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Analysis: The Ending of Gantz

Christopher is an anime and manga expert from Massachusetts.


Spoiler Alert

The ending of Gantz will be recapped below. This article is intended for people who have finished reading and want more insight into the ending of this manga.


Gantz is a popular manga that has been in print since 2000. The creators of the series released the final issue in August 2013, and fans were anything but satisfied with the ending. Gantz was not afraid to push boundaries, offering an entertaining mixture of gore, sex, and philosophy between the front and back covers of each issue. It got to the core of what mankind is capable of, sometimes depicting characters going above and beyond for others, but more often showing the selfishness that is our desire to live.

This series really made one think, questioning religion, mortality, and even what the human soul is. And despite these heavy themes, the series maintained a well-paced story studded with action at every turn and a plethora of characters that you began to really root for.

The creators of Gantz were also bold in their willingness to kill off characters, doing this at the moment you least expected it, and to those who seemed the most untouchable–even the main character was killed off at one point (technically). Almost every time a new group of characters came together in a well-formed, cohesive team, the authors of the series would slaughter them.

As the story progressed over the years, the plot lines became more and more complicated until the story stopped making sense in certain places. A great example was when vampires showed up, meddled in the affairs of the main characters, and then disappeared, never to be mentioned again. Although these holes in the plot existed, it did not detract much from the quality of the overall story.

Until the final story arc, that is.

The Final Story Arc

What Worked

1. The final story arc is where Gantz started to lose quality, but not everything was a train wreck. Suddenly, the dynamic of being sent on missions stops, and the world is invaded by aliens. The creation of the Gantz suits earlier in the series was in anticipation of this invasion: they would give humanity a fighting chance against an extraterrestrial enemy with advanced technology. So, although this completely changed the flow of the story, I feel it had to happen eventually to reach a real conclusion. Taking into account the earlier creation of the Gantz suits, a huge alien invasion to end the series, in theory, works.

2. Another aspect of the finale that worked very well was the brutality of the aliens inside the spaceship. Although all military units were sent down to conquer Earth, the interior of the spaceship was an entire city of aliens just living their lives. As we continue to the part of story where Kurono takes an alien woman hostage in order to get around safely, we find these aliens are exactly like us, and have the same sort of mentality: they, too, have problems, and are too absorbed with their own self-preservation to care about what they consider lower lifeforms. To them, humans are just another food source, as cattle are to us. If the roles were reversed, humans would have done the exact same thing. This fits well with the entire theme of the manga.

3. Finally, Kurono's quest to save Tae-chan was the climax of Kurono's character arc. At the beginning of Gantz, Kurono was a total pessimist who would never risk his neck for someone else. As time went on, though, he became his old self, which his friend Kato always looked up to: the man that would save everyone and defy the odds, always succeeding in his task. At first, it seemed he would stay this way until the end, but then the invasion happened. He lost Tae-chan and was suddenly bombarded by people pleading for his help. He quickly cracked under the stress, and, having an epiphany, he realized that it was impossible for him to save everyone. In fact, he didn't even want to save everyone. To him, there was only Tae-chan. As a result, he dropped his hero facade and was finally aiming for what he wanted: the woman he loved.

To some, this sounds like a terrible character trait, but it is a realistic one. Kurono constantly lost companions throughout the series, some of which were love interests. These people slipped through his fingers, and he would convince himself that it was entirely his fault, such as when Kato and the rest of the team dies at the Buddhist temple. But, now, he refuses to let this happen. He resolves to no longer carry the burden. At the end of Gantz, Kurono is aiming to save the women he loves. It is only right before the final fight, when he says he cares about nothing in the world and only wishes that Tae-chan would come back, that he does.

What Didn't Work

1. The invasion made sense, but I feel that the execution was way off and could have been done better. First, all the aliens they had fought up until that point suddenly became pointless. Readers were left to assume that they were all just immigrants trying to make a home on Earth, and had no connection to the final invasion. Now, it was a single race of aliens that had set their sights on Earth for its resources, instead of a hodgepodge of races like those the Gantz team had faced in earlier issues.This is just one of many major plot holes this finale created, ruining the continuity of the rest of the series.

