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Pokémon Center Lillie Nendoroid Review

Jennifer Wilber holds a B.A. in English and an Associate's in Computer Game and Simulation Design. She is a life-long gamer.

Pokémon Center Lillie and Nebby Nendoroid

Pokémon Center Lillie and Nebby Nendoroid

What Is a Nendoroid?

Nendoroids are collectible poseable figurines made by the Japanese company Good Smile. The characters are “super deformed” or “chibi” variants of characters from popular anime, video games, and several other types of media. They feature interchangeable faces, arms, legs, and accessories so that you can create a nearly infinite variety of different poses. They were originally only available in Japan, so collectors outside of Japan had to import them, but certain Nendoroids are now available to purchase directly in the United States. The Pokémon characters are available directly from the US Pokémon Center website. Nendoroids can also be purchased on Amazon and from various other US retailers.

Pokémon Center Lillie Nendoroid Overview

My most recent Nendoroid purchase is Lillie from Pokémon Sun and Moon. I preordered her from the Pokémon Center website back in July, and she finally arrived on New Year's Eve (thanks USPS for Sunday delivery!). She came with her Cosmog companion, Nebby, who still refuses to get in the bag.

In addition to Nebby, Lillie came with several accessories. She has the duffle bag that she carries in the games, in which she unsuccessfully attempts to get Nebby to stay. She also has her hat, which is removable. I also got a Pokédoll accessory with my Lillie Nendoroid because I preordered her from the Pokémon Center website. Collectors who preordered her from Good Smile got a potion bottle accessory instead.

As with most Nendoroid figures, Lillie also has extra interchangeable faceplates and arms. I prefer the smiling face, but she was shipped with her serious face as the default faceplate. She also came with a laughing face in which her eyes are closed. One of the extra arms has a peg that can be used to allow her to hold Nebby or the Pokédoll (or the potion bottle if you have the Good Smile preorder version).

What’s Good About This Nendoroid?

This Nendoroid is super adorable, and she feels very high quality. Her arm and leg pegs feel tight, and I haven’t had any issues with her limbs randomly falling off, which is a common problem with a few of the other Nendoroids I own. She also stays on the stand well, and I haven’t had any issues with her falling off. The paint application looks amazing, and I haven’t noticed any paint application errors. She looks great and is an excellent addition to my Pokémon Nendoroid collection.

What’s Bad About This Nendoroid?

The main thing I dislike about this figure is that her hat has a tendency to fall off. Nendoroids usually have pegs to keep all of their accessories attached, but Lillie’s hat just sits on top of her head. Good Smile likely made this choice to prevent a visible hole or peg on her head if you want to display her without the hat, but I would prefer it if there was something to hold her hat onto her head, so it doesn’t fall off if the shelf she sits on gets bumped. It isn’t a huge deal if you display your Nendoroids somewhere where you won’t accidentally knock them over.

Lillie also didn’t come with as many accessories as some other Nendoroids. She only has Nebby, her hat, and her bag, plus the preorder bonus Pokédoll. She also doesn’t have any extra legs to display her in different poses. I’ve noticed the Pokémon Center Nendoroids in general seem to come with fewer accessories than some of the other Nendoroids from other series.

A Final Word

Overall, this is a Nendoroid worth adding to your collection if you enjoy Pokémon and Nendoroid figures. She is well-made, painted well, and comes with a few cute accessories, even if she doesn’t have very many. She is a must-have if you are collecting all of the Pokémon Center Nendoroids.

Lillie is currently sold out on the Pokémon Center website at the time of this review, but she is still available on Amazon. The Pokémon Center website does tend to get out-of-stock Nendoroids back in stock, however. If you don’t want to wait to see if the Pokémon Center will restock her, it might be worth looking into Amazon.


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