10 Manga Like "Ao Haru Ride" (Blue Spring Ride)

Updated on October 27, 2019
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Cheeky Kid has been watching anime and reading manga for as long as he can remember. Doing so takes him to different worlds.

Ao Haru Ride (Blue Spring Ride)
Ao Haru Ride (Blue Spring Ride) | Source

About Ao Haru Ride (Blue Spring Ride)

Ao Haru Ride (a.k.a. Blue Spring Ride) tells the story of a young love that traverses through change and time, ultimately blending-in the essential shades and colors of school life and youthful romance.

It all begins with a high school girl, Futaba Yoshioka. She’s cute, yes, but her cuteness is also the reason why she was shunned during her middle school days. To make matters worse, a misunderstanding also becomes the reason why she wasn’t able to confess her true feelings to a boy she liked then—Tanaka-kun. All of these are the reasons why she desperately wants to change and leave the past behind.

Now, Futaba is in high school and she has changed a lot. She now tries to act unladylike as much as she can. And she successfully pulled it off! But then, with the intervention of fate’s playful hands, she meets Tanaka-kun once again! Tanaka-kun has changed as well, and he now goes by the name Kou Mabuchi. Stuff happens, and both discover that their feelings of love and attraction are mutual, but a lot has changed! Will they be able to carry on despite all the changes? Love surely knows no bounds but it sure depends on the people involved!

After everything that has been said, I’m sure you’re excited to know and read more manga like Ao Haru Ride. Well, let’s stop dilly-dallying and just cut to the chase! Here they are, so enjoy the high school scenarios, the romance, and the youthful vibes!

1. "Strobe Edge"

"Strobe Edge"
"Strobe Edge" | Source

For the first time ever in her life, high school girl Kinoshita Ninako begins to experience romantic feelings towards another. And the target of her feelings? It’s none other than the popular high school boy Ren Ichinose! Then there’s Takumi Andou, another boy who has a crush on Ninako. Oh, what a romantic mess this is!

Follow Ninako as she treads the complicated road of romance and young love. The youthful romance stage in life is a really complicated phase, especially when it deals with complicated people with similarly complicated situations. Happiness, sadness, confusion, unrequitedness, trueness—love can be many things all at the same time!

2. "Hirunaka no Ryuusei"

"Hirunaka no Ryuusei"
"Hirunaka no Ryuusei" | Source

Yosano Suzume is a 15-year-old countryside girl who’s going to relocate to Tokyo because of her family’s circumstances. Her father and mother are going abroad, and so she is to stay with her uncle in Tokyo. The moment she arrives in the city, she becomes horribly lost! Good thing a weird stranger is there to help her!

The weird stranger is none other than Satsuki Shishio, a friend of Suzume’s uncle and her soon-to-be-teacher! Then coming into the picture is Daiki Mamura, an awkwardly shy boy who’s Suzume’s new classmate and friend. And so, Suzume’s new life begins! With her new teacher and new friends, a memorable romantic school life is about to commence.

3. "Orange"

"Orange" | Source

With a letter written from the future, Naho Takamiya is now holding her destiny in her hands. Starting with the day the new transfer student by the name of Kakeru Naruse appears, Naho begins her journey to erase her future self’s regrets. Of course, at first she thought the letter was just a prank, but soon after the contents of the letter start to come true!

Everything is actually centered on Kakeru, and Naho decides to make everything right for him and everyone else. Will she succeed? Will she be able to change the future? Will she be able to erase the regrets of her future self? The decisions she will make will soon determine the future she will have with Kakeru and the rest of her dear friends.

4. "Kimi ni Todoke"

"Kimi ni Todoke"
"Kimi ni Todoke" | Source

Projecting similarities with the hit horror icon Sadako of The Ring, Kuronuma Sawako is a misunderstood high school girl who’s more often than not avoided and shunned. As a result, she’s almost friendless and socially awkward!

One day, a popular guy in his class named Kazehaya Shouta approaches her. Sawako’s drawn to him, and Shouta’s interested in her! Is this the break Sawako’s waiting for all her life? Will this change anything for her? Well, only time can tell for now. High school life is very far from over!

5. "Bokura ga Ita" (We Were There)

"Bokura ga Ita" (We Were There)
"Bokura ga Ita" (We Were There) | Source

Nanami Takahashi is finally starting her high school life. And with this phase in life comes a lot of things that she has to discover and learn! One such thing that she has yet to discover and learn is romance.

