Life in the 1970s

Updated on July 19, 2020
Look at the View
Look at the View | Source

1970's Vintage Photographs

Vintage Photographs are becoming a collectors item. Old Black and White Photographs become more rare with time, and can depict some of the greatest times in History. Here I share with you 10 vintage photographs from my late Fathers collection, taken in April of 1972.

Smoke Stack

A man exhales smoke as it is trapped in his hair. In modern times this Photo would be an Instagram hit. His Afro completely depicts a sought after hair style at the time and he rocks it perfectly. The texture of his hair mixed with the stagnant smoke, makes me wonder....if he has done this before? He dawns a striped shirt while possibly laughing and conversing with friends no doubt he was the life of the party.

Smoke Stack
Smoke Stack | Source


A group of friends Lounge together. Notice the man on the far left wearing a Corduroy Blazer and ribbon wrapped hat that a thrift shopper would die for. The woman in the middle smokes on a pipe while wearing a short dark top hat. A man wearing a vintage Disney hat and shaggy long blond hair smirks at the picture taker. The Afro sporting man in the back round is resting a goofy stuffed animal on his shoulder. They all look pretty comfortable, depicting the peace love era pretty well. It could be a pretty rad band cover photo don't you think?

Lounging | Source

Clarinet Flames

Thanks to a reader for identifying the man in this photograph as vocalist Ian Anderson of the Band Jethro Tull. The man grips a clarinet or flute while seemingly battling flames. He yells as his red curly locks fall across his face. The blue floral dress shirt is accompanied by a plaid flannel jacket. The clash of patterns and colors are totally indicative of 1970’s fashion. Jethro Tull was a favorite band amongst party goers, and toured regularly in the U.S.



A group of friends pose for a photo with a giant cowboy statute in front of a barn. The three females all wearing bell bottom jeans, with long flowing hair. More corduroy, button up blazer like jackets are spotted in this group. The young lady in the front row is wearing a fringe decorated poncho that has recently tried to come back into fashion. The group in this photo perfectly depicts the “long hair don’t care,” era and they look like a lot of fun. Maybe they were meeting at a saloon or eatery ? Does anyone recognize the Cowboy Statue in this Photo?

Celebrating | Source


The 70’s were full of long shaggy hair , corduroy , blouses, bell bottoms and lots of plaid!


A large group of young people crowded together seem like they are watching a concert or listening to a speech. Plaid patterns dominate this photo, at least five or six plaid shirts can be spotted in the crowd. The handsome man in the middle wearing a stunning jean jacket with a orange brown corduroy collar atop a plaid shirt and white sweater. The young men in front hug their knees while sitting. Nearly all are sporting long shaggy hair , a young lady in the foreground has a small barrette in her hair as she looks back at the two sitting men.

Plaid | Source

Wide Eyed

A young man gives a wide eyed look to the photographer. He wears a pinstripe dress shirt he seems to be untucking it from his pants. I love his sideburn chops and the Mandela type tapestry hanging on the wall in the background. His friend stands behind him also wearing a plaid dress shirt tucked into his waistband while leaning against the wall and his other hand on his hip. Makes me think they were getting ready for a night of fun.

Wide Eyed
Wide Eyed | Source

Funny Faces

A small group of friends makes funny faces to the camera. Sitting in what seems to be their living room, goofing off and having a good time. The man on the far right sticks a cigarette in his nose. The man standing in the back is my Father “Wild Bill,” who , from this photo, I’m positive was just as wild as they say.

Funny Faces
Funny Faces | Source


A baby monkey reaches down to touch the hand of a beautiful young woman. The sun beams shine through the foliage as she reaches her hand to meet the small creature. She wears a flowing white blouse with petite blue embroidery around the collar. Peacefulness embodies this photograph showing a respect and love for all creatures.

Rainforest | Source

I hope you sincerely enjoyed these 10 unseen vintage 1970’s photographs as much as I did. I’m a firm believer old photographs like this should be shared and enjoyed so they are not forgotten with time.


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    • JNalbach419 profile imageAUTHOR

      Justine Nalbach 

      3 weeks ago from Michigan

      Thanks James! I had no idea that was Ian Anderson , thanks for identifying him! How cool

    • James A Watkins profile image

      James A Watkins 

      3 weeks ago from Chicago

      I loved your photo gallery and commentary. It was a fun journey back to my youth. Thank you. It was a pleasure to see Ian Anderson, as well.


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