10 Manga Like "Ana Satsujin" (Peephole)

Updated on October 27, 2019
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Cheeky Kid has been watching anime and reading manga for as long as he can remember. Doing so takes him to different worlds.

Ana Satsujin (Peephole)
Ana Satsujin (Peephole) | Source

Ana Satsujin (a.k.a. Peephole) follows the hikikomori N.E.E.T. Etsurou Kurosu and his life after finding a reason to live through a peephole. Yes, a peephole gave Etsurou a small reason to live. He’s a shut-in, and all sources of his petty life were slowly being taken away from him: internet, electricity, water, everything! And so, the peephole provided him a newfound meaning to life.

Through the peephole is a beautiful woman living next door. Etsurou’s accidental discovery of the peephole sparked his interest and curiosity enormously. But little did he know that her next-door neighbor, Rio Miyaichi, has appallingly dark secrets.

Ana Satsujin is known for being a well-received horror/thriller manga. It’s very suspenseful as it is also disturbingly exciting, which brings many people to seek more manga like it to read! And so, with psychos, madwhacks, and extremely horrific and mentally destabilizing scenarios in mind, here are the manga like Ana Satsujin for you to read and help you question your sanity!

1. "Aku no Hana" (Flowers of Evil)

"Aku no Hana" (Flowers of Evil)
"Aku no Hana" (Flowers of Evil) | Source

It all started with a book called Les Fleurs du Mal and a schoolgirl gym uniform. Middle school student Takao Kasuga just couldn’t control himself. After leaving his book in the classroom, he comes back only to claim another object lying around, the gym uniform!

Unfortunately for Takao, someone witnessed his debauched act. She’s none other than Sawa Nakamura, an aloof girl who’s willing to use the situation to blackmail him and further her own motives! On that day, a contract was formed. Takao now has to be friends with her through thick and thin, lest his perverted secret gets divulged!

2. "Saiteihen no Otoko" (Scumbag Loser)

"Saiteihen no Otoko" (Scumbag Loser)
"Saiteihen no Otoko" (Scumbag Loser) | Source

Masahiko Murai is a scumbag loser! At home, in class, outside—he’s a loser everywhere through and through. But, he has a peculiar ability; Masahiko can notice and distinguish the smells of people!

One day, a girl Haruka Mizusawa transfers into his class. Masahiko knew who Haruka is because they were acquainted long ago. But this Haruka who transferred into his class—she has a different scent! Who is she? What are her motives? One thing’s sure for Masahiko though: the Haruka that transferred into his class is a pretender!

3. "Mirai Nikki" (Future Diary)

"Mirai Nikki" (Future Diary)
"Mirai Nikki" (Future Diary) | Source

A sweet yet cruel stalker following him, a serial murderer on his tracks, a god of space and time in his imagination, a phone that can predict his future—just what mess did Amano Yukiteru get himself into?! As things are going, he is actually now a participant in a deadly survival game with the title “God of Space and Time” at stake!

Chosen to participate and given unique diaries that can predict the future in their own ways, the Future Diary Holders must now fight until only one is left to survive. And that survivor becomes the new God of Space and Time, which would have the power to create and destroy. The only question left now is: who will survive and reign supreme?!

4. "Dead Tube"

Dead Tube
Dead Tube | Source

Tomohiro Machiya is a member of the Film Research Club. The only thing he wants to do in his free time is to film and record. He is, after all, in a time where videos and the posting of such things online are the mainstream trends, which in lead him to join the bandwagon.

As time passed by, he never expected that he’s going to reach a point where his video recording skills are going to get him involved in an unbelievable scenario! A girl in his school—Mai Mashiro—asks him to record her in everything she does in the next few days. That is, until things end up at the highlight of Mai’s recording period—her murder of someone!

5. "Boku wa Mari no Naka" (Inside Mari)

"Boku wa Mari no Naka" (Inside Mari)
"Boku wa Mari no Naka" (Inside Mari) | Source

Living life as a hikikomori N.E.E.T., Isao Komori never would have thought that an event so mysterious would soon befall him. He has lived his life as a recluse after all! The only moment he gains interest and motivation is whenever he comes to the convenience store and stalks a high school girl named Mari Yoshizaki.

Then it happened! One day, Isao wakes up in a totally unfamiliar room. It turns out, he’s not himself anymore! He’s in the body of Mari, and he has to deal with all the nuances of this new body. As if it wasn’t enough of a predicament that he’s in the body of Mari, now he also has to deal with all the tangled complexities of Mari’s life.

6. "Black Kanojo"

"Black Kanojo"
"Black Kanojo" | Source

Meet Hoshino Teru—a middle school student who has a very small stature for his age. Then there’s Amamiya, Hoshino’s friend who claims that only she can bully him! Both Hoshino and Amamiya are quite close, but as things begin to change, their relationship starts to turn dreadfully complicated.

With the news of an eye-stabbing phantom killer spreading like wildfire, things begin to shake and go off-track! Hoshino gets himself involved with the phantom killer, but he hasn’t seen enough yet to consider it the unluckiest moment of his life. Ultimately, it’s all just the beginning! Hoshino, the phantom killer, and Amamiya—the dreadful future hasn’t revealed itself yet!

7. "Elfen Lied"

"Elfen Lied"
"Elfen Lied" | Source

Lucy is a special breed of human, called a diclonius. She’s different from the rest of humanity with regards to her possessing a pair of short horns a psychic power in the form of invisible hands that can interact with anything down to the molecular level. As such, she’s a deviant who has lived a very miserable life and is sought-after by researchers, just like the other diclonii.

For years, Lucy was confined in a research facility for inhumane study and cruel experimentations. Because of this, her anger and rage towards humanity just multiplied exponentially. One day, a careless mistake leads to her eventual escape. The diclonius queen, Lucy, is about to return to the world and carry out her brutal retribution.

8. "Abnormal-kei Joshi"

"Abnormal-kei Joshi"
"Abnormal-kei Joshi" | Source

High school student Shinya Shiina wholeheartedly believes that all girls are good-for-nothings. He dislikes them and firmly believes that girls only exist to complicate things. But despite his beliefs, he is strangely surrounded by girls—the most perplexing girls at that!

One of the girls is a stalker, another is delusional, the other is a self-proclaimed vampire, and the list goes on! Soon after, a case of serial murder commences, which gets everyone involved. Shinya won’t be getting any peace of mind soon as the good-for-nothing girls he dislikes continue to push him into complicated situations!

9. "Sekai Oni"

"Sekai Oni"
"Sekai Oni" | Source

From a tender young age, Azuma Shinonome has experienced a life full of misery and unfairness. Her parents died, she got put into the custody of her uncle’s family, and she was abused and bludgeoned with despair. Such was her life, until one day the unnatural happened!

Azuma suddenly is capable of manifesting the Alice in Mirrorland syndrome. It’s a rare syndrome that pits illusion and reality with one another. Maybe it was all due to her mental instability and brokenness, but what matters now is that—the barrier between illusion and reality is about to get shattered!

10. "Mousugu Shinu Hito"

"Mousugu Shinu Hito"
"Mousugu Shinu Hito" | Source

Riku Kominatio—a high school student who wants to be a game designer—is in one hell of a situation! Who would have thought that he would have a personal harem anytime soon?! While the idea of having a personal harem might be good on paper, the actual situation is a tremendous nightmare!

Riku’s neighbor and childhood friends likes him, but he actually likes the school idol. Then another student—who happens to be a new transfer student—gets involved as well! And it all begins! A game called “Die Any Day” gobbles them all up into a mess that will ultimately end in death if the girls fail to make Riku fall in love with them.

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