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Graphic Novel Review: "Nightwing: Rebirth: Better Than Batman" Volume 1 by Tim Seeley

Dick Grayson once again dons his "Nightwing" costume as he attempts to sabotage the Court of Owls from the inside. He is partnered with the mysterious vigilante Raptor, but Raptor has his own agenda. And what is Raptor's connection to Dick? is this graphic novel worth your time? Let's find out!


Graphic Novel Review: "Dick Grayson: The Lost Carnival" by Michael Moreci

Dick Grayson has grown tired of performing the same acrobatic routine for small crowds. He wants to find his own way in the world outside of being a "Flying Grayson." He stumbles onto a mysterious Lost Carnival and meets a mysterious girl named Lucina. Is this YA graphic novel worth your time?


Review: "Batman: Vengeance of Bane"

Writer Chuck Dixon introduces readers to Bane in this one-shot, delving into the villain's deep and dark history, from his tormented childhood to his first interaction with the man who will become his greatest opponent: Batman.


Superhero Academy 101: Imps, Thunderbolts, and the 5th Dimension

While superheroes do their best to not only save the world and fight crime, one of the few nuisances in their lives is the plague of omniscient imps, thunderbolts and djinns. Here's more about the ones from DC.


4 "Shazam" Comics to Read Before the Movie

Discover Shazam's most relevant stories—those you would want to read before seeing the movie.


Graphic Novel Review: "Batman Volume 1: The Court of Owls" by Scott Snyder

Is this graphic novel worth your time and money? Let's find out! Bruce Wayne reveals his plans to revitalize Gotham City; soon after, a mysterious assassin tries to kill him. Batman begins to search for the mysterious Court of Owls.


4 Aquaman Comics to Read Before the Movie

Discover Aquaman’s most relevant comics, those you would want to read before heading to the theatre.


Graphic Novel Review of "Batman: R.I.P." by Grant Morrison

Batman's enemies try to attack him psychologically. Will they succeed in breaking him? Is Grant Morrison's graphic novel worth your time and money? Let's find out!


Top 10 Batman Villains

Count down and examine the ten most interesting Batman villains ever created!


Batman and the Robins

This article includes a list of all the characters who have owned the title of Robin and their most relevant stories.


"Batman: The Wedding" Review (No Spoilers)

This is my no-spoilers review of "Batman #50: The Wedding."


4 Reasons Wonder Woman Actually Fails as a Heroine

Don't meet your childhood heroes? Or maybe just don't think about them too hard.


Strength Comes From Within: Analyzing Frank Miller’s Graphic Novel: "Batman, The Dark Knight Returns"

In the midst of a stagnant and depressed world, heroes like Batman, Robin, and Lao Tzu (Laozi) teach us that true strength comes from within. It is up to us to fix the problems we see in the world. The world is a battleground. If we don't take action, darkness will win.


Review: "It's Superman"

"It's Superman" by Tom De Haven takes the popular character back to his roots, but does so in a way that's more in keeping with modern versions of Superman rather than with his comic book origins.


Graphic Novel Review: "Batman: The Black Mirror" by Scott Snyder

Dick Grayson as Batman must solve a mysterious murder and also must investigate a man known as "the Dealer." Is Scott Snyder's graphic novel worth your time and money?


Unraveling the Two Unsolved Mysteries of "Batman: The Killing Joke"

Explore two ambiguous acts contained in the acclaimed comic "Batman: The Killing Joke"!


Superhero Academy 101: Animal Science (the Problems With DC Pets)

The animal kingdom of the DC Universe is a strange and sometimes dangerous thing. Come as we explore the problems and perils of some of the animal companions. Tread carefully.


Superhero Academy 101: Metaphysics (the Green, the Red, the Clear, the Grey, the Black, and the Speed Force)

Characters like The Swamp Thing, Animal Man, Aquaman, and The Flash had simplistic origins that evolved into more sophisticated backstories. In them, we find a new wrinkle in the way their powers work


Graphic Novel Review: "Batman: Cacophony" by Kevin Smith

This is a forgettable graphic novel by Kevin Smith. If it had better artwork, it would be worth buying.


D.C. Comics' "The House of Mystery": A 1970s Hit

D.C. Comics' "The House of Mystery" book is an example of solid genre fiction published in the 1970s that kept the lost artistry of comic book horror anthologies alive.


Why Superman Doesn't Need to Be Updated

Superman has been around for decades, and some people think he is overrated or outdated. I think being a bit old fashioned is part of Superman's appeal.


Top 5 Evil Acts of the Joker

Count down and learn about the five most evil actions from Gotham's most nefarious killer!


Hermod the Nimble: The Nordic God That Inspired a Classic Comic Book Superhero

Before there was the Flash, there was Hermod the Nimble, the fastest god in mythology. While speed may be his power, his legacy is as a character that bridges ancient and modern myth as a superhero.


"Kid" by Simon Artimage: An Analysis

This is an analysis of 'Kid' by Simon Artimage in relation to the Batman lore.


Six Positive DC Character Role Models for Young Girls

In today's world, people need role models where they can get them. Sometimes they come from the characters they see in comic books. Here are my top six role models from DC Comics.


