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Getting Into DC Comics: Justice League Titles (New 52)

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Comics in the New 52 are generally broken down into related categories, primarily in regards to solicits. The Justice League category focuses not just on the League team-up books or their members, but also includes more obscure characters like Mister Terrific as well as a couple anthology series. This where you'll find your traditional Superhero stories.

(Note: Batman, Superman, and Green Lantern have their own categories for their solo adventures and related titles)

The following is a listing of all titles in the New 52 that fall into this category in order of initial release and alphabetized.


September 2011 - March 2015
Issues: 1-40, 0, 2 Annuals

The eponymous title focuses on Aquaman, the son of a lighthouse keeper and an Atlantean queen. Born of two worlds and never really fitting in either. All he wants is to live peacefully in solitude with his wife Mera. Aquaman returns to Amnesty Bay along with his wife. Aquaman has abdicated from his role as their King. He decides to try returning to being full-time superhero. However, he is still subject to ridicule as the general public sees him as a joke. A weak metahuman with useless powers.

Boy, does Aquaman prove them wrong. From conflicts with Ocean Master to ancient evils and Hercules himself, Aquaman shows of his skill set like a pro. This is definitely one of the titles worth picking up. Geoff Johns did wonders for this character.


Captain Atom

September 2011 - September 2012
Issues: 1-12, 0

Nathanial Adams is Captain Atom, charged by nuclear energy, possessing vast molecular powers. "Captain Atom has the potential to be a literal god among men—a hero without limits." Pushing himself to save people across the world, Captain Atom realizes that he may be losing control of his powers. Thus, becoming a larger threat to the people of Earth than anything else he's ever encountered. He also struggles with relating to other people and trying to find a way to regain his normal human form. Not to mention a visit from his future self bearing an ominous warning of catastrophe.


DC Universe Presents

September 2011 - April 2013
Issues: 1-19, 0

This anthology title features stories from a lot of different characters in an attempt to flesh out the New 52 universe in it's early days. The characters featured in each issue are as follows:

  • #1-5: Deadman,
  • #6-8: Challengers of the Unknown
  • #9-11: Kass Sage and Vandal Savage
  • #12: Kid Flash
  • #0: Mr. Terrific, Hawk & Dove, Kevin Kho (O.M.A.C.) and Mother Machine
  • #13-16: Blue Devil and Black Lightning
  • #17: Roy Harper
  • #18: Starfire
  • #19: Beowulf

The Flash

September 2011 - March 2015
Issues: 1-40, 0, 3 annuals

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Barry Allen is The Flash, the original speedster. Struck by lightning, doused in chemicals, and WHAM, he is now the fastest man alive. His connection to something called the "Speedforce" is explored during this series as well as his other speed related talents; such as the ability to think at super speeds, perceive things in slow motion, among others. Barry finds himself at odds with all kinds of "baddies" including Mob Rule, The Rogues, Gorilla Grodd (who in this universe has a connection to the Speedforce!), a re-vamped Reverse Flash.

Aside from Mob Rule, you can see versions of these villains on The CW's "The Flash" TV show! If you're a fan of the show, READ THE COMIC. If you find you like the comic, WATCH THE SHOW. Even if the comic isn't quite your cup of tea, STILL WATCH THE SHOW! It's worth your time, I assure you.


The Fury of Firestorm: The Nuclear Men

September 2011 - May 2013
Issues: 1-20, 0

Jason Rusch and Ronnie Raymond are two high school students with nothing in common. That is until a terrorist group attacks their school and they become exposed to the "God Particle." The exposure transforms both Jason and Ronnie into Firestorm, and the two teens briefly battle each other before accidentally merging into a hulking creature known as the Fury. Something they work to avoid in the future.

Their relationship is unsteady at best given that they pretty much hate each other, but they ally themselves against a group called The Hyenas who are being paid to hunt them down by the mysterious Zither Corporation. Between The Hyenas, Rogue Firestorms and a host of countries creating their own firestorms, Jason and Ronnie have their hands full preventing disaster.

