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Manga Review: "Hellsing" Vol. 2 by Kohta Hirano

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Hellsing volume 2 manga cover

Hellsing volume 2 manga cover

Quick Info

  • Author: Kohta Hirano
  • Publisher: Darkhorse Manga
  • Published: April 7, 2004
  • Page Count: 188 pages
  • Availability: In print. Buy deluxe omnibus edition on Amazon, RightStufAnime, eBay, or at your local bookstore if you can find it.

Story Summary

Hellsing Manga Volume 2 continues the story of Alucard, Seras, and the Hellsing Organization. The Hellsing Organization headquarters come under attack by two vampire brothers, Jan and Luke Valentine. As the vampire siblings wipe out the human soldiers of Hellsing, it’s up to Seras, Victoria, and Walter to protect the members of the Round Table while Alucard waits for Luke Valentine as the vampire comes to kill him.

The Manga Is Fun

I like the story of Hellsing; it’s not deep or philosophical and doesn’t have a profound message. It’s action-oriented and runs on "the rule of cool" when it comes to both the plot and its characters. Anyone trying to make this series sound deep or profound is just trying to oversell it to you.

I do like the series, and I do find it interesting, but it isn’t something that is trying to be anything more than a gory, violent, and potentially offensive manga story about vampire hunting. While the characters and plot are entertaining, it’s certainly not the best manga story I’ve ever read.

This manga is very dark and creepy. It has great characters and an interesting setup. I like the plot, and the writing is very excellent—it keeps my attention and I enjoy reading this manga.

Alucard during a fight

Alucard during a fight

The Art Is Really Cool-Looking and the Fights Are Entertaining

The art is also good. The fight scenes are very well done and the character designs look great. Kohta Hirano is a great artist and his illustrations are really excellent. I do like how unique the characters look, and that is important for manga because—unlike comics and graphic novels—the pages are black and white so the designs have to stand out to keep your attention.

What makes the Hellsing manga stand out is the over-the-top violence and gore. There are plenty of violent and gory manga out there, but Hellsing is known for how ridiculously gory and violent the artwork is.

The art is very well-detailed and drawn very well. The manga is known for its fantastic artwork as well as the over-the-top story and memorable characters.

Parental Advisory: If You’re Christian, You’ll Probably Be Offended

This manga is recommended for ages 17 and up because of graphic violence, blood, gore, and strong language. This isn’t for kids. This is for the adults. There’s also sacrilegious, blasphemous content so if you’re a Christian, you might be offended. If you’re Protestant or Catholic, read at your own discretion. If you don’t want to be offended at God’s name being taken in vain, you should definitely stay away.

It’s Entertaining for Adults but Lacks Depth

The audience is mainly here for the vampires, violence, cool art, and fight scenes. Hellsing lacks depth because Kohta Hirano doesn’t really care about depth and a lot of his characters only have a few defining traits that you’ll remember about them while you’re reading.

It’s very flippant in how it treats the denominations of Christianity. It includes Protestants who kill vampires and insane Catholics who are fine with murdering “heathens” in the name of God. This is a very irreverent series that runs on a cool concept. If you think the plot sounds cool, give it a read!

Alucard enjoying himself during a fight.

Alucard enjoying himself during a fight.

Quick Summary

What WorksWhat Doesn't Work

Good story, interesting characters, and world-building

Will probably offend Christians

Fantastic artwork

The characters don't have depth

Action-packed for people who love fight senes


Grade: A (With a Warning to the Religious)

I recommend Hellsing if you like vampire stories and manga. If you want something that’s scary and horror-centered, you should pick up this manga. If you’re just curious, see if your local library has it. If you’re a religious person and you don’t feel comfortable with excessive violence, profanity, or your faith being misrepresented, you should not read this manga.

It is very entertaining for people that aren’t offended by sacrilegious content or are irreligious, but if you are a religious person you should stay away from this title. It’s already a dark story because it’s about vampires, and this is the extreme end of dark vampire stories. It includes plenty of blood, gore, and profanity, among other things.

It’s worth your time if you’re not easily offended and it's worth your money if you want to buy it. My library system has the entire series so I didn't buy it for myself; I just want to read it. It’s an exciting story, even if it can be offensive.

If you want an entertaining vampire story that is not a vampire romance you will probably enjoy Hellsing by Kohta Hirano. Unfortunately, it has gone out of print and Darkhorse hasn’t made any plans to reprint the title. Because it is out of print, people may sell it for a high price on the internet to gouge money out of collectors. It is worth buying if you like stories that run on "the rule of cool," but if your local library has it in their system, just borrow it.

It’s worth your time if you’re not offended by the content and you just want a cool story to read, but if you’re looking for a story with deep characters this probably isn’t for you. Still, if you want to read it, get it from your library if they have it, it’s cheaper and you won’t be price gouged for it.

It is worth your time, maybe, depending on if you’re offended by the story content or not, but it’s not worth being price gouged on eBay if you want to own it. I don’t know if it will ever go back into print again, but if the story interests you, you should give it a try.

This is not a manga for little kids and should be kept away from them until they’re old enough to handle mature content.

It’s not really worth the money right now, but if it’s something that interesting to you and you want to try to buy it, you can try, just expect it to be more expensive because of it being out of print.

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