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How to Find out How Old an Antique Teddy Bear Is

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I have over 15 years of experience in the world of teddy bears, and it is my favourite topic!

When buying vintage or antique teddy bears, it is important to learn the identifying features that help to date them.

When buying vintage or antique teddy bears, it is important to learn the identifying features that help to date them.

How Old Is My Teddy?

It’s not hard when you collect teddies to simply buy what you like.

When buying vintage or antique ones, it is important to learn the identifying features that help to date them. Whether for the fun of knowing when it was made or for making informed investment decisions, learning about a teddy bear adds to the experience of collecting and helps to guard against buying fake antique ones.

There are several features that help to determine the age of a vintage teddy.

1. Can You Determine the Maker?

Often, teddy bears can be attributed to their maker simply by style or look. Many manufacturers have distinctive features in the bears that make them readily identifiable. A label is the most definitive means of telling who made a teddy though.

The maker helps to determine the value, because some are considered premium and highly sought after, such as Steiff, Chiltern, Joy Toys or Ideal.

2. The Fur or Fabric Is a Clue to Age

  • Mohair was used originally. Very soft and silky, it is a fabric woven from Angora goat fleece. Mohair or mohair/synthetic plush continued to be most popular until the 1950s when acrylic plush was increasingly used.
  • Artificial silk plush, in various colours, was used in the 1920s (nylon plush wasn't invented until 1938).
  • Sheepskin was popular in the 1930s and '40s.
  • Synthetic plushes were further developed in the '60s, with the machine-washable bear promoted for children.
  • Felt was used for the pads of the earliest bears.
  • Later, after WW1, cotton was popular (sometimes brushed or velveteen).
  • Rexine was used by some British and Australian manufacturers, which was a coated oilcloth.
  • By the 1960s, synthetic fabrics were increasingly used.

3. The Stuffing Says a Lot

  • The earliest bears were stuffed with wood wool (also known as excelsior), which is made from long, fine wood shavings. Wood wool gives the teddy a crunchy feel if squeezed.
  • Later, after 1914, kapok (a silky fibre from the seed pod of a tropical tree, similar to silky cotton wool) came into use. Teddies stuffed with kapok feel firmer and heavier, and resist insect attacks.
  • During WW2, kapok was no longer available for toy use, as it was used to line life jackets for soldiers, so waste from textile mills became a popular substitute. Cork granules or rubber were also occasionally used, which tended to break down over time, giving the bear a strange sensation of movement within!
  • By the 1960s, plastic foam (a shredded, sponge-like foam) was most popular, as it allowed for teddies to be wholly synthetic and machine washable.
  • Beginning in the 1970s, polyester wadding became popular and is still used today.

4. Teddy Bears' Shapes Change With the Times

A variety of shapes and styles have been used over the years, but the shape of the teddy bear has changed from its inception and can help date when it was made.

  • The very earliest bears had a comparatively pointed snout and longer limbs.
  • Shorter, stumpy limbs were popular in the 1950s.
  • In the 1960s and '70s, several companies began manufacturing the unjointed splayed-arms bear.
  • Early bears were jointed with cardboard or metal discs and attached with metal pins, which can sometimes show as rust through the fabric.
  • Plastic joints were first used in the 1960s.

5. A Teddy Bear's Eyes Can Say a Lot About Its Age

  • Originally, from 1902-1915, teddy bear eyes were wooden or leather-covered wooden boot buttons on wire hooks or shanks.
  • Glass eyes (amber or blue, black, or clear with painted backs) replaced wooden eyes during WW1.
  • Glass eyes are cooler and harder than plastic eyes. A good indication of what kind of eyes your bear has is to put your lips on them to feel how cool they are and tap your teeth on the eyes. Also, glass eyes are rounder, if you can feel behind them with your fingers.
  • From 1955 onward, plastic screw-in eyes were used by most makers, as a safety precaution for children. Law requires that manufacturers use these unless the teddy is labeled as not being a toy.

6. An Older Teddy May Have a Distinctive Nose

  • Generally, noses were originally hand-stitched with black or brown thread. Many makers had their own distinctive shape. Some also chose to use curled leather, painted composition or gutta-percha (a natural form of plastic).
  • Moulded plastic first came into use in 1945. Some teddies were also made with painted tin or moulded rubber noses.
  • Since 1970, plastic safety noses are most often used as toy teddies for children.