Six DC Heroes That Had to Overcome Addiction

Being a hero is hard. Enemies attack from every direction. However, the hardest enemy to defeat is the one that comes from inside them. Here are six heroes who had to overcome addiction.


Getting into DC Comics: Superman Titles (New 52)

Starting to read DC comics for the first time? Here's your guide to the New 52 Superman and "Super-Family" books.


Getting Into DC Comics: The Dark Titles (New 52)

Starting to read DC comics for the first time? Here's your guide to the New 52 Supernatural, Magical, and Horror books.


Getting Into DC Comics: Green Lantern Titles (New 52)

Starting to read DC comics for the first time? Here's your guide to the New 52 Green Lantern books.


Batman Comics: A Beginner's Reading Guide

Looking to start reading DC comics for the first time? Here's your guide to the New 52 Batman and "Bat-family" comic books.


Getting Into DC Comics: Justice League Titles (New 52)

Starting to read DC comics for the first time? Here's your guide to the New 52 Justice League books.


5 Reasons You Should Read Justice League Dark

A brief guide to why readers new to, or experienced with, the current DC comic universe should read the Justice League Dark title.


How to Get Into DC Comics: A Beginner's Guide to the New 52

This is a guide for those of you looking to get into reading DC comics for the first time, starting with the New 52.


Who Is Robin? A Look at Batman's Sidekicks Over the Years

Here's a look at the different comic book characters to have taken on the identity of Batman’s sidekick, Robin.


Wonder Woman vs. Supergirl: Who Would Win?

What if Supergirl and Wonder Woman fought each other? Who would win? Who would lose? How would the fight go?


Who Are The Native American Heroes of the DC Universe?

There weren’t many characters to draw from. I was leery from the start that DC could invent a good Native American character after coming up with embarrassing concepts like ”Pow Wow” Smith. Here is a list of some Native American characters in the DC universe.


Obscure DC Characters: Big Brain Edition

The problem I had looking for an obscure big-brained character was that almost all of them are well known. In all modesty as a fan, if I hadn’t heard of a character, chances are most people haven’t.


5 Reasons Why DC Comics Just Can't Get It Right

DC Comics has made some very risky decisions over the last few years with their comics, the most recent and controversial being the New 52. This is an assessment of how DC has gone wrong in their "big" events and have easily alienated old fans and confused new ones.


Forgotten DC Comics Villains: The Sand Superman

The Sand Superman was born from the atomic kryptonite explosion that hit Superman which was so powerful that it left an inter-dimensional doorway at the impact site where Superman hit the sand. The doorway was from the Quarrm dimension and an entity traveled through it using the life energy that Superman had. As Quarmers don’t have a general shape it used the impression that Superman left with his body after the explosion to mold around itself.


Five DC Characters You've Probably Never Heard Of

If you hear of a DC character, they will use them despite how obscure. I’ve seen characters make appearances on the animated The Brave and The Bold that made me sit back and remember that some of these characters still had some life. For example, the rarely used character Batman Zur-En-Arrh was recently unearthed in both television and in print. Although the silver age version of the character was essentially “Batman from another planet”, the modern age version is a backup personality that Bruce


Five of the Most Realistic Batman Villains

In Batman's extensive rogues gallery, it's easy to pay so much attention to the more outlandish villains he has to offer. Every villain within the Batman universe has a certain amount of realism to him or her, which complements Batman's character.


A Descent Into Darkness: Inside the Joker's Head

Here is an attempt to dissect just what goes through the Joker's head and answer several questions about his character.


The Eleven Most Powerful Villains and Threats in the DC Universe

Due to the premise of DC’s 52, Earth appears to be the keystone which keeps the DC Multiverse together. So, luckily, we always get a front row seat to the menace du jour. And we speak of menaces and threats to this universe. Some enemies were old favorites and were easy to see. Some required a bit of research and personal recollection and analysis.


Six (Seven Actually) Really Lame DC Villains

Just when I thought it was a herculean task to find and comment about five of the lamest Marvel villains, I found something even more difficult - DC Villains. While Marvel has had more than its fair share of lame villains, I really had to check all of my resources to find them.


Five Really Lame DC Characters

There are some people who think that Namor and Robin are lame characters in the comic world. Well, I can tell you that there are some really lame characters out there, and I have five prime examples from DC that you can read about right now. If you think you know lame, you don't know anything yet.


DC's Top 10 Masters of Ice

These 10 heroes and villains are masters of ice, leading to some of DC's greatest stories. Read on to learn more.


DC's Top 10 Strangest Superheroes

These strange superheroes might just make you shake your head.


More Beautiful Comic Book Women (With Pictures)

More of the beautiful women of comics with Dawn, Elektra, Storm, Black Widow, and more female superheroes and villains.

The emotional spectrum of Green Lantern rings

Green Lantern Corps Power Rings

The Green Lantern Power Corps Power Ring is one of the most powerful items in the universe. What does the GLC ring do? Here is a list of all of the lantern corps power rings from the entire emotional spectrum. Red lanterns, blue lanterns, orange lanterns and more!