One day, Nanami finds herself in a class together with the incredibly popular high school boy Motoharu Yano. It is rumored that Yano is so popular and attractive that two-thirds of all the girls are guaranteed to fall in love with him. But is Nanami part of the two thirds? As things currently stand, Nanami proudly exclaims that she doesn’t like him at all!

6. "Hibi Chouchou"

"Hibi Chouchou"
"Hibi Chouchou" | Source

Meet Suiren Shibazeki, the extremely cute and popular but quiet girl at school. She’s the center of attention for all the boys in school. But due to her past circumstances, she has become the quiet and shy girl she is now.

Although practically everyone is looking her way, there’s one boy who doesn’t seem to look her way. That boy is Kouha Kawasumi, a similarly quiet and shy boy. They say opposites attract but, Suiren and Kouha aren’t opposites at all! In fact, they are very much alike and similar. Will this also blossom into a different kind of romantic chemistry?

7. "Boku kara Kimi ga Kienai" (You Can't Disappear From Me)

"Boku kara Kimi ga Kienai" (You Can't Disappear From Me)
"Boku kara Kimi ga Kienai" (You Can't Disappear From Me) | Source

After being saved at a train station in the past, Kanzaki Hotaru falls in love with her savior. Knowing that her savior works as a teacher at a certain school, she enrolls herself in the same school just to be with him.

But, as soon as the classes starts—she bumps into a boy who uncannily looks like the man who saved her in the past. As it turns out, the boy is Kouseke Haruna, and he’s the younger brother of the man who saved Hotaru in the past! Is this just mere coincidence, or is this something else? Follow Hotaru as she gets entangled in a school romance that is guided by fate’s playful hands.

8. "Heroine Shikkaku"

"Heroine Shikkaku"
"Heroine Shikkaku" | Source

Hatori Matsuzaki is a girl who considers herself a “heroine” of a real-life shoujo story. Her hero is Rita Terasaka, her childhood friend. Hatori believes that she and Rita were always meant to be and will end up in one another’s arms. But then, all of this is actually one-sided, a love that will always remain unrequited!

Unlike the usual heroines of most shoujo manga, Hatori is very different! She’s mean, selfish, and bratty! She’ll do anything just to get what she wants—especially in the name of love! It’s her own shoujo life after all! But how will things actually pan out? Follow Hatori as she weaves her bittersweet and unusual shoujo story.

9. "Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji" (Wolf Girl & Black Prince)

"Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji" (Wolf Girl & Black Prince)
"Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji" (Wolf Girl & Black Prince) | Source

In a desperate attempt to fit-in with her girl classmates, Erika Shinohara lies about her having an actual boyfriend. As proof, she shows her classmates a random picture of a good-looking guy she took out of whim. It turns out, the good-looking guy is actually her classmate Kyouya Sata—and he overheard the conversation about her boyfriend!

And so, Erika proposes a deal to Kyouya, a deal with them pretending as a couple! But, Erika doesn’t actually know Kyouya! He may look all charming and good but, he’s actually a self-proclaimed “black prince” who’s all cynical and bad. Uh-oh, just what did Erika get herself into?!

10. "Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun" (My Little Monster)

"Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun" (My Little Monster)
"Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun" (My Little Monster) | Source

Shizuku Mizutani is aloof, distant, and only cares about her grades. On the other hand, Haru Yoshida is a violent troublemaker who stopped attending school from the very first day. When both Shizuku and Haru meet for the very first time, a domino effect racks up their lives!

With their similarities and differences, Shizuku and Haru are about to experience new feelings and emotions—things that they would never have imagined are possible, but such is part of growing up! A romantic school life full of new discoveries and novel experiences is about to manifest before them!

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    • profile image


      11 days ago

      i feel like strobe edge doesn't get enough credit even though its an amazing manga.

    • profile image


      15 months ago

      I just read Strobe Edge, it's so goood (and really similar to Ao Haru Ride).

    • profile image

      Amy Nguyen 

      2 years ago


    • Agathe L profile image

      Agathe L 

      2 years ago

      I really like My Little Monster! It's really cute - Haru especially. Somehow, that anime makes me sad too - not in a bad way though. Like I don't know, it makes me nostalgic. Btw, Horimiya is a good romance manga too!

    • Cheeky Kid profile imageAUTHOR

      Cheeky Kid 

      3 years ago from Milky Way

      @Cyong Yeah, Kakeru had his issues but I think the others could have done more since they did know how the future would turn out. Happy end though but still...Kakeru still almost *spoiler* d&#^.

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      Just finished watching Orange and it was great. Disturbing too, for I would have just shun Kakeru instead of putting up with his mood swings.


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