In the 3rd and final volume of the series, it's retitled to The fury of Firestorm: The Nuclear Man, and this slight change is very significant.

Green Arrow

September 2011 - March 2015
Issues: 1-40, 0

Green Arrow is an amazing title ... issue 17 and beyond. Other than picking up the first trade for introduction sake, I recommend skipping straight into Vol 4.

Even starting that late, what Jeff Lemire does to revive this title is astounding.

Justice League

August 2011 - April 2015
Issues: 1-40, 0

This is the central title of the New 52. The first arc takes place five years in the past when the League first meets to confront Darkseid. After vol 1 (issue 6) the title returns to the present, establishing the continuity reboot of Flashpoint.

Featuring the roster of:

  • Superman
  • Batman
  • Wonder Woman
  • The Flash
  • Green Lantern
  • Aquaman
  • Cyborg


Originally running as a back up in Justice League, this One Shot follows a young orphan named Billy Batson. He's no stranger to the foster system, but shortly after arriving at his latest home, he's drawn to the Rock of Eternity and infused with the magical powers of SHAZAM!

JLI #1

JLI #1

Justice League International

September 2011- August 2012
Issues: 1-12, 1 Annual

The JLI is the predecessor to the Justice League of America, at least in concept. The team is created and sanctioned by the United Nations and features a roster of heroes from all different countries.

The team, lead by Booster Gold, includes:

  • Guy Gardner
  • Fire (Brazil)
  • Ice (Norway)
  • Rocket Red (Russia)
  • Vixen (Africa)
  • Godiva (England)
  • August General in Iron (China)
  • and Batman, though not officially sanctioned

This title had it's moments but, all in all, fell flat. Not something I would personally recommend.


Mister Terrific

September 2011 - April 2012
Issues: 1-8

Michael Holt is a genius and CEO of a Fortune 500. But when he lost his wife, his entire world turned upside down. To deal with his grief, he used his wealth to become the technology-powered polymath hero Mister Terrific.

The series is pretty generic. Not a lot of character development or reasons to care about Mister Terrific, his supporting cast, or his villains. The villains themselves might as well be labeled Obstacle #1, Obstacle #2, and so on for how memorable they are. It's not a terrible read, it just doesn't feel like we're getting anything new.

The series does connect to Worlds' Finest and Earth 2 in its conclusion, making it somewhat valuable as back story if nothing more.


The Savage Hawkman

September 2011 - May 2013
Issues:1-20, 0

"Archaeological linguist Carter Hall was done being Hawkman. Hawkman, however, was not done with Carter Hall. The mysterious Nth metal that powered Carter's armor fused itself to his body, unlocking powers he never knew he possessed. Far from leaving Hawkman behind, Carter Hall now carries Hawkman with him always and can call upon his powers at any time." Credit: DC Comics, The Savage Hawkman Vol 1. Darkness Rising (Back Blurb)

The first 8 issues (the entire first trade) of The Savage Hawkman is written by Tony Daniel and makes for a somewhat confusing, but all around decent start to the series. As Rob Liefield takes over in issue 9 until 13, the series picks up with much more action and a higher quality of writing. A new writer is brought in to finish up the Wanted arc that Liefield started, before handing the reigns over to Tom DeFalco at issue 17. He only got a few issues before the series was cancelled, but DeFalco really improved the overall quality. It's a shame the series sales prevented him from being able to make Hawkman really shine.

Wonder Woman

September 2011 - April 2015
Issues: 1-40, 0

Introducing Wonder Woman, Princess Badass of the Amazons and a Demi-Goddess.

Her origins have changed to make our girl a daughter of Zeus and under Brian Azzarello, this title focuses on her Greek ties. She recently even became the new god of war!

The new writing team plans to branch out past Olympus and focus more on Superheroing.

