10 Manga Like "Tales of Demons and Gods"

Updated on October 21, 2019
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Cheeky Kid has been watching anime and reading manga for as long as he can remember. Doing so takes him to different worlds.

Tales of Demons and Gods
Tales of Demons and Gods | Source

If you’re here, then that means you were pulled in by the great story of Tales of Demons and Gods. But before we go further, let’s have a quick breakdown of the story.

Tales of Demons and Gods tells the epic tale of Nie Li—a human who mysteriously claims a second chance in life. After his death at the hands of the Sage Emperor, he wakes up as his 13-year-old self. This time, he is going to start from scratch, armed only with invaluable knowledge from his previous life experiences, and protect everything that is dear to him.

With the story in mind, I’m sure you were left flabbergasted. You were so amazed that you’re here now to look for more titles similar to it. Well, this is the right place. So without any further ado, here they are—the manga/manhwa like Tales of Demons and Gods.

  • Note: manga refers to a Japanese comic, while manhwa refers to a Korean comic. For this article, they are interchangeable terms.

Manga/Manhwa Similar to "Tales of Demons and Gods"

  1. Binbougami ga! (Good Luck Girl!)
  2. Douluo Dalu (Combat Continent/Soul Land)
  3. Re:Monster
  4. Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation
  5. Campione!
  6. Transcending the Nine Heavens
  7. The Gamer
  8. Battle through the Heavens
  9. Against the Gods
  10. Tower of God

Binbougami ga! (Good Luck Girl!)
Binbougami ga! (Good Luck Girl!) | Source

1. Binbougami ga! (Good Luck Girl!)

The Story: This is the story of the opposing forces of fortune and misfortune. On fortune’s side is Ichiko Sakura. She has everything in life: wealth, health, talent, luck, you name it! It all comes at the expense of others though. On misfortune’s side is Binboda Momija. She’s a god of poverty, and she has come to restore balance in the world by opposing Sakura and draining her of her good fortune.

The Similarity: Although “Binbougami ga!” is more of a comedy manga and much less of an action manga, the similarities are there, mainly because a god is trying to balance the world by sucking off fortune from a very fortunate entity. The major difference? The gender of the main characters! Truthfully, both are actually polar opposites. But, that’s what makes them so similar. The same things are going on but on a different level of seriousness and significance.

Douluo Dalu (Combat Continent/Soul Land)
Douluo Dalu (Combat Continent/Soul Land) | Source

2. Douluo Dalu (Combat Continent/Soul Land)

The Story: Douluo Dalu follows the tale of Tang San as he gets reborn in the world of Douluo Dalu and strives to become a great Spirit Master. In his previous life, he committed an unforgivable crime. After achieving his desires, he threw himself from Hell’s Peak. But, it didn’t end there, as he was reborn in a new world. He was reborn in Douluo Dalu—the battle continent and the soul land where mystical soul battles take center stage.

The Similarity: Reincarnating seems to be a thing in manga now. And Douluo Dalu is no exception! There’s also the thing about starting from the bottom. Yeah, I know the characters do have an edge in terms of having memories of the past, but still, they have to start from zero! And it’s fascinating that way. Due to this setting, you’ll see the main characters slowly grow and be engulfed by the brilliance of their second lives.

Re:Monster | Source

3. Re:Monster

The Story: Rou is a former human. With one thing leading to another, he reincarnates into one of the weakest races in the world—goblins! He is now a goblin, and he has to live with it. What’s weird is that he still has his memories from his previous life, the time when he was still a human. But he’s a goblin now, and he’s going to live his life to its fullest this time around.

The Similarity: Speaking of reincarnations, Re:Monster is one heck of a manga that should never be brushed off. I mean, from being a human, the main character turned into a goblin—the weakest racial entity there is! Seems like a challenge for the main character. But well, the main character is the main character, so he must persist until he stands atop everything.

Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation
Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation | Source

4. Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation

The Story: Rudeus Greyrat is a prodigious mage who was born with great intellect and a special sense of being. As to why he was born the way he is, he actually already lived a life before. Luckily for him, he retained his previous memories. And so, with all the experience he garnered from his previous life, Rudeus pledges to himself not to commit the same mistakes again and live his second life with no regrets.

The Similarity: Here we go again! The focus on rebirth seems neverending. And this is yet another example! Die in a previous life, get reborn, retain memories, and do everything to make the best out of the second life. I’ll say one thing: if you liked Tales of Demons and Gods, then you definitely have to read this!

Campione! | Source

5. Campione!

The Story: A Campione is a god slayer. In the world, nothing is more powerful than a Campione. And the newest Campione; he’s none other than the 16-year-old boy, Kusanagi Godou. His involvement in the slaying of a heretic god garnered him the title. And so, his fate is sealed. Goudo is now an all-powerful Campione, and his job is to vanquish devious gods who are running amok in the world.

The Similarity: This one’s a harem/action manga, and the genre “harem” existing here doesn’t make it any less of a good manga. Actually, it works with the story well. As for the likeness, the main character transcends and becomes an all-powerful Campione—a god slayer. And as we all know: with great powers come great responsibilities.

