions?

Do you have lots of Lego sets, but you've lost those instruction books? Don't panic. In this article, I give you links to sites that offer free instructions. You can look at these documents online or print them to use while building.

Where to Find Lego Assembly Help

  1. Lego Online Instructions
  2. Brick Instructions
  3. Let's Build It Again
  4. YouTube Lego Assembly Tutorials
  5. Lego Digital Designer

Some of these sites also give you custom-built designs. You can even upload your own pictures and instructions on some of them. Enjoy building!

1. Lego Online Instructions (2002 and Later)

One place to look for instructions is the site: Lego Online Instructions. While this site does not have instructions for all sets, it does have 3300+ building instructions available for sets packed in 2002 or afterward. The instructions are just like the original manuals and are in full color. Moreover, you can print them off. You can search by:

  • Set number
  • Keyword
  • Brand (such as Star Wars or Harry Potter)

2. Brick Instructions

Want instructions for a set from before 2002? Try the searching at Brick Instructions. This user-friendly site is not affiliated with Lego. It is run by Lego fans for other fans. Their goal is to have instructions for as many sets as possible, and they invite other people to submit instructions they might have that aren't yet listed on the site. You can search by:

  • Set number
  • Year set was released
  • Keyword
  • Theme

You can view the assembly instructions online, save them to PDF, or print them to PDF.

Social Connection for Lego Fans

Brick Instructions offers more than just the instructions to build your own sets; this is also a place to connect with other Lego fans. They have a blog and a Facebook page, and they offer periodic contests. Moreover, if they don't have instructions you want, you can email them, and they will try to find them for you.

Find assembly instructions for complicated sets.

Find assembly instructions for complicated sets.

3. Let's Build It Again

Let's Build it Again is dedicated to helping Lego builders of all ages find the assembly instructions they have lost. They get their instructions from fans who upload them, and they focus on the pre-2006 instructions not offered by Lego. They have assembly instructions going back to 1966 and have over 1,400 different instruction books available. You can search by:

  • Set Number
  • Theme

They do not offer downloads, but you can view the instructions on the site or print them out. You can also upload your Kid Creations and watch Lego Movies

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4. YouTube Lego Assembly Tutorials

Another great way to get help in putting your Lego sets together is to look for YouTube videos. In fact, YouTube videos are often better than text instructions because they help you see how the pieces are put together, and some of them feature the builder giving you help along the way. Although these sorts of videos can't be found for every set, they are helpful for the ones you can find.

There are a few different types of helpful videos that we'll take a look at below:

  • Build Videos
  • Stop-Motion Assembly Videos
  • Animated Building Reviews

Build Videos

Some tutorials just show someone building a set themselves. This can be a great way to see how to build something. You can get your own pieces out an build along. It can be especially good for hard sets or for beginners.

Stop-Motion Assembly Videos

Some of the assembly instructions for the bigger sets are stop-motion, so they don't show you the whole build but may give you an idea about whether you would like that set and be able to build it yourself.

Animated Building Reviews

These videos are a review of the set which also shows you how it is built in slow motion animation. They have great up-close pictures of the whole set as well as showing you how it goes together. This series has lots of the most popular sets, especially Star Wars ones.

5. Lego Digital Designer

Using Lego Digital Designer, many people have created online tutorials which show how assembly instructions for all kinds of Lego designs, many of them custom creations. There are also tutorials on how to use Lego Digital Designer to create your own assembly instructions, too!


LEGOdomenick on April 03, 2014:

I will have to check these sites out.

Especially Digital LEGO designers.


Austin Bertrand on August 28, 2013:

Awesome article! I still have all of my old Legos' in my attic at my house. This article brought back so many memories of my childhood. It almost makes me want to get all of my Legos' and start building again since I have these useful websites.

Virginia Kearney (author) from United States on June 01, 2013:

These websites really do make owning Legos more fun. Of course it would be easier if kids kept all the instructions together with the set but making your own creations is part of the fun. But my son Brendan has made some good money from finding those directions, putting sets together and selling them on brick link. He also just likes having the sets put together for display.

Eric Dockett from USA on June 01, 2013:

Very useful info! I have a big container of stray Lego from when I was a kid. Who knows how many different sets are in there. It would be cool to get some instructions and see what I could rebuild! I'd probably get to the end and find out I'm missing one piece.

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