Earth 2

May 2012 - March 2015
Issues: 1-32, 0, 2 annuals

It's the Justice Society of America!

Well sorta. Actually it's a parallel earth with that's been ravaged by Darkseid, leaving it without DC's Trinity (Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman). So new heroes have to take their place.

With the New 52 reboot, their wasn't room in continuity for the Justice Society of America to exist, so they gave them to us on this alternate earth.

Recommended rating:

Bad-ass seal of approval.


Justice League of America's Vibe

February 2013 - December 2013

Who is Vibe? How did he get his powers? Why does the Justice League of America want him?

This short run focuses on these questions with a multiverse hopping, guest-star prone (Kid Flash, Suicide Squad, and more), story revolving around Cisco Ramon A.K.A. Vibe. (wait, isn't that the dude from The CW's The Flash??)

Justice League of America

February 2013 - May 2014
Issues: 1-14

The U.S. Governments reaction to the Justice League; A hand-picked team designed to be able to take down each member of the Justice League. Features : Green Arrow, Catwoman, Vibe, A Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter, Hawkman, Star girl, and Katana.



February 2013 - December 2013
Issues: 1-10

Spinning out of Birds of Prey, Katana finally gets her first ever Solo-Series! Unfortunately, its poor performance means we likely won't see her get another shot any time soon. Which is a real shame because the character has so much potential. The series itself isn't bad, it just leaves you with the impression that there should be more. The dialogue feels a little unnatural and the plot progression can get a little hard to follow here and there. All in all, Katana is a mediocre title that could have, nay should have, been great.

Justice League 3000 #1

Justice League 3000 #1

Justice League 3000

December 2013 - March 2015
Issues: 1-15

In a dystopian future in the year 3000, legendary heroes from the 21st century are recreated by modern science thanks to a geneticist by the name Ariel Masters. These creations are far from perfect, bearing noticeable gaps/distortions in memory and powers. Not to mention a mutual disdain for one another. The purpose of this new Justice League is take on a group of galactic overlords known as "The Five."

Justice League United

April 2014 - March 2015
Issues: 0-10, 1 Annual

In the wake of Forever Evil, The Justice League of America has disbanded. Running into some trouble in Canada alongside Adam Strange, former JLA member Stargirl puts out an S.O.S.

The result forms a new League of heroes:

  • Martian Manhunter
  • Stargirl
  • Animal Man
  • Green Arrow
  • Adam Strange
  • Supergirl
  • Hawkman
  • Equinox.

Equinox is a new character created by writer Jeff Lemire to represent the Cree natives of Canada. In researching this new character, Lemire spent a lot of time studying, teaching art classes to children, and gaining input from the Cree community known as Moose Factory.


Aquaman and the Others

April 2014 - March 2015
Issues: 1-11

The Others, were originally a team of individuals banded together by Aquaman to help him in his war against Black Manta. Sometime after their disbandment, The Others are brought together again due to a mysterious foe hunting them down in pursuit of the Atlantean artifacts they posses.


Secret Origins

April 2014 - March 2015
Issues: 1-11

Another anthology series, this time focusing on details from the origins of various characters.

Issue 1: Superman; Supergirl; Dick Grayson
Issue 2: Batman; Aquaman; Starfire
Issue 3: Green Lantern (Hal Jordan); Batwoman; Red Robin
Issue 4: Harley Quinn; Green Arrow; Damian Wayne
Issue 5: Cyborg; Red Hood; Mera
Issue 6: Wonder Woman; Deadman; Sinestro
Issue 7: Huntress; Superboy; The Flash
Issue 8: Grayson; Animal Man; Katana
Issue 9: Swamp Thing; Power Girl; Green Lantern (John Stewart)
Issue 10: Batgirl; Firestorm; Poison Ivy
Issue 11: Black Canary; Red Lantern Guy Gardner; John Constantine

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