Which Spider-Man Costume Suits You?

Updated on October 7, 2019
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Various Spider-Man costumes
Various Spider-Man costumes

Spidey's Many Outfits

If you'll pardon the pun, today you can determine which of Spider-Man's various getups would best suit you! Most of us are familiar with his traditional red and blue uniform, and perhaps his black guise, but there are many other styles he employs. Some even come with additional abilities to aid him in his crimefighting. Take our quiz to discover which befits you, and then feel free to browse the other results and see how many you recognize!

Your Suit

Which costume best fits you?

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View your getup, and the others, below! How many are you familiar with?

Spidey's classic costume
Spidey's classic costume


You wear the traditional Red and Blue outfit. Your suit may not have many fancy features, but it allows for great agility, masks your voice, and serves as a symbol of your beliefs. You take a firm stand against evil, sacrificing your own time and happiness to better the world, but you have resolved that all conflicts can be ended without murder. You struggle with many moral issues and are unsure of whether the world should know who you are. Still, you've saved many lives in your career. Keep up the good work, webhead!

Black-Suit Spider-Man
Black-Suit Spider-Man

Symbiote (Black)

You don the powerful Black costume. You have fused with an ancient lifeform called the Symbiote. In you, it has gained shape, direction, and companionship. From it, you obtain increased strength, enhanced agility, and the ability to morph your suit into different forms. You are a formidable obstacle to crime, and you will end all evil that you encounter—permanently. Whether or not the Symbiote takes over your mind will depend on your strength of will and goodness of heart.

Iron Spider
Iron Spider

Iron Spider

You sport the futuristic Iron Spider suit. Your costume, a gift from Iron Man, provides various sensors, lowlight vision, armor, and gliding capabilities. Additionally, three retractable appendages, called "waldoes", are grafted to the getup, and provide extra tools to attack foes or grip surfaces. Your suit is slightly heavier due to its enhancements, but it still allows for considerable dexterity. Just be careful; rumors claim the outfit may be tracking you and sending data to Iron Man. Are the gossips true? And if so, can you safely wear your costume? Only you can determine these answers.

Stealth Suit
Stealth Suit

Stealth Suit

You harness the crafty Stealth Suit. This getup adds a variety of powers to aid you in your pursuits. It warps light and sound, which can render it completely invisible; this also provides a barrier against sonic attacks. The unique construction of your duds make it fireproof, and it can even repair itself. Some of these functions drain energy, so you must ensure your costume remains charged so it can fully serve you. Additionally, its enhancements attract attention from several ne'er-do-wells; take care it doesn't fall into the wrong hands.



You wear the sturdy and silver Spider-Armor. Though heavier than other costumes, it provides greater protection, allowing you to focus more on striking adversaries than dodging attacks. Donners of this getup tend to be carefree and confident; you believe your talents will carry you through any situation. Additionally, you likely have gone public with your identity, believing the public should know who you are. You and your costume are a mighty threat to crime, but keep away from corrosive acids—they can eat through your armor.

Blood Spider
Blood Spider

Blood Spider

You utilize the sly Blood Spider suit. Rather than webbing, your getup uses wires to immobilize enemies and transport you across areas. These wires shoot from your wrists, and are contained in a storage device you wear on your back. Though this method is less compact than some, it allows you to effectively mimic the webs of Spider-Man. Your rigorous training has created a fighting style similar to his agile techniques. You may copy his abilities, but you use them for different purposes - you serve only yourself, and will commit any evil to get what you want.



You wear the sleek Arachnoman suit. You aren't actually a superhero; you don this costume to play Spider-Man in television programs and movies. As a skilled actor, you accurately and dramatically create illusions of the real Spider-Man. Plus, your costume uses simple but efficient technology; you can shoot ropes instead of webs, and sticky pieces attached to your fingers mirror Spider-Man's wall-crawling skills. Your green-yellow color scheme, bulging eyes, and smooth design easily set you apart from the original webhead.


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    • profile image


      4 months ago

      symbiot is my favorite and thats what i got!

    • profile image

      Hi boy 

      4 months ago

      I got the stealth suit one of my faves!!

    • profile image

      spider 2.0 

      14 months ago

      i got black symbiote

    • profile image


      21 months ago

      I got the suit that i wanted!!it's the IRON-SPIDER

    • profile image

      Fred C 

      2 years ago

      I got the classic suit - neat!

      I wonder: would Dr. Reed Richards be able to analyze the Red-Gold suit (with 'Waldoes') and produce an equivalent -

      possibly superior -

      product for the wallcrawler to wear? I imagine that the colour scheme would be reworked to the Fantastic Four's iconic Royal-and-Navy blue, with shining silver 'Waldoes' for effect...what do you (Anyone and Everyone) think?

    • Daiana Gauna profile image

      Daiana Gauna 

      2 years ago

      I got the classic suit, classy!

    • Nathan Kiehn profile image

      Nathan Kiehn 

      2 years ago

      I got the Classic suit, which is always a great choice in my opinion. Maybe the Iron Spider suit or the stealth suit offer some cool upgrades and advantages, but they just make Spidey feel too much like Batman, I think. The Classic suit is easily recognizable the world over. It's a fantastic, yet simple, design and keeps Spidey's identity completely hidden. Great costume...and great list!


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