2. Another narrative misstep was when the humans find The Room of Truth. This room was a source of seemingly endless knowledge where they could receive a truthful answer to any question. This is where religion comes into play in the story. In The Room of Truth, they are told there is no God, only data, and what we think of as the human soul is nothing but data floating in the air. It is not the ideas presented here that I take issue with, it is how the ideas were presented. Suddenly, the humans find a place that can give them the answer to every question they've ever had. To me, it seemed like with this incredibly lazy writing, the author had written himself into a corner.

3. Which brings me to one of the major complaints I have about the Gantz finale: the pacing. The ending was obviously rushed. The last few chapters are proof of this, because, not only does this series end with no afterword or, "Where are they now?" chapters, it leaves numerous unanswered questions. The final battle felt almost entirely pointless and was filled to the brim with practically reused panels. And when the battle is finally complete, they quickly escape the ship, get back to earth, get the girls, and, suddenly, Gantz is over.

This is a slap in the face to fans of the series. Besides its rushed nature, it gives barely any resolution to Kurono and Kato's relationship and gives none at all to the rest of the major supporting characters. It also goes against the entire message of the rest of the manga: Gantz always had an underlying sense of hopelessness, being filled with tragedy. The series made you think and reflect on the harsher aspects of life, but oddly, the ending is all lollipops and rainbows.

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You may be thinking, "But what about all the people who did die?" Yes, a lot of characters did, but with the revelation of how Gantz works, anyone related to Gantz could be resurrected by making a copy of themselves and downloading their soul into it. To the person who died, it would be as if nothing ever happened.

Final Thoughts

The ending was pure disappointment. It did not do the series justice, and what was otherwise an almost perfect manga will now be forever marred by its atrocious end. Overall, I'd still give this series a nine out of 10, but it sadly only misses the 10 mark because of the way it ended. Unfortunately for Gantz, it won't sit alongside other series I've given perfect 10s, such as:

  • Great Teacher Onizuka (GTO)
  • Hana Kimi
  • School Rumble
  • Battle Royale
  • Princess Resurrection

And I've read a lot of manga. I don't give 10s lightly.

I wrote this in the heat of reading the final chapter and taking a few moments to think it over, but I still feel these are all valid points. I'd like to hear your thoughts on this ending, especially if you can poke holes in any of the points I've highlighted here. I hope the author of Gantz, Hiroya Oku, releases some sort of bonus chapters in the coming months, so that we may receive the resolution we deserve after this 13-year-long ride.


Puripora on June 08, 2020:

Just watched the video review of Gantz on YT, and it mentioned a huge backlash in Japanese media cause of this ending. Thats how i ended up here, thanks for a simple revision.

I read and watched Gantz years ago, and it was a good refresher. Honestly, I remember enjoying the series, but the ending just VANISHED from my memory. I take it that it as at least and forgettable and disappointing as you say in this post. Now, debating with myself if I should read it again.

Now that some time has passed, did any of your thoughts change on the matter? Just curious

Dissapointed on January 12, 2020:

I'm gonna be honest and say i liked the anime a lot more than the manga. After the Buddhist temple arc it rapidly went downhill with the alien reveal to the general population with the school attack and Kei becoming pussy whipped for Tae felt out of place especially when not long ago he was head over heels for Angelina Jolie and he seemed to get over it rather quickly. Where the anime deviated from that into a more psychological horror aspect which is where it should have stayed and is where i have to give credit to the anime studio that took that route and concluded the series as they did. In the manga , everything that came up after the Buddhist temple arc kept piling more and more disappointment with me. I don't know what i was expecting but i didn't think the writer would abandon the concept of the games so soon and focus more on the drama of the day to day lives of the characters. I especially hated the mass shooting arc not because it was taboo but because it didn't build up properly and didn't conclude with a good payoff. With regard to the demons and vampires i dunno what the fuck that was but it was complete trash. It seems like the author was grasping at straws trying to get everything mixed in just to raise the stakes when the games where enough for that , having to face a different monstrosity every week would have been a great thing to keep going but he kept breaking his own rules within the world of Gantz that i stopped caring and once the alien invasion arc started i just skimmed through it because i couldn't be bothered to care anymore. Gantz started out great and has got to be the most disappointing manga I've ever read and i actually prefer the anime over it.