Sandra lira on August 19, 2020:

I just want to know how old is my bear

Ruby on August 18, 2020:

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I have an old horse I’ve had since I was about 4. She was bought from an op shop (second hand) I’d love to know what year she was made and the maker. Is it possible for me to send in a picture??

Sherri jo kobelka on August 11, 2020:

I have a old teddy bear that belonged to my late uncle . I would like to know how old it is .

Could I send a picture please

Ms Margaret scarlett on August 10, 2020:

Would like to see how much my teddy is valuable.

Rae Ann on August 10, 2020:

I have a Teddy Original Steiff bear purchased in Germany in 1984. Can you give me a value of this?

Hannah Mc on August 08, 2020:

Hi im looking for any info or where to find any info on a yellow bear wearing zebra pyjamas and slippers its one ive had my whole life and he was second hand when i got him

S Graham on July 20, 2020:

Hi Jo,

My wife has found 3 of her teddy bears from childhood and we wondered how we can find out if they are worth anything.

Mrs J Hillier on July 17, 2020:

My mum's Teddy bear is over 109 years old he had a growl And has hump on his back. He as got glass eyes his ears fell of and be for I put them back I washed them they are a golden colours.

Loraine on July 15, 2020:

I have a large dark brown bear called Arthur

He has sawdust inside he used to growl

He has enamel eyes and hand sewn nose and mouth

He is as old as me I had him not long after I was born 1961

I don't know who made him would love to know more about him X


Donna gradwell on July 08, 2020:

I have a teddy bear early 1920

Glass yes cotten stitched nose

And jointed movable are legs and head

lynn curry on June 24, 2020:

i have very old brown bear and would love know its value

sharon Dickens on June 18, 2020:

I have these 2 teddy bears and would like to know what they are worth. Can someone help me please

Shontell anita jonas on June 12, 2020:

I have 3 teddy bears and want to know if they have value help!!! Pls

Walter Sayers on June 10, 2020:

Hi Jo. I bought a Teddy at a flea market in Brisbane Australia can I some how send you a photo of it so you can guess it’s age, It is very well made but has no makers mark, Kind Regards Walter

Mary Mctaggart on June 09, 2020:

Hi i have 2 steif bears 1 is mohair glass eyes.long arms .hump back . Nd cries. How do i get it valued ?

Lenka on May 25, 2020:

I have a Teddy Bear from Czechoslovakia from 1920. Any tips how much is it worth?

todles on May 11, 2020:

My teddy bear come out in 1895 by baby b'gosh

Lonna on April 27, 2020:

My bear is from the late 30's and has amber glass eyes one is missing how can I tell what size I should get

Ron Dennis on April 14, 2020:

I'd like to sell what I estimate is an early 1900s Germany-made Teddy Bear. How do i do this?

Katherine Bennett on March 09, 2020:

I have several of the Rich's department store bears. Some dates back to the late 1980. Would love to sell them. In very good condition, never played with.

Mel coleman on March 07, 2020:

I'm looking for any info, anyone can give me about a teddy bear I had as a child. The year is was gave to me was probably 1976, (sad childhood is why it always meant so much to me). The bear was wearing overhauls and had Cory printed on its chest. It had some much meaning for me that it was the only toy I kept through my childhood into adulthood and eventually disappear when my abusive 20 year marriage ended(the bear would have been with me for close to 40 years). It would just be so wonderful to see at least a picture of that bear again.

Mo on March 01, 2020:

Hello there! We do trust you're well.

We have a 1992 baby gund no...not a teddy looks very like a winged insect but am not 100% sure. I am unable to find anything on it online except for 1 picture which when clicked shows another unrelated picture. The tag is unlike any Baby Gund we've seen before....Help!

Michele Goulet on February 28, 2020:

I have had my honey bear about 18 inches tall, with legs and arms that move, for 61 years given to me as a gift from my dads sister when I had been adopted at 10 months of age. He is fading in colour, his stuffing is lacking in some areas, I think it is wood shavings as he does feel kind of crunchy. One of his eyes is drooping and one of his eary. I would like to have my Charlie revitalized is their a bear hospital that can bring him back to glory. My email is

Nyria Baddams on February 28, 2020:

I really need to know about my bear on February 26, 2020:

Would be great to have help with this particular bear. Thank you.

