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The Top 10 Sexiest Women of Marvel

This article examines the 10 sexiest females of Marvel Comics. It provides a brief overview of each woman's power (and abilities), personality traits, and overall appearance.


Review of Criminal: Wrong Time, Wrong Place

Read some comic books because Seth Tomko reviews the seventh volume of Criminal.


The Top 10 Sexiest Women of DC Comics

This article examines the 10 sexiest women of DC Comics. It provides a detailed analysis of each character's powers and abilities, personality, and general appearance.


Review of Criminal: The Last of the Innocent

Remember your youth with nostalgia because Seth Tomko reviews the sixth volume of Criminal.


Review of Criminal: The Sinners

Request absolution because Seth Tomko reviews Criminal: The Sinners.


Come for the Ride, Stay for the Murder Mystery

Best known for their run on Dark Horse Comics' "Clone War Adventures," Matthew and Shawn Fillbach have also produced a number of creator-owned projects, mostly for 1First Comics. Their most recent Shotgun to Sugarland is a gut-punch to the psyche.


Graphic Novel Review: "Nightwing: Rebirth: Better Than Batman" Volume 1 by Tim Seeley

Dick Grayson once again dons his "Nightwing" costume as he attempts to sabotage the Court of Owls from the inside. He is partnered with the mysterious vigilante Raptor, but Raptor has his own agenda. And what is Raptor's connection to Dick? is this graphic novel worth your time? Let's find out!


Graphic Novel Review: "Dick Grayson: The Lost Carnival" by Michael Moreci

Dick Grayson has grown tired of performing the same acrobatic routine for small crowds. He wants to find his own way in the world outside of being a "Flying Grayson." He stumbles onto a mysterious Lost Carnival and meets a mysterious girl named Lucina. Is this YA graphic novel worth your time?


Shoujo Manga Guilty Pleasures

We look at some of the best guilty pleasure manga from the shoujo (girls') genre to read on your summer break.


Review: "Batman: Vengeance of Bane"

Writer Chuck Dixon introduces readers to Bane in this one-shot, delving into the villain's deep and dark history, from his tormented childhood to his first interaction with the man who will become his greatest opponent: Batman.


The 4 Best '90s Shoujo Manga

I look at some of the best manga for '90s girls, '90s guys, and '90s kids at heart.


Review of Stumptown, Volume 1

Roll those dice because Seth Tomko reviews the first volume of Stumptown.


Superhero Academy 101: Vampirism—Science, Magic, and Psychology

The Marvel Universe has kept the spirit of vampires alive through new stories using classic monsters as well as making new kinds of vampires based in science. Here we learn more about these blood-sucking monsters like Dracula and Morbius.


10 Facts You Didn't Know About Doctor Octopus

Learn ten surprising facts about Spider-Man villain Dr. Octopus you probably didn't know about!


4 LGBTQ+ Superheroes Who Broke Stereotypes in Film, TV, and Comics

Some comics portray a muscled, manly, straight, cis superhero swooping in to save the city from bad guys, but semi-recently, as of the '90s and on, LGBTQ+ superheroes have become a topic of immense interest.


Review of Black Science, Volume 9: No Authority But Yourself

Clean your mess because Seth Tomko reviews the final volume of Black Science.


5 Iconic Comic Characters Shaped by the Death of Loved Ones

Tragic pasts may have far greater consequences than we can fathom, especially for comic characters.


Review of The Immortal Hulk, Volume Three

Abandon all hope because Seth Tomko reviews the third volume of The Immortal Hulk.


Superhero Academy 101: Imps, Thunderbolts, and the 5th Dimension

While superheroes do their best to not only save the world and fight crime, one of the few nuisances in their lives is the plague of omniscient imps, thunderbolts and djinns. Here's more about the ones from DC.


Top 5 Isekai Manga and Light Novels

The isekai genre is booming in Japanse manga, light novels, and anime. As an avid reader, here's a top five list of my favorite isekai manga and light novels.


Superhero Academy 101: Celestials, Eternals, and Deviants

One of the many epic potential character lines to come from the mind of Jack Kirby was The Eternals. Within that mythology, he works in Celestials, Eternals, and Deviants. Here's your primer.


5 of the Best "Amazing Spider-Man" Stories by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko

Stan Lee co-created Spider-Man in 1962 and wrote the first 100 issues of "The Amazing Spider-Man." Steve Ditko helped invent the hero and provided stellar artwork on the first 38 issues of ASM. I'll be pulling out five of the best stories that Lee and Ditko created about the web-slinging superhero.


Propp's Morphology and Comics: "The Fantastic Four #1"

First appearing in 1961, the Fantastic Four graced the pages of their own comic in both human and superhuman ways. Stan Lee and Jack Kirby's classic comic book tale is discussed at length here.


Propp's Morphology and Comics: "The Incredible Hulk #1"

Doctor Bruce Banner, bathed in gamma radiation, becomes the gray giant known as the Hulk in this inaugural issue. How does the Hulk's origin follow the path Propp's morphology dictates?


Superhero Academy 101: The Artificial Lives of the Marvel Universe

Robots and androids play an important role in the Marvel Universe. Artificial intelligence does not necessarily mean artificial life. Learn more about these synthetic super beings who are not human.


Manga Review: "Fate/Stay Night" Volume 3 by Dat Nishiwaki

Shirou tries to stop Rider and take down the Boundary Field around the school. Saber arrives to rescue her Master. What will he do when Rin Tohsaka offers to make an alliance with him? Is the manga adaptation of Fate/Stay Night worth your time and money? Let's find out!