TheMerryGambit on October 10, 2017:

An interesting analysis.

While I certainly agree that the ending was very rushed. I feel that the author probably had a much more interesting ending in mind but was pressured into finishing the manga for financial reasons or via request from the publisher... the same thing sadly happened to bleach.

As for the concept tho I feel that the overall idea that was presented was pretty solid. It would make sense that the other races would only sparingly try to populate Earth if they knew that the Dominant race from their galaxy had set their sites on the same planet. What got me was how under-powered the giants seemed to be in comparison to some of the other Aliens such as the Roman statue monsters who seemed to be much stronger. I feel like the giants were defeated a bit too easily. I mean the Tenzu boss in the Osaka ark was able to resist the Z-Gun's gravity field. I feel that the giants should have been a little tougher. I also have mixed feelings regarding the cloning of Kurano. On the one hand I felt it was a bit of a cop out and contrived. It seemed like it was clearly fan service for the people that really wanted to see Kurano and Reika together. On the other they made a fucking BADASS power couple. I was so routing for them and it was truly sad seeing them both die. I felt the same way about when Sei died in the bhuddist temple. At that point I was watching the Anime which depicted her character a bit more japanese and not a blatant Angelina Joli rip off. But I though she was amazing. I liked how realistic the jealousy motivated introduction to that relationship was but how it grew into something real by the time Sei realized she was in love with Kurano and was willing to Die for him.... So powerful.

But the overall concept of the giant race and how it was ultimately resolved was pretty good. I feel that if they really took the time to flesh out the final arc it could have been a truly Epic. For instance how did the Americans and other Gantz forces actually succeed in subduing the Giants to the point where they were willing to conduct a duel for the fate of humanity?

For instance I feel it would have been far more impactful to have a big reveal by the "masters" behind gantz when the Rules are suspended at the outset of the invasion where all the Gantzers are summoned together including resurrecting all past participants of the Gantz games who actually scored points.

That way they could justify the Gantz as being a game to cherry pick the most resiliant people on the planet who would be able to fight in the most dire and hopeless of circumstances and that it was all an elaborate plan to build an army of super soldiers that could face the oncoming Giant Alien invasion.

THAT is where they could have inserted "The Room of Truth" with far greater impact with maybe a few script changes to what the God Alien's responses to better justify why they gave their technology to Humanity in order to maintain balance. For instance there could have been a great narrative there where the Gods explain that the giant race are unbalancing the universe with their arrogance and consumption and destroy everywhere they settle. To correct this the gods chose humanity to combat them because they are in many ways similar to the Giant race but still have Compassion. I.E. the Giants represent the depth of selfishness, hubris, complacency, entitlement and hedonism that the human race could become. By pitting the Giants against the humans it serves to hold up a mirror to each other showing what the giants lost somewhere along the way and warning humanity of what they could become in an effort to divert and follow a different path. The god aliens could be impassive to who wins knowing that the meeting of the two races will forever change the other win lose or draw. The idea to give the technology that surpasses the giant's own technology to the humans was to put both races on even playing fields.

After said briefing there would be little time for reunions but there would be some really amazing emotional dynamics and scenes throughout the course of the conflict with the giants that could occur between the Gantzers that died and those that survived and it would have been interesting seeing who survived and who dies throughout the conflict.

Maybe one of the ways humanity beats the Giants is when the Vampires and the other aliens residing on the planet decide to declare a truce and come together to fight the Giant invasion as it is clear they will be exterminated along with the humans. That would actually give some meaning to the entire vampire arc vs being completely pointless at the end.

Other interesting concepts could also be explored such as how does humanity cope with their new "infinite lives" system. How it was compromised at one point in the story by the giants (taking out a satillite etc.) Complex concepts regarding IF something should be done regardless if we CAN do it could also be explored.

Also the concept of clones and duplicity as well as coming to grips with our own mortality and how we are just biological versions of the machines we create. There could have been an amazing moment between the resurrected Gantz Kishimoto and the original Kei. Seeing herself fighting monsters and realizing she had strength she never new she had... almost like glimpsing into an alternate universe where she is stronger than she ever could have imagined. He could have even explored the concept of "data merging" two "Data Souls" together into one similar to merging folders on a computer.