Tina Lynne Chavis on February 20, 2020:

I would like to send a pic of my winnie the pooh...i would like to know if there are more ...ive never seen another one like it

Mark Jones on February 17, 2020:

We have a teddy bear which was given to my daughter when she was born.It belonged to a great uncle of mine,who was 82 years old at the time,this was in 1982.It is brown,about 16 inches long,has pads on its hands and feet,glass eyes that are flat at the back,a pointed and stitched stout,it's stuffing feels like wood wool,it's joints are wired and he has a blue ribbon around it's neck which is original.Any information about its origin and value would be appreciated.Many thanks

Mandy ayres on February 12, 2020:

I have a very old teddy bear I would like more information and to see how much he is worth thanks I can put photos up if needed

patricia griffin on January 22, 2020:



Sarah Swaby on January 08, 2020:

Anyone know an age on my teddy, there is no labels

Susns on December 29, 2019:

I have a teddy bear that I know nothing about. I am interested in getting more info. How do I go about this?

Pat2020 on December 29, 2019:

I have a teddy which I beleive is very old. It is a jointed teddy with the seam at the front. It also has a lable on the left hand which is faded and i cannot read. Could you tell me if you know any details about. I can send photos if required

Thank you Pat

Hazel on December 23, 2019:

My jointed bear light yellowy is 24" tall I presume mohair filled with wood shavings and old kapok. Has a flatish face felt paws has growler (not working) a stitched nose and mouth glass eyes held with very thin cotton. No labels or stieff button. Bought from a charity shop for £1 in early 70s

Sammy Backhouse on December 10, 2019:

Can you help me identify my Harrods Teddy Bear it’s part of a huge amount of vintage goods recently inherited

Anne M Kirkland on December 03, 2019:

I have Crayola Tins. Need to find where i might price them. Any suggestions?

Kansasgirl22 on November 13, 2019:

I bought this bear & cannot figure out who made it or what?? Its sapose to be vintage,it has a music in it. I have a pic of it....

Sue Jackson on November 10, 2019:

Nobody can id my bear large head ,heavy ,jointed ,solid body ,small face ,growler 67 inc tall but head is about 76 incs round very large forhead tiny nose and eyes

Patti on November 07, 2019:

Found this adorable vintage teddy bear golden mohair 24 inches amber glass eye wooden disk at his joints Feels to have a metal piece under his torso Love to know more about him

Scotty O Limpus on October 20, 2019:

I’ve stumbled across a collection of vintage dolls. Amongst them several cloth, paper Mâché black dolls. Researching the value of the dolls has proven difficult.

Shirley Gibson on September 18, 2019:

I have two old bears that have been in our family approximately 60-70years. They are both in comparitively good condition. I have photos of them could you advise me of how to get a valuation for sale.

Leigh on September 14, 2019:

I have an old bear of my grandads who was born in the 1920’s. He is crunchy to hold with long arms and a pointy nose, button eyes end discs at the top of his arms legs and around his neck. I would love to know more about him. Could you help me please?

Elaine Leon on June 17, 2019:

Hi friend - I Have a teddy bear with purple eyes and weighs 5 lbs can you tell me anything about him I am a seller on ebay - and i now nothing . he has white curly hair - like wool and long limbs

Sam on June 16, 2019:

Hi i have a teddy bear with moving parts platic nose and a rattle inside can anyone tell me were i could go to get a price for it and of course tell me if its a old bear thanks.

Jayne Davies on June 13, 2019:

Hi can you please tell me if my teddies are worth anything

Muriel De Prose. on May 27, 2019:

I have a 73year old black/white Panda it's padding is straw is it worth anything

Lira on April 14, 2019:

I bought some Pre-owned My Little Pony, Build a Bears, clean and firm. However the original owner cut the factory tags off (sewen to bear), will this bring down the value of bear later on?

Mia on April 14, 2019:

I have a bear that has a red bow around it’s neck with plastic eyes but a hand stitched nose it. I cut off the tag when I was younger and have been trying to find the brand would anyone know?

