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A Quick and Easy Way to Display Your Postcards

I have been collecting postcards all my life—just like my father did before me. I now have many thousands of them, both vintage and modern.

Want to Display Your Holiday Cards?

Yes, I have thousands and thousands of postcards, and most of them are safely stored in albums or boxes and divided into themes or collections. I wanted to find a way to show off a few of the more individual ones that appeal to my eye but don't fit into a specific collection. This simple, speedy and effective display project works well for postcards, holiday greeting cards, or photos.

I wouldn't for one minute suggest you use this method of displaying vintage, antique or otherwise precious postcards because it involves putting holes in them. If you have some cards that are attractive but not too special or valuable, this method is very effective.


Why Display Your Cards This Way?

The great benefit of this project is that the cards you choose don't have to be the same shape or size, which can be a problem in other projects. I chose postcards that had some fairly prominent red in them because I was using red ribbon, but anything goes! You can use a subject theme, a colour theme or just choose images that you want on display.

The more I think about it, the more I realise that this method could be used to display any paper or fabric objects you like, assuming they're not to precious to put holes in.

It really is a very simple thing to do and I would say it took me no longer than about 30 minutes to put together once I had all the necessary supplies.


  • Postcards, greeting cards, or photos
  • Pencil,
  • Ruler
  • Craft knife
  • Ribbon


  1. Take the slimmest card in your set and mark points at the top and bottom at equal distances from the edges.
  2. Line up the next cards with the first card and make sure they are centred. Mark points on each at the top and bottom in line with the points on the first card. This doesn't have to be perfect, but do your best, as you do want the ribbon to be running straight up and down.
  3. When all the cards are marked, use the craft knife to make a small slit in each card. I found it was helpful to wiggle the craft knife a little to make it easy to feed the ribbon through the holes. Don't expand the holes too much though, or they may look unsightly.
  4. Take the spool of ribbon and pull out a generous amount of. Start feeding it through the holes along one side—from the front to the back at the top of the card and from back to front at the bottom.
  5. When one side is finished, make sure there is enough extra to tie a bow or knot at the bottom and probably even more at the top. Cut the ribbon off and repeat for the second side.
  6. Adjust the cards so that they are roughly the same distance apart and then tie bows at the top and bottom, and you're finished!
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Choosing Ribbon

The only ribbon I had on-hand was curling ribbon, and in the end, it turned out to be ideal because it was stiff enough to feed straight through the slits made by the craft knife. I would suggest therefore that you choose a ribbon that isn't too wide or bulky for ease of use.

Developing the Display

I can envisage filling a wall or part of a wall with displays like this of different lengths. I would choose themes for each separate display.

Curling or other fancy ribbon may not suit the theme, but in this case, you could use a plain tape or even transparent nylon thread. Transparent thread may produce an interesting "floating" effect.

eBay Always Has Plenty of Postcards on Offer

I find it very hard to "sacrifice" any type of correspondence if it was sent to me personally, so when I expand my display, I will be looking to eBay for small collections of colourful or pretty postcards to use.

In the past, I've searched for cards of children which are often described as vintage. At 99 cents, I don't think I'd mind I using them, even if they really are vintage cards, but they may of course only be vintage style. It's a decision that has to be made.

Further Ideas

I have been collecting ideas of how to store and display my collections for some time now. The last article outlines a whole series of storage and display ideas while the others give instructions for particular methods of display.

© 2014 SheilaMilne

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