In short the concept was solid because there is such a multitude of narratives, scenes and stories that could come out a fully fleshed out version of it. The Manga could have easily been over 500 chapters but I think that the author and publisher were burned out on the series and perhaps it just wasn't getting the audience it used to in order to justify continued publication. Instead it was rushed to the finish line and given absolutely no proper send off in order to wrap it up.

Alas I think we all wanted Gantz to end better... if nothing else I feel it deserves some kind of Epilogue to wrap up all of the loose ends at the end.

whizzer on February 20, 2017:

ok so i'm not a huge fan of gantz. Was reading it from time to time and really did enjoy its boldness. Just finished the manga. Am i the only one on Earth thinking they all died at the end? i think they said the alien ship will fall on earth, then will cause a cataclysm.

when kei defeated the "hero alien" ,The alien comrade commited suicide and for me that was the moment when earth was doomed.

It was as well a satyr of the author. after the "room of truth" scene, we learned that humans are really arrogants and are the same as ants..

An entire world was on the verge of destruction , so earth being in danger was kind of meaningless, when you compare it to the mothership which hosts an entire civilisation of its own..

After the alien ship trigger its autodestruction mode, kei and the others are sent into space. They have hope, so it's normal they fight till the last seconds to get a chance of survival...

But come on, no one will ever survive in space. Even with gantz suits..

How did they survive when they reached earth atmosphere and millions of heat degree's??

Now about that scene when they magically float on a sea. It's totally dark. "it's cold, very cold, i wanna see tae/his brother" for both of them.. then kei closes his eyes. I think for me they both died.

everybody died.

It's just like a dream, or an inception sort of ending.

And even maybe the conception of some kind of "paradise". Where all their desires comes true.

They save the world, kei get the girl, kato returns to his brother.

Notice how everything is rushed, and more importantly, how tae chan and kato's brother appears magically to hold them back when they were falling?

Idk, i read that in that way and i'm confused cause if this is true , that means it's genius.

But if indeed that's a happy ending i agree with everything you guys said , and it's just a lazy ending and writing...

daenki on October 10, 2016:

I felt it so rushed too ending like that, yet, the ending is a very ironic one, and every place I read any comments on this ending, nobody seems to realise that the Aliens invading earth, all of them are dead, not all of them bad, and the "happy ending" is in contrast to that. The ending is actually bittersweet.

A Different Mario on February 17, 2016:

Nooooooooooooooooo! This ending was so Hollywood. *kyaaa!*

Its like anything on the alien side wasn't really fleshed out. So much of it was good though D;

John 7 on February 11, 2016:

so i just finished Gantz a few minutes ago. i started reading this manga years ago after a friend introduced me to the anime. i liked that the anime was short but Gantz is enjoyable, and different, so i wanted a little more. i'm the kinda guy that flies through manga if i'm really into it, and at first i was really glad i gave the manga a chance. i'm guessing it was sometime in 2011 that i started reading, and many of the things i've read back then were forgotten but i remember losing interest sometime after the vampires. maybe even before that.

in case you're wondering why i picked it back up in 2016, it's because i went to a friend's house on Sunday, and he was about to start the live action film : Gantz, Perfect Answer. i had already watched the first film, and didn't care enough to watch anymore. in fact it was sort of a chore for me to even finish the first film. anyways, watching Perfect Answer had me thinking that maybe i should just push through and finish the manga. i had a friend who told me he was extremely disappointed with how things ended but for some reason i had to see for myself.

boy do i feel like i should've just left it alone. not like i had anything better to do but damn it was a let down. a lot of times i felt bombarded with pages of nonsense. i'm the type of guy that hates giants in my anime/manga. if it's a really cool enemy/monster then i'm ok with it but i do remember being turned off years ago when i ran into the early chapters of the giant aliens. i don't even wanna start talking about how tired i got with the insect fighting, and Tae crying. i get that Kei was fighting for someone he loved but goddamn. this is Gantz, not some fucking romantic lifetime channel movie for women. it was enraging having to click through pages of snotty-nosed crying. i'm starting to go off on a tangent, so i'll just shut up about all the stuff i hate.

