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Transferware: How to Identify and Value a Traditional Printed China

Transferware is a traditional ironstone china made by printing an often intricate image on a white background. Learn how to identify and value old china by pattern, backstamps, and style.


How to Identify and Value Depression Glass

Before trying to learn the value of Depression glass, learn how to identify the pattern of your early-20th-century collectables.


Collection Ideas: 6 Interesting Antique & Vintage Items to Collect

Some people paint, some people read, but there are lots of people collecting things as a hobby. If you wish you had more nifty things to display, consider starting a collection. I have some suggestions for you.


How to Collect and Sell Antique Diaries

If you like history, vintage paper items, and learning about people's lives, try collecting antique diaries. Here are guidelines for collecting, restoring, and selling them.


How to Tell a Paul Detlefsen Print From an Original Painting

Learn how to tell if your Paul Detlefsen artwork is a print or an original painting.


Collecting Vintage Sterling Silver and Silverplate Tableware

Sterling silver and silver plate is attractive and collectible. Sterling is valuable for craftsmanship, rarity, and for melting as a commodity.


Collecting Antique and Vintage Plates and Dishware

Antique and vintage plates and their modern reproductions are popular and collectible. A general overview of china dishware, its history, and how to identify patterns and designs.


Identifying the Noritake Christmas Ball #175 China Pattern

The Noritake Christmas Ball #175 set has a white background with a yellow border and heavy gold enamel. The gilt decoration really makes this a stunning set.


My Antique Radio Collection

Vintage radios are so beautiful; they were made to be pleasing to the eye as well as the ear. A radio was made like fine furniture—a treasured possession that brought the family together.


How to Determine the Value of an Old Mirror

Whether you inherited it from your great-grandmother or picked it up at an estate sale, your old mirror may be worth more than you realize. It's time to put on your detective hat and look for clues!


The Joys of Identifying Antique Tea Sets

Treasures can be found amongst the family crockery. Check the manufacturing mark on the back. Examples include Japanese post-war imports, Chinese Fine China, Fireking USA, Aynsley, and Towerbrite.


Selling Art: How to Identify the Artist, Age, and Value of Artwork

So you have this old picture, and you're not sure who it's by. The right name could make all the difference at auction, but just how do you find out who painted your item—and were they famous?


A Guide to British Sterling Silver Hallmarks

The British mark their silver in symbols. Learn how to read them to properly identify your silver and find treasures overlooked by others who don't know what the symbols mean.


Victorian Figural Silverplate Napkin Rings: Faked or Real?

American silverplate napkin rings are one of the most treasured and collectible types of antiques. These wonderful little pieces of art are a wholly American invention.


My Experience Collecting Ruby Glass

This spectacular ruby-colored, early-American pattern glass can add beauty and interest to your decor, and it is fun and affordable to find and collect.


My Depression Glass Collection

Most often delicately colored or clear, Depression glass has its own unique look.


5 Easy Clues for Dating Antique or Vintage Jewelry

Jewelry reflects the taste and attitude of every period in history. There are clues that can be used in deciphering how old your jewelry is. The older and rarer, the more valuable it will be.


My Vintage and Antique Pottery Collection

Almost everyone has a piece of vintage or antique pottery. If you don't, then you probably know someone who does. Exploring the origins of the pottery is so interesting!


Vintage Button Guide: Ways to Identify Antique Buttons

This vintage button guide contains valuable information about different types of vintage buttons, including how to test them to see what they are made from. You'll also learn how to safely clean and care for vintage and antique buttons.


My Vintage Teacup Collection

Vintage teacups have an elegance all their own. There is an infinite amount of cup shapes and patterns. So very delicate and beautiful.


Turn Old Antique Skeleton Keys Into Modern Décor With These Decorating Ideas

Antique skeleton keys are beautiful! Display them in different ways to show them off. I'll tell you where to find them for a good price and how to turn them into makeshift art for any room in your home.


How to Find the Value of Old Antique Cork-Top Bottles

Learn how to estimate how much old antique bottles are worth. The value of cork-top bottles varies greatly.


Collecting Vintage Blue Ridge Pottery Dishes Made in Appalachia

Blue Ridge Pottery dishes made in the Appalachian mountains are very popular with collectors. History and information on Blue Ridge Pottery Show and Sale yearly in Erwin, Tennessee


How Much Are Old License Plates Worth?

Some antique license plates are worth thousands of dollars, but their price depends on many factors. Learn how to determine the value of old plates.


Vintage Coca-Cola Machines: Guide to Buying Old Coke Coolers

If you're interested in buying an old or antique Coke vending machine, find out how much you should expect to pay for the different models.


Vintage Fabrics: How to Care for Old Textiles

Vintage textiles are valuable, collectible, and need special treatment for laundering or storage. Cutting whole pieces for home craft projects destroys their value.


What Makes an Antique Valuable? Quality, Rarity, Condition and Provenance

Sooner or later, there will be a buyer for just about any item you care to name, but what makes an antique or collectible desirable? What do rarity, condition, and provenance actually mean?

(photo by Dolores Monet)

Antique Spongeware and Spatterware: An American Stoneware Tradition

Stoneware is a tough, versatile type of pottery made in the U.S. for 300 years. The antique blue and white spatterware and spongeware is a popular collectible that is still being produced today.


How Much Is My Old Painting Worth? Research, Appraise, and Sell

Do you want to know more about that old picture? Is it a valuable watercolour or oil painting? What is it actually worth? How can you research it for free?

(photo by Dolores Monet)

Flow Blue: History and Value of Blue-and-White Antique China

Flow Blue is a highly collectible, antique blue-and-white china popular during the Victorian era, known for hazy blue floral, pastoral, or Asian patterns on bright white china.


Antiques and Collectibles: How to Value and Sell Your Old Things

There is a difference between antiques and collectibles and a difference between price guides and actual value, which is influenced by consumer demand, availability, and the condition of the item.

(photo by Dolores Monet)

Antique Needle Work: An 18th Century Sampler

Antique samplers are delicate and fragile. They must be cared for by someone who knows how to care for old textiles. Here is the story of an old sampler and how I came to learn about its history.


How to Identify British Pottery Marks and Hallmarks

Learn how to identify pottery and porcelain hallmarks and marks.