Kim on March 23, 2019:

I have a light brown bear white and rwd striped body plasticeyes stuffing is different colors i think 1970

MeegsH2O on March 11, 2019:

I have a composition jointed teddy bear that is about 13-14 long. It has very small Amber glass eyes with black pupils. It is painted black with brown feathered ears, nose, eyes and paws. I'm looking for information on it.

tony marios on March 07, 2019:

hi im trying to find out the age of a teady we have can you help please

linda Kinsey on February 11, 2019:

hi have a old black dog teddy but cant find any info on it.

John Mogavero on February 07, 2019:

I have a bear since i was born, it has a red bowtie red shorts and wires in the arm's and legs so it can be posed. Finally the bear has wooden flat bottom feet. Does this bear sound familiar to anyone? It's about the size of an average hand, and is about as old as me, 57 year's old.

Margie prichard on February 04, 2019:

I have the three little bears papa mama and baby from the 1940 the Papa is 11” mama 9” baby 7” not in best condition as I played with them they have some worn spots just wondering what they are worth

scarlet on January 26, 2019:

Hi I have a teddy bear that has a plastic nose and plastic eyes yet when I squished it, it makes a loud crunch. Did it get restored? I don’t know it’s you can help me out that’ll be great thank you.

JenKBrooks on January 22, 2019:

I have a teddy that belonged to my great grandma who was born in 1902. I was wondering if you could help me get an idea of how much he could be worth. Thank you!

Sadie hemmings on January 13, 2019:

Hello I have four bears different sizes and they come in their own individual box they are were brought in Italy and the name on the box is FRADE-TESERO Looks like a production of toys are from the PhilippinesThe sizes vary from 10 inches up to approximately 18 inches each bear as a different character, they all have moving arms legs and heads . I am trying to find out the age of these bears and Possibly the value for insurance purposes

Wendy Marks on January 05, 2019:

Can anyone tell me how much my bear is worth? I was in hospital 30 years ago & the lady in the bed next to me had a bear collectors book & my bear was on the cover & it valued at $850 back then.

Can I take a photo of him & someone tell me what he’s worth? Thanks

Candace on January 03, 2019:

I believe my bear is the one in the middle ,1960 about ,can’t see any button holes but small bit of tag with a blue s ,he has a noise in his chest .

Braps77 on December 30, 2018:

Hi there I’ve just started collecting :) just wondering if there is somewhere to post photos so people can help me find out more about my bears? Thanks

Jeri Caristi on December 16, 2018:

I found my bear in the drawer of an 1888 antique secretary fold down desk chest in 1983. The bear has always had a "scent " that smells "perfumy" or possibly a "cedar " smell. He is jointed; 16'; yellow;, glass eyes; Firm to squeeze; possibly mohair; felt pads on hands and feet. can't figure out what brand he is. Can you help? Jeri Caristi

Jeanine Nolte on December 10, 2018:

I have a set of 4 black teddy bear s with wood eyes

Michelle on December 06, 2018:

Old wood childs teddy bear,moveable arms n legs. 1924

Ashley on December 04, 2018:

I have a teddy that could be a collectors item but not sure it's worth

Valerie Richards on October 29, 2018:

My Dad returned home from England to New Jersey in the summer of 1945 with real curly lambs wool Teddy bear for me. He had the most beautiful blue glass eyes sewn in which were removed when he finally fell apart at 20 years. Stuffed with a cotton like material. He was about 18 to 20 inches long. Any way I can find pictures and descriptions?

Bronwen Clowes on October 21, 2018:

I have a bear which was given to me second hand over 50 years ago. I believe it is stuffed with shavings and has movable arms, legs and head. He had a string at the back of his neck which worked his mouth. Do you have any ideas on how old he is and where he was made and by who.

Amanda on September 22, 2018:

In the early 70 i was very sick and my mother bought me a teddy bear from the pharmacy. He had a zip up fur suit and red and white stripes on him underneat. He got lost years ago and I've never been able to figure out how to find another one. Do you have any suggestions on how tomfind one ?

Marg Jury on September 19, 2018:

Hi Jo

I have found a (what I think) very old bear. I’m sure he has glass eyes and his nose is stitched. He has movable head, legs and arms. He is pretty hard and does crackle a little when squeezed. Firstly do I wash him and how ? Secondly how do I find out how old he is, he has no tags. Originally I’d say he was a baby blue colour. I’m in New Zealand and I can’t find many specialists here.