what i did find interesting was The Room of Truth. i feel like they dropped the ball with that, and so much more could've been explained there. i also can't be the only one that feels like that was introduced at the wrong time. that Room of Truth could've hit harder if it was saved for after the fight that Kei had with the leader of the giant aliens. it's like beating the final boss, and being brought into a room where all your questions are answered, or whatever. instead we get that first, then we get some less-than-mediocre final fight, and then some other guys crawling out of the ocean, and into the arms their loved ones. WTF?

i didn't hate the ending but i didn't like it either. i felt like things were out of order, and many things weren't explained. it's obvious the creator was already done with this, and was just auto-piloting this to get it over with. it would've been nice to see a few bonus chapters with Kei, and the others going on about their regular lives. i wanted to see Muscle Rider reuniting back with that kid, and maybe starting a little family with him and that female fighter that kissed him. it just ended as if someone told the author to finish it or else!

lastly, i feel the anime's ending was better. when i say that, i mean in the way which it ended. there was a sense of despair. impending doom. the manga feeds you through every stage of hell, and then offers you a slice of heaven at the end. was definitely forced. the final battle wasn't even remotely entertaining. like i said earlier, it wouldn't have been as sour if The Room of Truth was the last thing they dealt with before waking up in an ocean.

i give this a 6/10. anything more than a 7 is ridiculous, and those who give it anything higher need to be trapped in a game of Gantz without suits, or weapons.

Neto Arteaga on September 14, 2015:

I was finished reading the manga a little over 2 years ago and forgot many things. So i was browsing around the internet for a summary and came across your review.

Well fucking said, man. I too think that the enging was kind of abrubt, although at the time i didn't have mch problem with the room of truth, i just thought it was weird and somewhat unecessary.

I don't mind happy endings that much, but I doo see a lot of contrast between the tone of the whole story and the very endding. It just doesn't feel like it belings to this story.

And I totally forgot about the vampires xD you just reminded me, so yes totally off with those.

Great review, man!

viz on July 05, 2015:

i want the manga to end as like everyone is resurrected and after the battle the persons are made into normal humans and gantz to be the good guy only helping the humanity from the attack and he leaves for good and there should be a speech of gantz at the end about the world and he should say that he is the earth guardian from the distant future and he wanted to help people because in the future the people were totally selfish and killed themselves so he just wanted to change all that so he came back and changed the future.he leaves and all the previous gantz members go back to their normal lives even the hero of the show gets the girls who all loved him and there will be 2 Kei Kishimoto and the real one fall for kei korono and the other for his friend and harem starts with all the girls kei met in gantz even with his teacher and he becomes a popular guy and he lives happily and after some years gantz is shown again with a new game and place and kei meets the old women and she says that the game has begun and the old women turns to gantz ball .

just some guy passin by on April 27, 2015:

sooo....any fan theory on how GANTZ was supposed to end?

Eluscard on March 02, 2015:

Just finished it today in a sitting and personally I've been wanting sort of an epilogue or an after-story or whatever for the characters, especially for reika and kei #2. It's still leaving a me with a really nasty aftertaste even after days because reika is without a doubt one of the most prominent female members of gantz throughout the series, and she's just a really well-made character. The author just isn't doing that couple justice imo ( reika doesn't even have screentime for her final battle to save kei #2, or even a decent farewell ), and that final reunion in that room when the gods resurrected her was just heartbreaking.

reginald on October 24, 2014:

So far...

The daughter of the very rich man, that Sebastion the freelace reporter had to visit in germany, is the medium for the blueprints that were sent to earth by the godlike aliens in the room of truth. These blueprints were sent to Earth in hopes of giving the inhabitants of Earth a fighting chance, this was seen as a way to give balance to everything.

What i don't get is the "do you feel god?" quote. That was said by an alien that based its attacks on how you percieve him to attack. Then that same quote was asked by the German man to Sebastion and then the german guy gets trasnported away, gantz style.

My thoughts on the matter are that the alien that they fought in Osaka that killed you the way you percieved it attacking you, was actually the alien species that was in the truth room. This of course opens the theory that the truth god is a shapeshifter and can appear as any form, e.i. a human german man.