Transcending the Nine Heavens
Transcending the Nine Heavens | Source

6. Transcending the Nine Heavens

The Story: Transcending the Nine Heavens tells the legendary tale of the ninth master of the Nine Tribulations Sword, Chu Yang. All his life, Chu Yang trained to perfect his martial arts. Then, it eventually came—the day he was going to die. Surprisingly, after he performed an unimaginable feat, he laid to rest only to wake up in the existence of his 16-year-old self. Moreover, he has a newfound power. With his second lease on life, he’s going to try to fulfill his absolute destiny once and for all.

The Similarity: Going back to your previous self and life? Sounds like a very interesting thing to do. By going back, one could correct past mistakes and mold the future to their liking; it’s a convenient power to have. And with this story, the opportunity is to be used to succeed and fulfill one’s own destiny—just like in Tales of Demons and Gods.

The Gamer
The Gamer | Source

7. The Gamer

The Story: Real life is a game—well at least for high school student Han Jee-Han. He recently found out that he has a peculiar ability. It’s an ability called “The Gamer.” With this ability, everything around Han Jee-Han is like a game. Everyone levels up, including him. Also, he gains new skills by gaining experience and leveling up by any means. It doesn’t end there though. Even though his life and his world are now essentially part of a game he can play, there’s actually more to everything than they seem.

The Similarity: For “The Gamer,” it also is a story of starting a new life. Well, in this case, living life not as an ordinary human but someone who has a very powerful unique ability. Of course, even if the main character has a very overpowered skill here, he still has to train from scratch and use it with his wits. With that, the fun ensues with the readers following the quirky antics of the main character and taking delight in the action and story.

Battle through the Heavens
Battle through the Heavens | Source

8. Battle Through the Heavens

The Story: Xiao Yan was considered a genius from the moment he was born. As such, he had everything. But, as he was growing up, a dire circumstance suddenly hit him. With a flick of a finger, everything was gone, Xiao Yan lost everything he had. It’s not the end for him though. Starting from zero, he shall try to rise again and learn the meaning behind everything that has happened to him thus far.

The Similarity: No one is ever in the same position in life. Sometimes, one is at the lowest valleys, and sometimes, one is at the highest peaks. Most of the time, one’s always in-between. Such is the truth about life. Similarly, this is what happens in Battle through the Heavens. With the action, the struggle, and the truth, this is a one-of-a-kind tale you shouldn’t miss.

Against the Gods
Against the Gods | Source

9. Against the Gods

The Story: In a certain world, there’s a boy who possesses a rare treasure that many other people covet. As a consequence of having the treasure, the boy is always on the run. All until one day, when the boy decides to throw himself off a cliff while keeping the treasure with him. Then suddenly, he finds himself in the body of another boy with the same name and in a different world. And the good thing is—the treasure is still with him.

The Similarity: If you’ve noticed, there’s also the scenario of living a new life in Against the Gods. The boy is in the body of another boy with the same name and in a different world. And just like Tales of Demons and Gods, the boy in this story possesses something valuable from his previous self—in this case, his treasure. Also, this manga/manhwa has a really strong main character. As for itself as a whole, you’ll definitely fall in love reading it.

Tower of God
Tower of God | Source

10. Tower of God

The Story: Somewhere out there, there exists a mysterious tower with floors holding tremendous challenges and shady secrets. Underneath the tower lives a boy called Twenty-Fifth Bam. Bam is clueless about everything in the tower and the world. But then, his only companion suddenly disappears into the tower. With the determination to find her and finally live away from the darkness, Bam shall enter the tower and face the trials that loom within.

The Similarity: Tower of God is something that hooked me instantly. Just like Tales of Demons and Gods, it’s very exciting and exhilarating. The characters are so robust that it’s a thrill to watch them train and grow stronger. The battle scenes really please the eye. And did I ever mention that this is a manga/manhwa as well? Just read it now and enjoy.

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    • profile image


      2 months ago

      There was another similar manga but I forgot the name :(. It was about a boy that is at first not good in cultivation but falls down a valley and finds a huge black sword that enters his body. Later on he is taught by a small talking cat. There are alwo demons there and a greedy bastard that hates the boy's grandpa and wants him dead. Ah, the boy also got a fire wolf!

    • profile image


      19 months ago

      Best manga reading compartment is MangaRock, MangaToon, MangaMaster. In my opinion MangaRock is the best choice, all the famous mangas are avialable in it, Hope you guys like my opnion

    • Cheeky Kid profile imageAUTHOR

      Cheeky Kid 

      2 years ago from Milky Way

      @Irealz Well, there is actually no ranking in this list. All of the titles listed here were randomly placed where they are.

    • profile image


      2 years ago

      I really don't believe that Binbougami ga! deserves the number 1 spot on similarity with tales of demons and gods. At least based on the summary given on this website, the joy of watching Ni Lie and those around him gets stronger through cultivating techniques from Ni Lie's future is a huge part of the story's main appeal. In this respect there is no similarity between Tales of Demons and Gods and Binbougami ga!. Also, Ni Lie is an Isekai (another part of the story's appeal) where as, again as far as I can tell, is just a slice of life/comedy manga.

    • profile image


      2 years ago

      I couldn't find this Against the gods anywhere, if you could help that would be great; otherwise, delete the entry as no manga of it exists.

    • profile image


      2 years ago

      Where can we read the against the god manga/manhua?


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