Review of The Immortal Hulk, Vol. 2: The Green Door

Don’t open that door because Seth Tomko reviews the second volume of The Immortal Hulk.


Superhero Academy 101: Six Captain Marvels for the Price of One

The name Captain Marvel has been taken by at least 15 heroes. Here's the skinny on six of them.


Propp's Morphology and Comics: "Amazing Spider-Man #2"

Spidey's second adventure sees him go up against nemesis the Vulture... but how does this classic confrontation follow Propp's systematic story structure?


Propp's Morphology and Comics: "Amazing Spider-Man #1"

Spidey's first issue following his origin sees him battling against the costumed communist criminal known only as the Chameleon! Add in cameos by the FF, and you get a yarn for the ages.


4 "Shazam" Comics to Read Before the Movie

Discover Shazam's most relevant stories—those you would want to read before seeing the movie.


Manga Review: "Hellsing," Vol. 6

The Hellsing Organization continues to battle Nazi vampires as they invade London. Alexander Anderson pursues Alucard as he makes his return to London aboard a ship. Is this potentially offensive, over-the-top adult manga worth your time and money? Let's find out!


Manga Review: "Fate/Stay Night," Vol. 1

Shirou Emiya, a survivor of a mysterious fire in the city of Fuyuki, Japan, is dragged into a battle royale between mages, fighting to the death for the all-powerful wish-granting device, the Holy Grail. Is this manga adaptation of the 2006 anime worth your time and money? Let's find out!


Manga Review: "Fate/Zero," Vol. 2

Saber and Lancer begin their duel to the death in the Fourth Holy Grail War. Unbeknownst to her, Kiritsugu is plotting his next move to attack Lancer's Master; will Saber defeat Lancer or will he manage to kill her? Is this manga worth your time and money? Let's find out!


A List of Superpowers (Cool Powers Make Cool Heroes... or Villains)

The power your character has (or doesn't have) is a key part of your story that needs to be figured out early because it will shape the past, present, and future of your superhero or supervillain.


Manga Review: "Fate/Zero," Vol. 1

The Mage Killer Kiritsugu Emiya summons his Servant, Saber, to fight for him in a battle to the death for the all-powerful wish-granting device the Holy Grail in the Fourth Holy Grail War. Is this manga worth your time and money? Let's find out!


Graphic Novel Review: "Batman Volume 1: The Court of Owls" by Scott Snyder

Is this graphic novel worth your time and money? Let's find out! Bruce Wayne reveals his plans to revitalize Gotham City; soon after, a mysterious assassin tries to kill him. Batman begins to search for the mysterious Court of Owls.


7 Comics to Read on Valentine’s Day

Love is in the air, so why not seize the opportunity to explore a few romance-themed comics and maybe take some ideas for a gift to your significant other.


Top 10 Venom Symbiotes in Marvel Comics

This article includes a count down the ten strongest host-bonding symbiote creatures in the Marvel universe!


Top 10 Strongest X-Men in Marvel Comics

Count down the ten strongest X-Men throughout Marvel history!


4 Comics to Read During the Holidays

A list of holiday-themed comic books for you to share the spirit of the season with your favorite heroes, or maybe get ideas for a gift to that geek friend of yours who already have thousands of comics on their shelf.


4 Aquaman Comics to Read Before the Movie

Discover Aquaman’s most relevant comics, those you would want to read before heading to the theatre.


Propp's Morphology and Comics: "Amazing Fantasy" #15

Can Vladimir Propp's analysis of Russian folklore be applied to the modern-day comic book industry? We'll find out by exploring the origins of one of the most famous Marvel heroes of all time: Spider-Man!


Manga Review: "Hellsing," Vol. 5

The Millenium Nazi vampires attack the Hellsing Organization's headquarters, and it's up to Seras and the Wild Geese to stop them from overrunning the Hellsing manor. Will they succeed or fail? Is this manga worth your time and money? Let's find out!


Manga Review: "Hellsing," Vol. 4

The Hellsing Organization finally discovers the Millennium group as the Major declares war on her, the Iscariot Organization and England. Rip Van Winkle attacks an English aircraft carrier. Will Alucard be able to stop her? Is this manga worth your time and money? Let's find out!


Brand New Baddies: The 10 Best Original 21st Century Spider-Man Villains

Spidey's faced a plethora of villains over the years, and a lot of them have been created fairly recently. Despite his enormous rogues gallery, Spidey keeps picking up new baddies that stick around.


300+ Super Cool Superhero Names

If you’ve ever wanted to be a superhero, now is your chance! Superhero names are fun to come up with, and there is a superhero name for everyone! Take a look at this list of epic names!


How Superhero Movie Fans Can Get Into Comic Books

I explain how fans of superhero movies can start to learn about, read, and collect comic books based on these movies.


Fantastic Four #52: Black Panther's First Appearance

Fantastic Four #52 and Black Panther's first appearance in comics has heated up since the Black Panther movie. This is a historical comic book and greatly influenced the movie. Here's a brief but fun look at this classic key comic.


2 Undervalued Hellboy Key Comics Every Comic Fan Should Have!

Hellboy fan? Key Comic hunter? Here are 2 Hellboy key comics that aren't that well-known currently but they are quickly gaining steam. You don't want to miss this if you love Hellboy comics.