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LEGO Star Wars 2010

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An AFOL. I love talking about, creating and playing with LEGO bricks.

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back, LEGO would create many sets based on the Star Wars: Episode V movie.

ARC-170 Starfighter

Item #: 8088
Affiliation: Episode III
Ages: 8–14
Pieces: 396

  1. Kit Fisto
  2. Captain Jag
  3. Clone Pilot
  4. R4-P44

The Aggressive ReConnaissance 170 Starfighter was used by the Republic as both a fighter and bomber. Their laser cannons were larger than the standard starfighter, which made them useful as an escort for smaller fighters.

Although this is a new design, there are many similarities between this set and the ARC-170 Starfighter 7259 released in 2005. That includes having the same number of pieces. This model has three opening cockpits. As the predecessor to the X-Wing fighter, the ARC-170 Fighter also had opening S-foil wings. There is a TECHNIC rod in the back that can be turned to open the wings or pushed to launch the two flick-fire missiles. The rear cannon was given two barrels, instead of the single barrel used in the original model.

AT-AT Walker

Item #: 8129
Affiliation: Episode V–VI
Ages: 9–14
Pieces: 815

  1. General Veers
  2. AT-AT Pilot
  3. Snowtrooper (2)
  4. Luke Skywalker (Pilot)
  5. Han Solo
  6. C-3PO
  7. Rebel Hoth Trooper

The All Terrain Armored Transport was designed to instill terror into the enemy. It also captivated movie audiences and became one of the most iconic vehicles from the Empire Strikes Back. The AT-AT stood an impressive 22.5 meters tall, but LEGO only made their model a little over 12” tall.

This would be the third System Scale set of the Imperial Walker. The legs can be placed in different positions, to give the illusion of walking. The neck and guns can also be moved into different poses. Both sides of the body open to allow access to the troop platform. This area has seats for additional minifigures and room for weapons storage.

To give this impressive vehicle something to fight, the set also came with a Rebel turret. A platform on the back of the turret allowed a minifigure to move the gun up, down or rotate it around the base.

This set was prized by collectors. The Han Solo, Luke Skywalker and General Veers minifigures were exclusive to this set. Although widely available, some countries only had it at their local Toys "R" Us shops.

Cad Bane’s Speeder

Item #: 8128
Affiliation: Clone Wars
Ages: 7–12
Pieces: 318

  1. Cad Bane
  2. Shahan Alama
  3. Elite Assassin Droid
  4. Senate Commando Captain
  5. Senate Commando

This set is based on Season 1, Episode 22 of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Hostage Crisis would be the last episode of the season. The story had Cad Bane and a group of bounty hunters taking control of the Senate Building, in hopes of exchanging their hostages for crime lord Ziro.

This is not actually Cad Bane’s Speeder, but one of the airspeeder used to transport him and his attack party to the Senate Building. Since he needed a large raiding party, the model can fit six minifigures. The four back passenger seats are equipped with weapon holders. There is also a trunk in the back of the vehicle for additional storage. The speeder is armed with dual flick-fire missiles on both sides. These missiles also act as the headlights.

The box puts the age range from 7 to 12 years old, but claims you can be 8 to 14. Once you hit 15 years old, you are out of luck. Sorry! This special edition set was a Target exclusive. To make it even more of a collectable, the Senate Commando Captain and Shahan Alama minifigure were only available in this set.

Clone Turbo Tank

Item #: 8098
Affiliation: Clone Wars
Ages: 9–14
Pieces: 1,141

  1. Anakin Skywalker (Clone Wars)
  2. Ahsoka Tano
  3. Aayla Secura
  4. Cad Bane
  5. Clone Trooper (2)

The Heavy Assault Vehicle/Wheeled A6 Juggernaut is a heavy assault tank that could carry personnel and smaller vehicles into battle, as well as effectively join in the fighting. The Clone Turbo Tank can carry 300 troops into the battlefield. It required 12 people to operate, but an automatic system could reduce that number to two.

Several Clone Turbo Tanks have been released since LEGO started their Star Wars Theme building sets and each time they get more and more detailed. This version has 10 wheels with pivoting axles, so that it can roll over small obstacles without getting stuck. It obviously had the automatic features, because it only fits two minifigure pilots. The two cockpits’ roofs can be opened to seat one minifigure each. The roof on the main body had two movable laser turrets. The engine is located near the center, behind two panels that open.

The larger side doors can be opened to expose the inner compartment. This large area is used to store the Command Centre and Scout Walker included in the set. A retractable handle was incorporated into the design. It allows the tank to be picked up by the Dropship from the Republic Dropship With AT-OT Walker 10195 building set. If you do not own this other set, the handle can still be used to pick it up.

The Command Centre was designed for two minifigures. It has two sets of computer screens and levers. It’s small design allows it to fit comfortably in the Clone Turbo Tank and be portable in the battlefield.

The Scout Walker has a smaller design than previous models, so it could fit inside this model of the Clone Turbo Tank. It still has room for one minifigure to sit at the controls and the legs can be moved into different positions.

Droid Tri-Fighter

Item #: 8086
Affiliation: Episode III
Ages: 7–12
Pieces: 268

  1. Rocket Droid Commander
  2. Rocket Battle Droid (2)

The Droid Tri-Fighter was the Confederacy's answer to dogfights against the Republics starfighters. These fighters were not given a lot of gimmicks. They were fast, agile and packed with firepower. This model was equipped with flick-fire bombs. The ball of the ship could be opened and fit a Rocket Battle Droid minifigure inside. The Rocket Battle Droids were given jet packs and the Rocket Droid Commander was exclusive to this set.

General Grievous Starfighter

Item #: 8095
Affiliation: Clone Wars
Ages: 8–14
Pieces: 454

  1. General Grievous (Clone Wars)
  2. Nahdar Vebb
  3. A4-D

The Soulless One was General Grievous' personal starfighter. It was a modified Belbullab-22 Starfighter. These vessels already had a powerful arsenal, but Grievous added an onboard Holonet transceiver and a hyperdrive to expand its reach around the galaxy.

This is the second time LEGO releases the Soulless 1, but they updated and added new features. The cockpit’s windshield can be slid open to seat one minifigure, but Grievous' two outer arms must be removed in order for him to fit inside. Two blaster cannons between the wings can be rotated to a completely vertical position. The wings have hidden hatches that each contain two armed flick-fire missiles. There is a larger missile located underneath the ship. The stabilizer wing in the back extends or retracts for either landing or flight mode.

The inside compartment has a medical center, with a rotating chair for Grievous to be worked on. This is important, since he must remove two arms every time he flies the Soulless One.