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What You Forgot About Charmmy Kitty

Born in 1986, this '80s baby and '90s kid remembers the colorful and naughty side of millennial youth.

Hello Kitty, Charmmy, and Sugar

Hello Kitty, Charmmy, and Sugar

A Kitten for the New Millennium

Hello Kitty has enjoyed several anime shows, a 1980s DiC cartanime (cartoon + anime), video games, and plenty of memorabilia since first charming our hearts in 1974. While most of that time has been spent making friends young and old, there have been a few, rare instances where, by complete accident, Hello Kitty—or Kitty White, as her paperwork shows—has stirred up a little playful controversy.

One bit of playful controversy comes from Hello Kitty first having Tuxedo Sam as a boyfriend in the DiC cartanime Hello Kitty's Furry Tales, only to replace him in 1999 with Dear Daniel—a kitten her own age and her own species.

However, she's also had a bit of confusion and intrigue right in her own family. Surprisingly, it all started with a little kitten.

The Hello Kitty Kitties

The Hello Kitty Kitties

Yes, Hello Kitty Has a Pet Kitten

In 2004, Sanrio introduced the world to Charmmy Kitty, the official pet kitten of Hello Kitty. Given as a gift by Hello Kitty and Mimmy's father George (who shares a name with Barbie's father), this kitten's official birthday falls on Halloween, October 31st, while her owner's birthday is on All Saints Day, November 1st.

Under normal circumstances, getting a pet kitten as a Halloween/pre-birthday present sounds pretty nice, but there is a giant problem.

Hello Kitty is a kitty, from a family of kitties.

Parents were quick to point out that if a kitty owns a pet kitty, then this is kitty slavery, and that's a very big no-no that puts George and Hello Kitty in a very naughty light. The issue was so problematic that, for the next ten years, parents would comment back and forth on social media, debating about whether or not Hello Kitty is a child slave owner.

Is She a Kitty or Not?

Things got so out of hand that Sanrio in 2014 tried to quell the long-standing dispute by saying that Hello Kitty and her family are not cats, and that Hello Kitty is just a 3rd grader. This backfired, with people asking if this means she is human, and Sanrio had to clarify that she is also not human at all. Could this mean she is an alien?

Well, realizing that this was only creating more confusion, Sanrio reverted back to referring to Hello Kitty and her family as kitties. By this time, they had already slowed down on anything new for Charmmy Kitty, and, as of this writing, most of Charmmy Kitty's newest merchandise has been Japan-only, save but for a few trinkets here and there.

Charmmy and Honey Cute

Charmmy and Honey Cute

Charmmy Kitty Has a Baby Sister

Not too long after Charmmy Kitty began confusing Hello Kitty fans, Sanrio surprised the world with Honey Cute, Charmmy Kitty's sugary pink baby sister, born on September 23rd. A little smaller than the petite Charmmy Kitty, Honey Cute has pink bows over each ear and a tiny heart bracelet over her right paw.

As surprising as it is to find out that Hello Kitty has a pet kitten, it's even more surprising to find out that nobody in Hello Kitty's family has ever adopted Honey Cute. Yes, this younger kitten is never listed on any official Sanrio website or in any official book or product as being owned by Hello Kitty. She is completely on her own, despite being so much younger than her sister—an uncharacteristically cruel move in a franchise that is based on togetherness.

Also shocking is the limited number of products with her on them. Yes, Honey Cute does have a few plushies and figures, but not nearly as many as Charmmy Kitty and definitely not to the magnitude of Hello Kitty.

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As a consolation prize, however, Honey Cute does appear in official Sanrio anime shows with her sister: Charmmy and Friends and Charmmy in Wonderland.

Charmmy, Honey Cute, and Sugar

Charmmy, Honey Cute, and Sugar

Charmmy Kitty Also Has Her Own Pet

More surprising than finding out that Charmmy Kitty has a baby sister Hello Kitty has yet to adopt is this fact: Charmmy—herself a pet—has her own pet hamster.

Sugar was a gift to Charmmy Kitty from Dear Daniel, Hello Kitty's current and longtime boyfriend. His birthday is May 1st, just two days before Dear Daniel's birthday on May 3rd, and, unlike Honey Cute, Sugar fared much better in the merchandise department. He appears on the same amount of products as Charmmy Kitty and with his very own line of friends. A few times, he even appears by himself.

As the years moved on, however, Sugar was treated less as a pet and more as a friend by Charmmy. To this day, he is listed as being her best friend, with all previous mentions of her having to take care of him being removed. While the official reason for this isn't clear, being the pet of a pet must have been rather strange for Sugar.

Currently, products for Charmmy Kitty, Honey Cute, and Sugar are a little on the scarce side, with no public plans to reunite the trio with Hello Kitty in any future anime. On the rare occasion they are brought out, it seems as though they now exist in their own sub-genre of the Hello Kitty multiverse. For the sake of confused parents everywhere, that may just be for the best.

Still, we shouldn't forget about the time Hello Kitty owned one of her own, even if Charmmy Kitty does seem a little less evolved and still walks on all fours.

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Koriander Bullard (author) from Michigan City on February 16, 2021:

Thank you! And you know? Mewkledreamy does look quite a bit like she should have been with Charmmy and Honey Cute.

Nigel Kirk from Calgary, AB, CAN on February 16, 2021:

It looks like they recycled some elements of Charmmy and Sugar's design for their new franchise "Mewkledreamy."

Good article. I totally forgot about Charmmy!

Cheryl E Preston from Roanoke on February 15, 2021:

Yes I forgot

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