10 Manga Like "Tokyo Ghoul"

Updated on October 25, 2019
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Cheeky Kid has been watching anime and reading manga for as long as he can remember. Doing so takes him to different worlds.

Tokyo Ghoul
Tokyo Ghoul | Source

Tokyo Ghoul is a manga series that follows the story of a city plagued by creatures of the night known as ghouls. In that city, a young man by the name of Kaneki Ken stands in the center of all the events to come.

When Kaneki encountered a ghoul, a woman he actually had a crush on, his life changed forever. That unfortunate event led to Kaneki turning into a ghoul himself. From that day on, he’s experienced the world as someone in-between a human and a ghoul. Kaneki is now entirely something else. He’s not a human anymore. He’s also not fully a ghoul. He’s a mixture of both! Thus begins Kaneki’s new life in a world full of suffering and misery.

If you’ve ever read Tokyo Ghoul and liked the elements and themes presented in it, then these manga similar to it will certainly serve you well. Without further delay, here are the manga like Tokyo Ghoul!

Edgy Manga Like Tokyo Ghoul

  1. Ajin
  2. Deadman Wonderland
  3. Kiseijuu (Parasite)
  4. Happiness
  5. Berserk
  6. Dawn: Tsumetai Te
  7. Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan)
  8. The Breaker
  9. Holyland
  10. Nowhere Boy

1. "Ajin"

Ajin | Source

Have you heard about the humans who are immortal and in possession of shadowy powers? They are known as Ajin, and, surely—you would never want to become one of them, or even encounter one!

Ajin are extremely dangerous! Not only do they not die, but they also can effortlessly harm anyone if they want to. But, the rest of humanity ain’t any better! The moment humans learned of the existence of Ajin, they jumped in full-force just to hunt them and subject them to cruel experiments. No wonder peace doesn’t last that long.

If you like the world of Tokyo Ghoul, then you would most likely enjoy the setting of Ajin. After all, in this story, an ordinary boy turns into an Ajin (just like how Kaneki Ken turned into a ghoul) only to experience the frightening cruelty of the world.

2. "Deadman Wonderland"

Deadman Wonderland
Deadman Wonderland | Source

Imagine being framed for mass murder when you’re really innocent and actually very would never do such a thing. It’s so unfair and unjust, right? Sadly, these things do happen! And in this story, schoolboy Igarashi Ganta receives the short end of the stick.

Ganta was a normal schoolboy until the man in red showed up to lay waste to his whole classroom. In the supernatural attack, every single other student died. To add insult to injury, the entire event was blamed on him. And so, off to Deadman Wonderland he goes!

Deadman Wonderland is a high-security prison that sports the visage of a jolly amusement park and a respectable detainment facility at the same time. But, darkness actually exists in its shadows! It carries a contentious secret—a secret about the strange humans known as the “Deadman!” And now, Ganta is about to experience the horrors of Deadman Wonderland firsthand!

3. "Kiseijuu" (Parasite)

Kiseijuu | Source

When alien creatures rained down on Earth, sixteen-year-old Shinichi Izumi was unlucky enough to have an encounter with one. But instead of being devoured by the alien, he experiences something unimaginable! Shinichi melded with the alien. Well, at least his right arm did!

Shinichi was fortunate enough to not get killed by the alien. But now he’s in a whole new world of pain and uncertainty. Even though it’s just his right arm that is affected, he still has to live in perfect harmony with the alien, which he now calls “Migi.”

So, what are these aliens? Why are they on Earth? Why are they devouring people? This is all up to Shinichi to discover! He doesn’t have any other choice though.

4. "Happiness"

Happiness | Source

How many times have parents told their kids, “Don’t go out at night!” In this story, certain monsters do lurk during the night, and the creatures who do the lurking are—vampires!

Makoto Okazaki is a high school boy who’s as timid as he looks. One night, he ventures outside in order to give back the DVD that he borrowed from a friend. But the unexpected happens to him! If only he hadn't approached the strange person on the rooftop. Now, he’s a vampire! And as a vampire, his life turns even messier!

Ghouls and vampires, what is up with the world?! This ain’t anyone’s fault, though. Crap happens, and it can either make life exciting or terrible. Most of the time, it’s the terrible scenario that happens.

