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LEGO Vikings Building Set List

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LEGO Vikings Logo

LEGO Vikings Logo

About the LEGO Vikings Theme

The Vikings LEGO theme was based on Norse mythology and the ancient Scandinavian warriors associated with the legends. The stories revolve around a warrior or group of Vikings fighting a single monster. The theme was introduced in 2005 as a filler between the recently discontinued Knights' Kingdom II series and the planned 2007 release of the new Castle theme.

However, the use of a culture based outside the traditional European history proved extremely successful, and it remained on store shelves a year longer than originally planned. It was discontinued in 2007 and overlapped with the Castle line. In fact, most of the Viking sets were later re-imagined to fit within the Castle series.

New Bricks in the Vikings Sets

To create the iconic look of a Viking warrior, LEGO released the fabled horned helmets for the first time. Many of the Viking minifigure faces were also first introduced in this theme. The other LEGO piece making its debut was the battle axe blade. To help set the monsters apart from the human minifigures, the creatures were assembled in a BIONICLE style.

As you read about the individual sets, you may notice that the Viking theme has the record for the longest set names.

Building Set List for the LEGO Vikings Theme

  • Army of Vikings With Heavy Artillery Wagon
  • Viking Boat Against the Wyvern Dragon
  • Viking Catapult vs. the Nidhogg Dragon
  • Viking Double Catapult vs. the Armoured Ofnir Dragon
  • Viking Fortress Against the Fafnir Dragon
  • Viking Warrior Challenges the Fenris Wolf
  • Viking Chess Set
  • Viking Ship Challenges the Midgard Serpent

Army of Vikings With Heavy Artillery Wagon

Item #: 7020
Year: 2006
Ages: 7–14
Pieces: 312

  • Viking Leader
  • Viking Warriors (6)

This is the only Viking building set to not include a monster, but it does have the most minifigures. Their leader is identified by his golden helmet. The large artillery wagon can be pulled into the correct position thanks to its wheels. There is a turning rod in the back, and it can fire six flick-fire missiles (flaming arrows) individually. The minifigures are additionally armed with swords, spears and shields.

Viking Boat Against the Wyvern Dragon

Item #: 7016
Year: 2005
Ages: 7–14
Pieces: 112
Minifigures: Viking Warriors (2)

According to different legends, the wyvern dragon could either breath fire or had a poisonous bite. It could also be described as having two legs or none. All versions had a scaled reptilian body, wings and a barbed tail.

Today, the model itself does not appear special, but it is extremely desirable to LEGO collectors. This is not only the first wyvern in LEGO history, but also the first dragon to not come from a single mold. Builders assemble the dragon from several pieces, including TECHNIC parts. The Viking boat was also the smallest sailing ship in LEGO history.

Viking Catapult vs. the Nidhogg Dragon

Item #: 7017
Year: 2005
Ages: 7–14
Pieces: 225
Minifigures: Viking Warriors (2)

The Níðhöggr was an evil dragon in Norse mythology. This creature chewed at the roots of Yggdrasil, the world tree. It fed on the corpses in Náströnd, which was where the worst criminals went after they died. Today, it would be considered the lowest circle of Hell.

The catapult model is actually a large crossbow with a shielded front. To shoot the dragon out of the air, it is armed with three flick-fire arrows. Two horned spikes protect the front from being charged. The set comes with a small treasure chest to store the Vikings' plunder.

Viking Double Catapult vs. the Armoured Ofnir Dragon

Item #: 7021
Year: 2006
Ages: 7–14
Pieces: 505
Minifigures: Viking Warriors (3)

Ofnir is briefly mentioned with a list of other serpent dragons in the Skáldskaparmál section of the Prose Edda Snorri.

To take down the Ofnir wearing armour, the Vikings will need something more powerful than arrows. The double catapult uses TECHNIC pieces, allowing it to launch a BURP (big ugly rock piece) into the air and at the dragon. The catapult is well protected with spears and tusks sticking out the front. One unlucky Viking gets to try and hold the dragon in place with a chain.

Viking Fortress Against the Fafnir Dragon

Item #: 7019
Year: 2005
Ages: 7–14
Pieces: 1019

  • Viking Chief
  • Viking Warriors (5)

Fáfnir was one of three children to the dwarf king Hreidmar. He was the strongest and bravest of his brothers. Fáfnir murdered his father, in order to steal the gold of Andvari and the ring of Andavaranaut. With these cursed items in his possession, he went into the wilderness and turned into a dragon. He breathed poison onto the land around him to protect himself and the treasure.

The wooden Viking fortress is the largest building set in the series. The walls encircled the grounds in an octagon and a large gate made of LEGO plates allowed access in and out of the complex. A large cage in the back could hold a small dragon prisoner. Above the cage, a big rotating catapult can launch BURPs into the air. Two smaller rotating catapults are located on the side palisades. The set comes with a small and large dragon. These serpents are mostly built with TECHNIC and BIONICLE pieces.

Viking Warrior Challenges the Fenris Wolf

Item #: 7015
Year: 2005
Ages: 7–14
Pieces: 76
Minifigures: Viking Warrior

Fenrir is the son of Loki and the father of the wolves Sköll and Hati Hróðvitnisson. Norse myth says that Fenrir would kill Odin during Ragnarök and then be slain by Odin's son Víðarr.

This is the smallest set in the Viking theme and most of its 76 pieces are used for assembling the large Fenris wolf. A lone Viking warrior armed with an axe, sword and shield is battling the monstrous wolf capable of killing gods. Good luck!

Viking Chess Set

Item #: G577
Year: 2006
Ages: 6+
Pieces: 179

  • Viking King (2)
  • Viking Queen (2)
  • Viking Bishop (4)
  • Viking Knight (4)
  • Viking Castle (4)
  • Viking Pawn

The Viking Chess Set was released under the System scale, meaning it used standard sized LEGO pieces built to Minifigure scale. However, the only thing to assemble are the Minifigure chess pieces, because the board came glued together.

The pawns in the game are Viking warriors with an axe or spear. The rooks are towers glued together, with their teams flag on them. Rather than use a horse for the knight, LEGO placed a horse helmet on a stand. As a warrior culture, the bishops are armed with two swords. The Kings are decked out in golden helmets and swords. They also have capes and shields. The grey-haired queens have capes and battle axes.

Viking Ship Challenges the Midgard Serpent

Item #: 7018
Year: 2005
Ages: 7–14
Pieces: 578

  • Viking King
  • Viking Warriors (5)

Jörmungandr was also known as the Midgard Serpent or World Serpent. This sea serpent is the middle child of Loki and the giantess Angrboða. Odin threw Jörmungandr into the ocean encircling Midgard. It is said that Jörmungandr grew large enough to wrap around the Earth and grab its own tail.

The construction of the two models in this set are basic in their designs. However, it would be the first galley ship and sea serpent released by LEGO. The ship had a turret capable of launching flick-fire arrows and a grill to cook the meat of whatever animal they killed.




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