StarlaJae on September 19, 2018:

I'm not too sure of when my bear was made or what type of bear he is. But Tookie(yes that's his name) had the original brownish-orange eyes, his nose is gone or wasn't there in the first place, his fur is probably goat fur since it is soft and silky and his has a light brown spot on his belly and muzzle and brown for the rest of his fur. Sadly either the tag he had on his butt was either torn off or it wasn't there in the first place, so I don't know who made him. I think he's from either the 1950s or 1960s, what do you guys and girls think?

JulieJul mullett on September 18, 2018:

I have a jointed teddy that was my mother's as a child, so would be from the 1940's. It has a lable on the foot merryworth i think it says. it's about 90 cm in height mohair and i think has wood wool as not very squidgy. Does anyone know whether i should get it restored first before i sell it ir just sell as it is, as my granddad took its eyes out for safety reasons and it now has no ears. But other than that he's in tact. Value?

Mari Lynn Markey on September 15, 2018:

My father gave me a small Teddy Bear a few years before he passed, in 1950; I was five (5). The bear is 7.5 inches tall, tan/dark blond in color, with black glass eyes, nose & mouth are stitched in black thread. The bear is made of, what I think is, mohair, & has a firm, but pliable body.

Does anyone know it's origin, make, value?

Thanks much!

Rebecca on September 15, 2018:

I have a bear that I know is over 70 yrs old. The moveable arms and legs are attached by a very hard gadget inside. The eye are round and are placed on top of a round piece of material. Looks like medium brown Mohair. Nose is made of thread. Stitching is evident down the center. Anyone have any idea as to its worth

Donna Robertson on September 13, 2018:

Can you help me date my bear? I picked up the bear in a Loppemarked (flea market) in Tønsberg, Norway. He has glass amber eyes with black in centre and has moveable arms and legs. His paws seem to be covered in hessian type material and his coat is rough probably mohair. He doesn't have a tag on his ear but has an indentation on the back of his head which looks like it may have had a button as there is there signs of a pin prick. He feels crunchy when you squeeze him He has a black felt nose and a plastic tongue. There would have been a growler, I can feel it but it doesn't work.

Angie on September 10, 2018:

Looking to see how old and possibly the value of this bear.

Steiff 0155/36

Chase on August 29, 2018:

For those that are looking to learn more about their Bear. I would recommend a website called I'm not affiliated with them in anyway. I have just used them in the past to learn about some of my stuff. It's about $10-15 per Item and a good reference point

Trina crook on August 28, 2018:

Hi i have a bear from the english teddy bear co. It has a cardboard passport round its neck with no.247684 on it. Where do i find a valuation for its worth

sarah inglis on August 27, 2018:


I have a bear that was purchased for me by my father 20 years ago he was purchased in south Africa Johannesburg and brought back to the uk

when he was purchased he was named hamish and has a tag on his ear which states patsy bull, he has glass eyes and his filled with hard beads, he is stiff and has joins on all limbs allowing movement he is mohair and he also has leather on his feet and hands

I can not find any information and would love to know where he came from, age, value ect I can send pictures if needed



Lisa Chawk on August 07, 2018:

I have my dads bear and I’m trying to see who made it? I would say it was made in the 1920-1930s. He is approximately 23-24”long.

Mohair is brown. Moving joints glass eyes. The label I can only read Cha. Thank you for your time.


Matthew Davies on August 05, 2018:

My teddy is 48 yrs old. And is 2ft high.

Susan Howell on August 05, 2018:


I have an old bear which I believe to be a Farnell dating from 1930 - 1942. It has a kapok filling in the body, arms and legs. Is this original? It doesn't seem to have had the seems re-opened, or at least if they have been it was an amazingly neat job.


Keith Atkins on August 04, 2018:

I have a jointed growling teddy bear on waistcoat it states handmade by tricia Sunnucksweavers ewhurst green gu6 7rr and ideas how old it could be surrey

Michelle on July 29, 2018:

I bought a teddy bear at an estate sale has no tag as rotating arms and legs Blue Glass eyes white for feels like wool can identify its age or where it came from could you help me identify it's age and origin. Thank you

Natasha mcfarlane on July 22, 2018:

Hi i have a bear that was left to me with an estate ,it was passed through generations .It has glass eyes ,moveable joints ,the head has a crunchy feel the body more solid .It feels like it has a button inside the chest .Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

Looking for Ted on July 18, 2018:

Gidday, I am trying to find a teddy bear like one I knew from childhood. ‘Blue Ted’ was articulated and made from sheepskin. The wool was worn away on his hands and feet and the leather was visible. His nose was worn smooth too. Probably made in the 40s.

