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"Batman: The Wedding" Review (No Spoilers)

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This Wednesday was no ordinary New Comic Book Day. This Fourth of July, with the release of Batman #50, we were all cordially invited to the wedding of Batman and Catwoman.

With a legion of all-star artists, DC celebrates over 75 years of history for Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle. Through beautifully written captions, Tom King explores the couple’s deepest thoughts, hopes, dreams, and fears, and reframes a question both publishers and readers have been asking themselves for decades: Can a hero be happy?

Cover by Mikel Janin

Cover by Mikel Janin

Before the proud eyes of the man who raised him, Bruce puts on his suit and thinks “I look just like my father.” In a scene where words are unnecessary, Bruce and Alfred share a hug. During this heartwarming moment, Alfred sees the orphan boy he raised as his own, and Bruce sees nothing less than a loving, caring father.

In order to review this story, we should go back a few months into the series and remember that Batman’s proposal came after his encounter with his father from the Flashpoint universe. During the events of The Button, Thomas Wayne gave his son a piece of advice: He told Bruce not to be the Batman, and instead to find happiness and be the father he couldn’t be.

That moment had a significative impact on Bruce’s life. Although he never showed any intention to give up the cowl, he did consider taking a step toward the happiness he had so long denied himself. In a page fans will recall for decades, Batman finally proposed to Catwoman.

The couple never set a date or sent invitations, but they did something far more meaningful: They made sure they had been completely honest with each other and that they didn't have any secrets left to confess.

Panel from Batman #22  with art by Jason Fabok

Panel from Batman #22 with art by Jason Fabok

While on patrol, jumping over the same rooftops where their love blossomed, Batman spontaneously asks Selina “Why not do it today?” The rest is history, and I encourage you to read it.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy a celebration of Batman and Catwoman’s love and a beautiful homage to their history together with illustrations from artists such as Neil Adams, Rafael Albuquerque, Lee Bermejo, Greg Capullo, Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez and many, many more. Dress up your best; you are cordially invited!

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