How to Take Care of Your Comic Collection: 5 Easy Steps

Updated on October 20, 2019
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I've been reading comics and watching cartoons for as long as I can remember. So yeah, I know a thing or two or three.

Chances are, unless your store provides you with complimentary sleeves and boards, your comic book collection looks something like this, right? Well, don't let it! You could be sitting on a veritable gold mine of comics and never even know it. If you have never thought about the proper care for your comics, just follow along with me as I take you on a magical journey. Sort of. It's more of an informative journey minus the journey part.

1. Find Comics You Love

There is no point in collecting comics (other than your future child's college fund) unless you enjoy what you have. I myself enjoy reading Power Rangers, Harley Quinn, and Gwenpool comics, but there is literally a comic for just about everyone out there. Don't like superheroes? No biggie, check out Image Comics, IDW Publishing, or Boom! Studios. Want some Sci-Fi? You're in luck. There are hundreds (if not thousands) of choices for that! Does your kid want to read some comics too? Boom! Studios publish a large number of comics that are based on kid-favorite shows like Adventure Time, Rugrats and Rocko's Modern Life.

My point is, there's something for everyone.

2. Read the Comics

I'm not one of those crazies that is going to tell you to buy two copies of the same comic, (the general idea there is to have one to read and one to save) that's just too much to ask. So, go on home, pour yourself a glass of your favorite beverage (I personally like a good rum & coke), and set it far away from your comic as you enjoy the contents of the pages. Seriously, drink up the words like you drink up coffee or milk or whatever it is you're drinking.

3. Proper Protection

Once you have finished, you'll want to get some of the plastic bags that are typically on comics. There are a multitude of brands you can choose from. My personal favorites are Comicare Silver Age and Mylites2 bags. These will protect your comics from the elements (so long as you don't store them in the pool). Single or double-sided tape will keep the bag closed, preventing dirt or dust from falling into the bags.

The other half of the bag/board combo is, of course, the comic boards. As with the bags, there are plenty of choices, but I tend to go for the Half-Backs brand. The boards will keep your comics upright and will prevent bending damage. These will fit inside of the bags as long as you get the same kind of bag and board. (i.e., Silver Age or Current Age sizes)

4. Storing the Comics Properly

Alright, you have made it this far! Now, the last step is throwing your comics on a shelf somewhere and hoping for the best, right? NO! To ensure the best-kept comics, you should put your comics in a comic box, which are so easy to find. You can get them at any comic shop, or even online for pretty cheap. The boxes are designed to keep the comics upright, leaning against each other so that you can flip through the contents with relative ease.

5. Repeat

Now that you have all of your comics put away and ready to be enjoyed another day, it's time to go back to the store and start the whole process over again. The only way to ensure that the comic book industry stays open and viable is to keep supporting the industry. Especially the little guys. Next time you see someone at a convention trying to sell their own creation, don't turn your nose up at it. Give it a try.

I hope this was helpful to you, I know I enjoy the feeling of knowing I am taking care of something I love.

Thanks for reading!

© 2018 Mark Walker Jr


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    • Laura335 profile image

      Laura Smith 

      2 years ago from Pittsburgh, PA

      Great topic. I just bagged my comics over the weekend. I brought home some clear, vinyl sleeves from work that Velcro closed. They're big enough to fit most of my graphic novels, but I still need boards to keep them from bending. I might just cut up some old cardboard. The only problem is, the sleeves do not fit my comics box so I still keep most of them on a narrow bookshelf. Will it damage the books if they are sticking out from the end of the shelf?

    • tony55 profile image


      2 years ago from Nigeria

      Although i don't read comics anymore , i had a huge collection when i was a kid. I now enjoy Hollywood's adaptation of the superheros and villains.


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