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Review of McFarlane Toys' "Warhammer 40,000" Blood Angel Primaris Space Marine Hellblaster 7' Action Figure

I'm an avid weapons collector. Whether it be blades, blunt weapons, or ranged weaponry, I have a little bit of everything in my collection.

He's big, he's bad, he's a Hellblaster!

He's big, he's bad, he's a Hellblaster!

As the popularity of Warhammer 40,000 continues to grow rampantly, so does my interest in collecting everything that the franchise can throw at me. Books, action figures, miniatures, posters, tapestries . . . at this point myself and many others have been sucked in with no end in sight. That being said, my current interest lies in the action figures that McFarlane Toys is pumping out for fans and laymen alike!

A recent purchase of mine was the Blood Angel Primaris Space Marine Hellblaster, and he is a very welcome addition to my collection. Before I get into ranting and raving about him, though, let's hit up some details from the manufacturers.

Manufacturer Specs

  • Incredibly detailed 7” scale figures based on the Warhammer 40k franchise
  • Designed with Ultra Articulation with up to 22 moving parts for full range of posing
  • This Primaris Space Marine Hellblaster dons the Red armor of the Blood Angels Chapter
  • Includes an Assault Plasma Incinerator, and a base
  • Figure is showcased in Warhammer McFarlane Gold Label Series themed window box packaging

"Imperial observers have likened the fire of a Hellblaster Squad to the incinerating power of a stellar flare. Bolt after bolt of plasma sears across the battlefield; those caught in the Hellblasters’ sights are swiftly annihilated, their armor blasted to ash and their flesh and bone to glowing motes.

Even armored fighting vehicles are swiftly reduced to heaps of metallic slag. Deployed at the correct point and time, a single Hellblaster Squad can blunt the thundering assault of an armored spearhead or lay low even the most titanic alien fiend."

He is very basic, but I love how sturdy and clunky the Hellblaster is!

He is very basic, but I love how sturdy and clunky the Hellblaster is!

My Personal Take on the Blood Angel Primaris Space Marine Hellblaster

Let me start out this review by telling you that I absolutely love what McFarlane Toys has done with the Space Marines action figures it is dishing out. I've never had an action figure that was so sturdy but also versatile and able to be roughhoused with. Though they always recommend you to be 12 years or older to play with this action figure, I let my 2-year-old son put it through its paces with no damage sustained, barring a few superficial scratches.

Perhaps it is the little boy in me speaking, but sitting on the floor and posing my Blood Angel Primaris Space Marine Hellblaster is super fun. Despite being a brick made of armor, the versatility of posing and movement for this action figure makes it an absolute joy to handle and play with. From one end of the room to the other, my son and I have been pitting him up against dinosaurs, monster trucks, and even other Space Marines just for fun, and at no point could I find any meaningful problems to complain about.

Perhaps it is the utter simplicity in the design of the action figure itself, much like the Primaris Space Marine Hellblaster Artist Proof, that I enjoy most. There are no tiny pieces, complicated assemblies, nor awkward additions that I need to worry about when handling the action figure. It's straightforward, simplistic, and most of all, it is versatile in its movement without being fragile.

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Unlike the Ultramarines Primaris Assault Intercessor, however, this model is suffering from a minor problem I'd like to point out for everyone.

The Negatives

There is only one negative I can find as it concerns the Blood Angel Primaris Space Marine Hellblaster, and that issue would have to be the thinness and flexibility of the hands. The hands and fingers on the Hellblaster are much thinner than those on the Assault Intercessor, and this has led me to the issue of his weapon being near-unwieldable. Yes, you heard me right; his weapon has been falling out of his hands with no remedy.

My chief complaint with the Assault Intercessor was that his weapons were too thick, and his hands were too rigid to get them in easily, risking the breaking of the fingers. Now I am having a similar problem with the Hellblaster, but this time the hands are way too thin and soft while the grip of the weapon is too large. If you look at the picture above, you'll see that the Hellblaster is only barely within the fingertips of the action figure, and if I fiddle with him too much, the vibrations alone cause the Hellblaster to slip from his grip.

Under these circumstances, I have found that I actually prefer the stiffness of the Assault Intercessor's hands because at least now that I have his weapons equipped, I never have to worry about them accidentally falling out. Versatility of posing is mildly limited with the Hellblaster because of how loose the grip is, though, and it makes me sad I even have to complain about it. Perhaps in the future, we will see a healthy medium between rigidity and unhealthy flexibility in the hands of our Space Marine action figures.

Nonetheless, a very minuscule problem and only one within all the praise I could share about the Blood Angel Primaris Space Marine Intercessor.

Look at him in all his glory. Why haven't you bought one yet?

Look at him in all his glory. Why haven't you bought one yet?

Final Verdict: An Excellent Addition to Any Action Figure Collection

If you are looking for something to add to your Warhammer 40,000 collection, or even just looking for something cool to introduce your younger kids to, then look no further than the Blood Angel Primaris Space Marine Hellblaster.

The popularity of Warhammer is growing exponentially with each passing day, and the prices aren't going to be getting any lower than they are now. One of the biggest draws to the franchise and the action figures themselves is that you don't have to delve into every facet of the franchise to find a niche that applies to you personally.

The Hellblaster, for any action figure collector, provides a wonderful source of entertainment, inspiration, and decoration. As I look at him sitting menacingly on my shelf staring back at me, I can't help but want to see more of what McFarlane Toys can produce in the way of Warhammer action figures. Luckily, I've already purchased my copies of the Hellblaster to tide me over until the next wave releases.

If you don't go up to the links provided in my review above and purchase yourself one of these action figures right now, then you have my sympathy for missing out!

© 2021 Kyler J Falk

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