Would love to see a pic, would then attempt to make one, and just have some information.

Cheers, Julie

Gloriafied on July 17, 2018:

I have a bear that I believe is from the 1930’s. It is jointed, has sheepskin body, and when you squeeze his stomach, it plays a tune, you have to keep squeezing for the tune. It is not a music box. I would like to know what kind of bear he is.

Simon on July 05, 2018:

hi Jodi have a teddy which is 28 inches tall and 12 inches shoulder to shoulder wide, he has a long snout with a brown stitched end and below he has an actual opening mouth, all his joints move I think cardboard and he has like a firm wood straw stuffing, he has short velvety fir and a lighter colour on the pads, his limbs seem back to front as they are curved at the ends so if you face his head the same way that his feet are pointing then his arms seem to curl the opposite way but if you put them upwards each side of his head in I guess a typical angry bear pose then he looks right if you see what I mean!?is he supposed to be like this or was he a reject?oh and he has no eyes' bought him from an auction because I felt sorry for him but I can't seem to find any info on him ie the backward facing paws and opening mouth can you please assist?

pete on June 19, 2018:

Hello , I have an old teddy bear that is 60mm in height, is yellow check fabric and wooden buttons on its shoulders and hips, would love to know how old it is

pete nolan on June 18, 2018:

Hello , I have an old teddy bear that is 60mm in height, is yellow check fabric and wooden buttons on its shoulders and hips, would love to know how old it is

Ginny Perrett on May 27, 2018:

I have an old teddy bear that has the manufacture label and his eyes are missing. I would like to send some pictures from my phone to someone who can tell me something about the bear. Thanks

Paul Robson on May 24, 2018:

It's got covered in it to keep it together is very old 47 years old

KIM JENNY WIGGINS on May 22, 2018:

Hi, could you please give me some information on an old teddy bear I picked up from my local car boot recently.

From the top of the ear to bottom of the foot it is 54cm. Straw filled. Jointed head, arms, legs. It has a small hump on the back. There is a growler inside and will work only when you turn upside down quickly. It has a pointed snout. Eyes are black and appear to be glass held in by metal pins. Originally golden mohair but has lost probably 90% of this. The arm length is 21cm. Leg measurement is also 21cm. Body is 24cm. Back of head to tip of snout 15cm. Over a period of time someone has stitched on the pads of the bottom of the feet and paws and also the snout appears to have had new stitching at some time. One of the ears has been crudely sewn back on. There is a 'Y' letter stitching on the back of the head. The forehead measurements are 13cm. There are no tags on the bear. Waist measures 38cm. Underarm measures 33cm. General wear and tear. A great looking attractive bear. Please help.

Irene fisher on May 12, 2018:

Hi I have a bear and I would like to know where he's from as he has no tag and I know he's old.

He's musical and winds up.

Made out of a brown woven fabric.

Has golem fur with dark fleck.

A pointed snout.

Longer limbs.

Metal discs in all amber eyes.

A brown hand stitched nose.

Feels quite heavy. And made out of some golden colourd hessian. Long golden fur with dark fleck . I think he could be ww1 or before have you any ideas

Annette Jarrett on May 01, 2018:

I have a 75cm Gund - Limited Edition Polar Bear - with a signature on the foot by their Designer Rita...Have contacted them but they can't give me or find any information - we have been donated this to Auction off but want to make the most of what we can get for it...i also have a photo of the Tag - white with gold thread...Looks like a molded leather nose, glass eyes - can't find anything anywhere on it at all?...

Hoping you may be able to help...Cheers

Traci on April 27, 2018:

I have a Winnie the Pooh that is from Gund co. I believe. It has a bell in it's ear. I can't find nothing about it on the web plzzzzzzz help

Ann Bowen on April 09, 2018:

I've found a teddy bear night light it has serial numbers under the left leg and left under arm part ,I know it's over 30 yrs old but other than that I don't know it's holding a tiny like Christmas light I tried taking pictures of the marking but not really good at it ,I'm interested in if it's worth any monetary value could you help me out please looks like Glenn Snow or something to that and on the leg it's G13 prima with an arrow pointing up

elizabeth on April 09, 2018:

i have a teddy bear made in England by alresford crafts ltd,,,,,,, red brown eyes stiched nose and mouth with hand stiching on the paws. she..... her name is nala................. she seems to have a flat bottom as she sits very well.