5. "Berserk"

Berserk | Source

When the world turns its back on you, you turn your back on it as well! This is the guiding principle of Guts' life. The world hates him, but he hates it back! And now, he must fight for his life until the end.

After living through a terrible past, Guts lost all hope for the world. He turned into the kind of person who loathes everything in the world. Little did he know, his misery was far from over. Finally, harboring a deep respect for a person, he soon gets his hopes crushed once again. But now, a curse has latched onto him!

Guts is miserable for sure, but, he will never give up! It’s him against the world, and he will fight even if the only end he sees is bitter.

6. "Dawn: Tsumetai Te"

Dawn: Tsumetai Te
Dawn: Tsumetai Te | Source

There’s a new epidemic in town, and everyone’s at its mercy! Did you ever learn about how rats caused the plague in olden times? Well, it’s happening again! But this time, the abnormal disease they bring—Nightshift—is much more dangerous than any other disease spread before.

The “Nightshift” disease causes people to turn into zombie-like creatures. And for high school student Takashi Nagasawa, he’s just about to experience the terror of the nightshift!

Following an incident with a rodent-like creature, Takashi’s life changes drastically. He’s now involved in a mysterious phenomenon. And he has no choice but to fight whilst juggling his mundane school life.

7. "Shingeki no Kyojin" (Attack on Titan)

Shingeki no Kyojin
Shingeki no Kyojin | Source

Gigantic man-eating titans have suddenly appeared, and they’re devouring all the humans in their path. The world’s cruel, yes, but this situation is way beyond cruel! The last of humanity has retreated to cities surrounded by enormous walls. Will these walls be enough in the long run, though? Will humanity be able to secure a future?

With the protection of the giant walls, humanity survived! But now, a new threat appears—abnormal titans! One of the titans is a colossal titan capable of wrecking the giant walls. Humans have nowhere to run anymore. So, it’s time to fight back!

Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan) shows how cruel the world is in bloody new ways. So, if you enjoyed Tokyo Ghoul, then you’ll surely enjoy this as well!

8. "The Breaker"

The Breaker
The Breaker | Source

Bullying is a widespread problem in the world. There’s no definite way to stop it, but clearly, there are some ways to counter it. In this story, the main character chooses to train and fight! But with his choice comes an irreversible alteration of his destiny.

Shi-Woon Lee is a boy who suffers through the horrible cycle of bullying. He wants to put an end to it, but he just can’t! That is until he spotted his new teacher, Chun-Woo, unleashing insane martial arts power. At that moment, a shimmer of hope flickered in Shi-Woon’s eyes. He wants to learn martial arts. But in order to do so, he needs to get teacher Chun-Woo to teach him the ways of martial arts.

Shi-Woon is finally on his way to becoming strong and powerful. He has found a way to stop the bullying once and for all! But, unbeknownst to him, his step to the martial arts world comes with a price—a price that will ultimately change his life!

9. "Holyland"

Holyland | Source

Just what in the world is a Holyland? For Kamishiro Yuu, a Holyland is a place of sanctuary, a place to belong to. All his life, he was bullied. He was deemed a failure and a lowlife. But truly, he has a heart of gold. He will fight for what he thinks is right. Then it happened. Yuu found his Holyland, the place he belongs, the sanctuary he has to protect!

Yuu figured out what was wrong with him. He was weak and fragile! He wants to change that once and for all. Whilst slowly building-up strength and power, he takes to the night streets to prove his worth.

The old Yuu is no more! Yuu is now the “Thug Hunter,” and it is his new role in life!

10. "Nowhere Boy"

Nowhere Boy
Nowhere Boy | Source

Are you unhappy? Have you ever wished for the downfall of this world? Have you ever considered just annihilating everything in existence? Well, the unhappiest person on Earth just got his wish. And his wish is for the destruction of the world!

Lee Hyun was chosen as the unhappiest person in the world. And so, his prize from god is a wish of his own. Being the unhappiest person in the world, his wish doesn’t come as a shock. It’s to destroy the world. But, God has a condition: the world would end in the course of 100 days, and Lee Hyun only has one chance to change his mind.

All hope is not lost! The world has a chance to survive. And now, hope lies in the hands of Oh Duk Hee—a specialist in unhappiness! To save the world, her sole goal now is to make Lee Hyun happy. Will she be able to make it? Will she be able to stop the destruction of the world and find happiness for Lee Hyun?

What are you going to watch next?

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