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Sabito and Makomo Banpresto Figures Review

Sobriquet loves fun little products as well as judging things, which makes him a great product reviewer!


Sabito, Makomo, and Banpresto

Sabito and Makomo are characters from the animanga series Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, written by Koyoharu Gotouge and animated by Ufotable. They both play a major role in Tanjiro Kamado’s early adventures, teaching him how to effectively use Water Breathing to kill demons and avenge the pair. (They are ghosts, if you didn’t know.)

Banpresto is a Japanese toy and collectible company. They have a large variety of anime products, including a notable Demon Slayer selection. They even have other versions of these two. The products I will be reviewing are Banpresto’s World Collectible Figures Volume One Sabito, as well as Banpresto’s Blah-Blah-Same-as-Above Makomo.

Where Can You Buy Figures in This Series?

Both can be found wherever you might buy geeky stuff; I bought mine at my local comic book store. There, they costed $14.99, which generally seems to be the price for them online as well. There are a few sellers that may charge a little bit less. The series includes the following:

  • Tanjiro Kamado (labeled “A” at the top of the box)
  • Sakonji Urokodaki (“B”)
  • Sabito (“C”)
  • Makomo (“D”)
  • The Hand Demon (“E”)

They are all three inches tall and made of vinyl.


Sabito’s figure is split into four parts: the base plate, the stand, his sword hand, and the rest of him. The base plate is translucent black, with a hole for the stand and a little “C” mark. The stand, completely translucent, also has the “C”. His sword is in a black sheath with a gold, white, and black hilt. It inserts into his left sleeve. The stand goes in his back and then connects to the base.

Sabito himself has pink hair, a white haori, and black pants. His eyes are a dark blue and he has a scar on his right cheek. His back has a hole in it for the stand. He has black socks with red zōri, as well as a kimono and kyahan that match with an orange, yellow, and green pattern. If you don’t recognize all of the Japanese-clothing terms I’m throwing at you, I recommend Wikipedia, which is where I got them from.


Makomo only has three parts: the base, stand, and herself. The base plate and stand are the same as Sabito, except with “D”’s instead of “C”’s. Her stand also connects to a hole in her back and then connects to the base.

Makomo has black hair; aqua blue eyes; a pink, flowery yukata; a purple, sleeveless haori; and a beige belt and sandals. Unlike Sabito, her figure posesses the warding mask (a white fox mask with protective spells) given to her by Sakonji Urokodaki. Hers is smiley with blue flower decals.

The Good

For starters, $15 isn’t too bad for an anime figure. Any anime merchandise tends to be expensive, collectibles especially. Sure, these two are bite-sized, but I’ve seen smaller go for more.

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Although the design is a bit sloppy in parts, I’ve gotta hand it to Banpresto for being detailed. They didn’t leave anything out. Despite being so small, it feels like every marking and feature that the characters had in the show made it onto their figures. Sabito’s kimono and Makomo’s yukata are especially impressive. The patterns easily could have been simplified for the size, but they are just as intricate as in the show.

The last thing that makes these figures pleasant is their color. This can more be attributed to their actual character design; it wasn’t really something Banpresto came up with themselves. Even so, they translate it well from animation to solid figure. Sabito’s bright, multicolored kimono and kyahan are the perfect contrast for the otherwise plain colors used on his figure. The purple and pink on Makomo look very nice, especially with her black hair and white warding mask. Banpresto captured the color of Demon Slayer excellently.

The Bad

My first major complaint with these figures is with the assembly of their pieces. It doesn’t take much to get them to fall apart. Sabito’s sword hand especially is a problem. The connection isn’t very firm, so you basically just slide it into his sleeve and hope for the best. Makomo’s stand didn’t even fit into her back, and I had to force it in, which could have led to damage. She still pops off of it easily. It would have been nice if Banpresto had put some more thought into an effective assembly system.


I also wish these two had cooler bases. The black plates do the job, but I wish we could have gotten some color or something that feels a little more fun. I liked the thing Banpresto did with the letters for each character; it adds to the collectability. I just wish they had emphasized it more. The figures’ letters are on their bases and stands, but these markings are barely visible. There were plenty of things Banpresto could have done to spice things up. Now, the base just feels boring.

Overall, these two are just a little bit too rough around the edges, quite literally. As I said before, they are detailed but sloppy. Both have a mark or two of color where it shouldn’t be, which is always a shame. The big problem, though, is the material. It crusts around the edges, particularly in their hair. The hair is maybe the worst part of each fig, which is a big loss as that’s one of the most important parts to get right. The vinyl cracks in a few other locations as well.

Would I Recommend This Product?

Hesitantly, I say no. Both figures are fragile and riddled with little issues, and there’s just nothing there that really wows me. Seeing these on my shelf doesn’t release much dopamine, and that’s the whole point of a collectible figure, right?

To be fair, these things are small and somewhat cheap. I may be judging them too harshly. You get what you pay for, I guess. All that aside, I would say that these are subpar anime figures, and I’m not going to recommend anything second-rate, no matter how inexpensive.

If you wish to buy them anyway, here’s somewhere you can get them cheaper than I did:

Maybe you will enjoy them. I’m still displaying them in my room, after all. I will say this: it feels nice to have these friendly ghosts watching over you.


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