I also feel that it's important to add that when team Tokyo (Katou and party) shows up on the mothership of the giants, there are a lot of people doing waaaay awful and horrible things to the aliens and then others who run off to seek this knowledge thay everyone already seems to know about. it would make sense to me that because there are already people there, that they may have already stepped foot into the truth gods domain and got a big heaping dose of it and decided to all be ass holes for the rest of their life. Considering the flow of the comic, it doesn't seem unlikely that could have happened. So now you have other people hearing about this truth that they can figure out by passing through with gantz to an unknown area with the answer to everything.

Now the real question is why? Why is it that these people can all of a sudden have a chat with god under a lie detector? The only reason i could think is because truth god wanted to explain to the humans that they arent hot stuff and just dust in the wind. Truth god was waiting for some ass hat to bring up religion or something to at least explain that they arent the center of the universe. Truth god did so by saying there is no god and that we are all just "stuff" and no better than the animals. Considering the fact that these Truth god aliens had the ability to take out the giants the first time and then have the ability to transend time and space, means that they could have gone to earth and defended it. However they didn't and it is because they can't.

There is this endless being that is trying to keep an alien race of giants from upsetting the balance of the universe. What do they do? They send in brainwaves how to make the Gantz models. They could stop them themselves when the time came, they don't; They could send the technology themselves, they don't; they could just defeat the alien giants so no one else may be taken by them; they don't. They choose the option that keeps them out of it the most and i would say its because they can't interfere with another planet as long as they are on that planet. Of course this isn't consistent with the story based on that principle alone, essentially there would need to be some exceptions to the rule, but everything that occurred on the mother ship (other than that dumb ass final battle) seemed congruent to me.

Last notes, i like the quote "Do you feel God?" Its insinuating that you may feel God physically, which istheoreticslly impossible based on the stipulation that faith is the only

lway to take advantage of religious perks and what reason to

have religion is there other than the perks it has? Such as

moral lessons, friendliness, blessings, etc. So asking if one can physically feel God from the perspective of (what is assume to be the truth god) the truth god, he is laughing in thaith

H_AhmadOoh on September 18, 2014:

I totally agree with your review, Gantz idea was a perfectly outstanding series. but the last chapter was a total disaster !!!, i couldn't imagine that a remarkable author like that could make such an ending. Firstly, i wanna start with the Main-Character's girlfriend. Tae-chan or what ever her name was. man i don't get it, why is the Main's girlfriend are so ugly and silly compered with the other girls, she was one of the reasons that made me hate the show or the last 2 or 3 chapters at least, despite that the author's idea of splitting kei into two and gave him Reika as a gf was almost satisfying but killing Reika after that was totally stupid, i felt like the author had someone looks like Tae-chan in reality, so ugly compered to his friends or something, maybe that was the reason IDK xD !. secondly, the idea of vampires and demons was perfect, it shows that there is powers on earth that are divided into 3 , which is the hunters ( Gantz ) , vampires and the demons, but the disappointing thing is both of the vampires and the demons had nothing to do in the series, its like they came to kill some Hunters ( Gantz ) and that's it they have no role whatsoever $6. thirdly, which you focused on your review , and i totally agree with it is ; the ending. the Plot it self made me forget about all the disappointing things ; like the useless Kei's girlfriend , Parties who had vanished with no role ETC.... but i couldn't believe that the author will really rush things and leave his audience with a sheet full of questions !?, like what happened with people who died in gentz ? who the hell is the fat girl ? who is sebastian ???

ps on August 19, 2014:

wasn't the ship falling towards earth?

ADD on May 24, 2014:

Man was i disapointed...I mean this huge epic final of season 2( Sebastian being somewhat huge,fucking strong italy aliens etc) gave me an orgasm and then...whole invasion arc was somewhat lame..I really expected some cool twists, a big role for sebastian and many explanations. WHat we got was a rushed stupid piece of Sh** ..FOr me gantz ends with season two.I just pretend it was cancelled and never finished, gives me a better feeling

Fbritannia on May 04, 2014:

