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How to Wash, Clean, and Curl My Little Pony Hair

Curled My Little Pony hair

Curled My Little Pony hair

If you collect and/or sell My Little Pony figures, you know that it's difficult to keep them clean and presentable. One of the first and most noticeable parts of the pony to get messed up is the hair. Even the most matted and knotted hair can be washed and curled if you have the patience. I've only tried this with vintage My Little Ponies (from the 1980s), but I believe it will work on the newer models, as well.

I've never used heat to curl My Little Pony hair, and I don't recommend it. It may damage the pony. You will need the following materials.


  • Gentle shampoo
  • Gentle conditioner
  • Brush or comb
  • Several pencils (or straws or curlers)
  • Very small hair clips

Step 1: Rinse and Shampoo

  • Rinse the hair thoroughly with lukewarm water. You don't want the water to be hot, as this may damage the pony.
  • Use your fingers to smooth the hair and remove the tangles as much as possible.
  • If possible, try to run a comb or brush through the hair, starting at the ends and working your way up. If the hair is too tangled for that, don't force it, as you could pull the hairs right off.

This step is optional, depending on the condition of the hair: If the hair is dirty, then you may want to use a gentle shampoo. Not all ponies need this treatment; you can decide if the pony hair is messy or just tangled. If you choose to shampoo, squeeze a small dollop of shampoo on your fingers, then run it through the hair with your fingers to lather it. Be gentle. Then rinse the hair thoroughly, again with warm water.

Step 2: Conditioner and Curling

Now it's time for conditioner.

  • Squeeze a dollop of conditioner onto your fingers and run it through the pony's hair. You won't need much, although the exact amount depends on how matted the hair is.
  • Make sure the conditioner is run all through the hair, and then brush or comb it with the conditioner still in it. The hair should be slick and easier to remove the tangles.
  • Avoid pulling too hard, and start at the ends of the hair and work your way to the roots.
  • Once all the tangles are removed, rinse the conditioner out of the hair, running your fingers through the hair under the water.
  • Very gently, squeeze excess water out of the hair.

Here's the fun part: the curling! You will need several pencils (or other thin, tube-shaped object such as a straw or even actual curlers) and several clips to hold the pencils in place.

  • The number of pencils and clips depends on how many ringlets you want in the mane and/or tail.
  • For every curl, wrap a section of hair around the pencil and clip it in place. You will probably need two clips for each pencil.
The curling process. This person used straws instead of pencils. (image source:

The curling process. This person used straws instead of pencils. (image source:

Step 3: Waiting and Removal

Now is the hardest part... the waiting!

  • Place your pony, standing upright if possible, in a place where pets and children can't reach. Then you must be patient and wait for the wet, curling hair to dry!
  • Once the hair is dry, remove the clips and pencils very carefully. The curls should stay.
  • Do not brush the hair! This will remove the curls!

Avoid playing with the curls too much, because we haven't used heat, and thus the curls will not last forever. But now you have a beautiful pony with shiny curls that looks great on display (or in an eBay listing!). If you mess up the first time, there's no harm done (unless you've pulled out the hair). Just try the process again!

Note: My Little Ponies that were originally curled by the factory will curl more easily and stay in longer. It's still possible to curl hair that was originally straight, but the curl may not take quite as well.

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Dry, curled My Little Pony hair! Don't they look pretty?

Dry, curled My Little Pony hair! Don't they look pretty?


mindy on January 02, 2016:

I use baby oil in doll or my little pony hair then wash it out with shampoo to give dull hair shine again. Do you know is is safe for them in the long run? I made the mistake of using vegetable oil once and it ruined a dolls hair.

Mlpfan8 on April 06, 2015:

Really helpful. My Lyra looks gorgeous now!

Brony on April 29, 2012:

XD I am a dude who has a G4 toy. Her hair became messed up. Thanks for this.

Crystal Tatum from Georgia on March 15, 2012:

This is such a cute hub, and the pic of the poor pony with pencils in her hair is quite funny. What we women have to endure for beauty! The advice not to use heat for curling is right on, I would say, at least based on my experience with attempting to curl a Barbie doll's hair during my childhood. It ruined her hair and the curling iron!

Rainbow Dash on March 27, 2011:

I found an easier way to recurl the hair. I used straw's and boby pins. First wet the hair wth a damp cloth or paper towel. To hold the hair around the straw, stick the pin through the straw. Wait a few seconds or longer if you want them really noticeable. Repeat for every curl. I used this on a 4th Generation pony (Rarity, this being her I used the opportunity to pretend she was in her boutique curling her hair)

(the human version of) Fluttershy on February 13, 2011:

As the author wrote, it's actually really bad to use heat on the synthetic hair of toys like MLPs or Barbie. It's because the hair is made out of plastic, and will literally melt under a hair dryer or iron.

I learned this when I was eight-years old and tried to crimp my Stacie doll's hair. o.o; Oh, boy was that a mess.

I'm so glad I found this article, as I've recently started recollecting My Little Pony and wanted to learn how to curl their hair without burning it off like what happened to poor Stacie.

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