Nancy Houck on April 07, 2018:

I have a blond bear with a small round tag attached on the back that says "Dotty Bears - Silverlake Farms. It has close glass dark eyes ,long wavy hair, a pointed nose with lots of individual hairs and what looks like padded felt paws. The arms and legs and head are movable. It is about 8 inches in length. Anyone familiar with it? I have had it a long time.

melissia on March 18, 2018:

I found 2 bears one black tan leather paws short moving limbs feel like metal disc and stitched chest and back eyes wide with yellowish ring outside very round. nose is almost like a real nose from looks and feel. his hair is rough and he is tightly stuffed firm. can this be a steiff.

Tomo Hawk on December 18, 2017:

Yellow short haired bear, 36cm tall. Has black pupils on orange sown on eyes. Worn away label on inside left leg. Quite a slim bear. Legs and arms bend and swing freely where they meet the torso but do not bend at elbow or knee areas. Black thread used to indicate claws and nose, although bears face shape has a prominent snout shape. Ears are non moving but stick slightly out of head at the very top and not sides. I’ve had this bear, Kevin, since I was a really young child and I’m 44 and I believe that my mother got him from a charity shop so could be a bit older. He has longer hair in certain areas, such as the joints of his arms and legs but has worn away a lot on the torso and head. There is a colourful tint to his fur, but if memory serves me correctly, I coloured him in with felt pen when I was about 8 years old. He is a much loved bear who has been handed down to my own children. He’s a very sturdy bear and isn’t delicate in any way at all. Over the years I’ve sown him up where he split along his sternum, from the clavicle to large intestine area and left kidney area (I’ve been an Operating theatre nurse) he has also recently had surgery to fix a puncture wound to the audio/visual area of his pre-frontal lobe. I don’t know why I’m telling you all that apart from the fact that it’s very hard to write 400 words about him. Please help me trace his origins. Kevin is very interested about his past, so my 4 year old tells me, as unfortunately Kevin no longer talks to me, I swear he used to talk and we had lengthy conversations about the meaning of life to a prepubescent lonely boy. He, and I, grew up in the Leighton Buzzard area of Bedfordshire in England in the 1970s. He is a Leo and liked long walks on the beach and cuddles from his family. He is, in all honesty, the only thing (with the exception of my family) the only thing I’d want to run into a fire to save! Before my clinical career I spent over 22 years in the Royal Navy and So Kevin is a very well travelled bear, there are 196 counties in the world and Kevin has been to 103 of those countries. He’s served his time in some of the worst most war-torn places on Earth, ranging from Afghanistan to Sierra Leone, The Bosnian conflict in 1993 to Operation Desert Storm and the war on terror after the awful attacks of September the 11th 2001. He was decorated with honours in all these accounts (but only by me as the armed services don’t recognise elderly teddy bears as real members of the military apparently!!!). He has been drunk in many bars all around the globe. If teddy bears could suddenly talk I expect he’d have a lot to say but I’d want him to keep certain scandalous and flamboyant memories to our own private conversations. So as you can see he’s had a varied and awesome life but he has no memory of his past. His life would make a seriously good movie! Please help me find that lost last for him

Roy Staples. on March 16, 2017:

I have a 24 inch long teddy bear..I am pretty sure it is over 60 years old..its head is stuffed with wood wool (excelsior) it feels crunchy when you squeeze it..the rest of the body is some kind of stuffing.I am 61 years old and it was at home when I was a kid. I seen one like it on Antiques Road show and the person said that the nose on that one was worth about 20,000 American. The nose on mine looked the same...a moulded plastic or something...the nose fell off of mine and I see that it was fastened on with a metal stub. Would any body on here know any thing about it ? I live in New Brunswick Canada.

elizabeth on December 17, 2016:

Hi, I have just bought a lovely old large eyes, straw filled, small hump on back, mohair coat, fully jointed, I thought he might be a Chad Valley but I am not to sure. I can not see any where I can load a photo. Thanking you.

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