I loved this manga, in fact I could say it's one of my favorites. However I do agree, it has a lot of flaws, for example I hated that they never explained the vampires, Kei wasn't faced by his brother's death, I don't mind the aliens not having connection, however I felt the explanation of how Gantz works was pretty rushed. The last battle was kinda' uneventful, and the art in the last issues got a little bit bad (Still better than most mangas). I disliked not seeing if Katou meet with the Osaka girl, Kei's clone death was pretty meh, Kishimoto being a clone was never explained, and I really disliked Reika dying (I loved her as a character), cherry's powers never got explained, and no one acknowledges his death, what where the Ghosts he was seeing. Yeah a lot of questions withou answers. But for what is worth the rest of the manga really makes up for it. Also, I don't mind the happy ending, I think they had gone trough much, seeing them get at least some happy things out of life was ok. Also as a quick reminder, I thought the maind danger of the manga were going to be the Vampires, they were going to be the last mission, but probably Oku saw Independence Day and decided an alien invasion would be cool.

Slim on May 03, 2014:

What would have fixed everything would have been more emphasis on what all those previous demons were all about. If they were just immigrant aliens...why were some of them practically GODS? Couldn't they have put up more than a fight against the giant aliens? Where did the aliens go that were sent up into the stars with that one "trap" gun attack? It would have been nice to show where they all go. The ending was rushed. And Muscle Rider deserved waaaaay more screen time.

Christopher Gordon (author) from Massachusettes on April 24, 2014:

School Rumble's ending is kind of bad but in a different way than Gantz's. School Rumble was pretty random throughout the series since it is a comedy, so although the ending could have been a lot better, it also does not impact the series as largely as it does for Gantz.

Gantz has a lot of build up to this final climax but gives not much closure to the main character and none at all for the many important side characters. It also kind of went against the theme of the rest of the series besides Kurono's character arc. So to me at least, that is why I feel the ending kind of harms the series overall while School Rumble's doesn't.

Zorro on April 24, 2014:

I don't get how you would like School Rumble's ending and be disappointed by Gantz's. I mean, they're both disappointing to a level i have rarely seen, though they're both just awesome series in their respective genre

I've not yet read something that is as great as Gantz, the storytelling, the drawings, the suspens, everything in this manga is S-rank (yeah even the "i have to save Tae-arc")

The ending's really bad i give you that

JessMan on April 06, 2014:

Rating Gantz 9/10? top kek m8.

Rating Battle Royale a 10/10? Eben vigger top kek m9.

Don't get me wrong though, I loved Gantz (and Battle Royale for that matter). TBH, I think Gantz went downhill after the Buddhist temple arc. Imagine if it ended there. THAT would be a properly hopeless and meaningless ending that Gantz deserved. Not this BS where everyone lived happily ever after.

usman on March 13, 2014:

The finding the room of truth wasn't really a plot hole. Its obvious the technology isn't man made, the "blueprints" were given to that disabled girl so that it could be used against the invasion. It would be a plot hole in my opinion if they never showed the room of truth, which is also like one of the most informative parts of the entire manga

KaiiZ on March 12, 2014:

Whoa.... Today, I just finished the whole series in 3 days or so....

Very exhausted. LOL

Gotta admit I skimmed through quite a number of chapters toward the end.

This review is great. Totally agree. Especially "lollipops and rainbows"

Pricha on March 10, 2014:

But I still think that Gantz is the best manga ever

Tom on January 20, 2014:

Sure the ending was rushed. But I think the plot left some clues regarding resurrecting dead characters. As Gantz (the man inside the ball) says near the end, all he could do then was to teleport them and broadcasting messages. Note that the man in the ball mentioned frequently that to revive, data need to be downloaded and he could not reach for data. Since we know that all these wonderful techs come from Aliens through the daughter from Germany, it is presumed that data was no longer available either due to 1) cellphone line broke off during the final invasion or 2) the Advanced alien race that gave all the tech stopped providing information. In short, i think while the ball and teleportation function are sort of like a one time gift to humans, revival is more a real-time-data service.

thom on January 12, 2014:

The aliens they killed before were for sport. The rich man controlling and producing gantz set up arena style death matches and they gambled on the outcome. It doesn't need a tie in it was murder for intertainment.

Reikonyx on October 27, 2013:

I agree to a point with what you have said but I just want to point that they explain a lot of what you had a problem with in the manga.

It was stated in the manga that Earth was sent the "Gantz" technology only, and it was mans greed that used the technology to make it an "ultimate sport hunting" game and make $$ off of it, by using humans to hunt aliens while plutocrats (rich people) bet on the fights.

I do agree the ending felt a bit rushed but I don't mind that it left the aftermath to our imagination. Heck maybe he will do another series set in the same universe hundreds of years later or something ^_^ But i believe Kurono deserves a break ^_^

Jerwin Arca on October 21, 2013:

reading the manga itself, i strongly agree that the author intend to end the series because of his own emotions expressed to his work.

I can feel the pain of the author, maybe the author represent himself as Kei Kurono, dying to save someone very important to him.

that he expressed that if he is Kei, he will only trust himself, I guess the author itself suffer in an emotional depression,

The Alien Invasion represents Tragedy/ Catastrophe to the author’s life, maybe someone is going to die in real life,

And then everything turn into nothing and someone died, the author expressed that no god at all, if you remember

When they asked the truth Kato and others, the alien things said that humans are arrogant, worse species, deserved nothing actually,

I strongly agree that there is something wrong with the Author himself.

Flavia on September 26, 2013:

I agree with you.

The plot has a lot of holes and some parts seemed exaggerated to make sense.

You're right, if human beings are created so easily, why did not he resurrected all the characters who died.

And what happens next with the characters who survived? why so many questions have not been answered? ... = /

I'm a little disappointed.

(sorry my english)

Bomazu on August 28, 2013:

Nice Review. Gantz was an amazing manga. It had spectacular artwork, storyline, characters and ideas for the most part. When I first started reading, I felt moved by how awesome this was. Gantz was something special.

But there were continuity and coherency problems running through the entire story, especially from the Invasion arc onwards. A lot of pages didn't make sense, lacked clarity and felt rushed. Lots of suddenly being transported from one place to the next for no apparent reason, characters suddenly having weapons which didn't exist in previous panels or fundamental rules and parameters set out earlier in the story suddenly get abandoned without appropriate explanation. This is just not acceptable and can't understand how such a beautiful work can have such epically huge holes.

I was so desperate for clarity and answers to the many questions Gantz raises, and half the time felt very disappointed with the answers given, or lack of answer at all. The ending chapters were rushed and I feel totally disappointed not knowing how all the great cast members ended up after all was said and done. If only the work could be re-written to correct the gaps and flaws, it would be a the best sci-fi story conceived in recent time.

Instead, it's an amazing work but with some bitterly disappointing flaws.

Mario on August 09, 2013:

Mario. We do know who was the man inside the ball. READ THE MANGA.

It was just a copy of a man that controls the GANTZ ball. He was nothing special.

Mario on July 14, 2013:

And we still didn't know wtf was the man inside the ball!

That's the first question I had when i started reading it so long ago, and now i won't get a fuckin answer! And what about the fat girl in the bad that received signals to make his father build the gantz? Wtf was that for? It's like he rushed everything leaving questions there not givin a fuck if we care or not

Me on July 06, 2013:

I remember reading Gantz 381 and at the end "2 more chapters" the only thing I could say was wtf. The ending was not what many of us expected but all I can say is thanks to Oku for giving us this manga even if the final was not what made us love Gantz.

Relle on July 05, 2013:

I just finished reading Gantz and I have to agree with a lot of what you said. The ending (especially the final chapter) felt very rushed. Something felt off during a lot of the final arc for me. That being said I still feel this series is leaps and bounds ahead of many other manga series I have read. In response to a few of your points. 1) I too wondered why the aliens they fought were in no way related to the final invasion. The only logical explanation I can think of is that Gantz was using these other aliens as training for the Kei and the others. This allowed the humans to learn how to use the suits and weapons provided for them and to learn how to fight against opponents that did not think or act like a human. Still it would have been nice if these aliens were more directly related to the final invasion force. 2)As you stated Gantz has always been filled with a sense of hopelessness and the ending was much more upbeat than expected. I feel "The Room of Truth" was where the hopelessness of the ending came in. This was probably supposed to be the balance to the happy ending. But this was a very random scene seemingly coming out of nowhere with little explanation. Other than these two things I feel the same as you do about the ending. I will be hoping for some sort of epilogue to the series so longtime readers can get some closure for the characters we've followed for so long.

Yamchito on July 05, 2013:

I totally agree with you. Best Gantz ending review I've read so far.

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