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How to Collect Spider-Man’s “Clone” Stories

Spider-Man's history with genetic duplicates isn't just limited to the infamous "Clone Saga" of the '90s. He's experienced quite a few wacky clone stories; here's a list so you can figure out which ones you're interested in (if any) and how you can read them.


4 Eternals Stories to Read Before You See Their Marvel Cinematic Universe Debut

The Eternals are coming to the big screen as the Marvel Cinematic Universe's 26th film and an important stepping stone in the movie mogul's Phase 4. Right now is the perfect time to dive into their comic book basis and uncover some of the team's history


Superhero Academy 101: Secret Societies—AIM and MODOK

Where would the Marvel Universe be without its seedy underbelly of evil scientists bent on world domination? Today, we are going to focus on a specific group of criminal scientists: Advanced Idea Mechanics aka A.I.M. and its leader, MODOK.


Review: "Daredevil #1"

Daredevil's origin is told courtesy of Stan Lee and Bill Everett—the adventures of a young man left blind by an accident who becomes not only a promising lawyer but rises above his handicap to achieve superhuman greatness.


Review: "Giant-Size X-Men #1"

Marvel's classic mutant team gets a facelift in this memorable one-shot that introduced a new generation of readers to a new generation of X-Men and kicked off a famed era of uncanny comics.


The Top 10 Sexiest Women of Marvel

This article examines the 10 sexiest females of Marvel Comics. It provides a brief overview of each woman's power (and abilities), personality traits, and overall appearance.


Superhero Academy 101: Vampirism—Science, Magic, and Psychology

The Marvel Universe has kept the spirit of vampires alive through new stories using classic monsters as well as making new kinds of vampires based in science. Here we learn more about these blood-sucking monsters like Dracula and Morbius.


10 Facts You Didn't Know About Doctor Octopus

Learn ten surprising facts about Spider-Man villain Dr. Octopus you probably didn't know about!


Review of The Immortal Hulk, Volume Three

Abandon all hope because Seth Tomko reviews the third volume of The Immortal Hulk.


Superhero Academy 101: Celestials, Eternals, and Deviants

One of the many epic potential character lines to come from the mind of Jack Kirby was The Eternals. Within that mythology, he works in Celestials, Eternals, and Deviants. Here's your primer.


5 of the Best "Amazing Spider-Man" Stories by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko

Stan Lee co-created Spider-Man in 1962 and wrote the first 100 issues of "The Amazing Spider-Man." Steve Ditko helped invent the hero and provided stellar artwork on the first 38 issues of ASM. I'll be pulling out five of the best stories that Lee and Ditko created about the web-slinging superhero.


Propp's Morphology and Comics: "The Fantastic Four #1"

First appearing in 1961, the Fantastic Four graced the pages of their own comic in both human and superhuman ways. Stan Lee and Jack Kirby's classic comic book tale is discussed at length here.


Propp's Morphology and Comics: "The Incredible Hulk #1"

Doctor Bruce Banner, bathed in gamma radiation, becomes the gray giant known as the Hulk in this inaugural issue. How does the Hulk's origin follow the path Propp's morphology dictates?


Superhero Academy 101: The Artificial Lives of the Marvel Universe

Robots and androids play an important role in the Marvel Universe. Artificial intelligence does not necessarily mean artificial life. Learn more about these synthetic super beings who are not human.


Review of The Immortal Hulk, Vol. 2: The Green Door

Don’t open that door because Seth Tomko reviews the second volume of The Immortal Hulk.


Propp's Morphology and Comics: "Amazing Spider-Man #2"

Spidey's second adventure sees him go up against nemesis the Vulture... but how does this classic confrontation follow Propp's systematic story structure?


Propp's Morphology and Comics: "Amazing Spider-Man #1"

Spidey's first issue following his origin sees him battling against the costumed communist criminal known only as the Chameleon! Add in cameos by the FF, and you get a yarn for the ages.


Top 10 Venom Symbiotes in Marvel Comics

This article includes a count down the ten strongest host-bonding symbiote creatures in the Marvel universe!


Top 10 Strongest X-Men in Marvel Comics

Count down the ten strongest X-Men throughout Marvel history!


Propp's Morphology and Comics: "Amazing Fantasy" #15

Can Vladimir Propp's analysis of Russian folklore be applied to the modern-day comic book industry? We'll find out by exploring the origins of one of the most famous Marvel heroes of all time: Spider-Man!


Brand New Baddies: The 10 Best Original 21st Century Spider-Man Villains

Spidey's faced a plethora of villains over the years, and a lot of them have been created fairly recently. Despite his enormous rogues gallery, Spidey keeps picking up new baddies that stick around.


Fantastic Four #52: Black Panther's First Appearance

Fantastic Four #52 and Black Panther's first appearance in comics has heated up since the Black Panther movie. This is a historical comic book and greatly influenced the movie. Here's a brief but fun look at this classic key comic.


Top 10 Awesome Facts About Venom

Count down ten fascinating facts about Spider-Man's antihero counterpart Venom!


Review of Marvel's Spirits of Vengeance

Brush up on your occult knowledge because Seth Tomko reviews of Spirits of Vengeance: War at the Gates of Hell.


Superhero Academy 101: Artifacts (The Infinity Gauntlet)

With "Avengers: Infinity War," there are lots of questions about the Infinity Gauntlet: how does it work, what does it do, and why does it make Thanos such a menace? In this article, I try to connect the dots and explain what can only be guessed at by an average audience viewer.


Super Geniuses of the Marvel Universe

Knowledge is power. Super knowledge is superpower. The Marvel Universe has its share of smarty-pants wearing heroes and villains. Here I list many of the big brains of the MU.


Why Marvel’s Monsters Are Awesome

One of the reasons why we have great comic books today is because of men like William Gaines and the editors of Marvel Comics. This is the story of how monsters saved comic books from real monsters.


Six Obese Marvel Characters

While this article is in no way, shape, or form intended for body shaming, there are characters within the Marvel Universe who are morbidly obese. For them, their size defines them.


Superhero Academy 101: Geography (11 Places to Avoid in the Marvel Universe)

The Marvel Universe is a big place full of horribly dangerous pitfalls. For our next lesson, here are 11 places that should be avoided.


Marvel’s Softer Side to Bad Guys

Not all of Marvel's bad guys are completely evil. Some of the worst villains in the MU have a silver lining to their black hearts. Here's how some manage to do their good deeds while being bastards.


Amazing Reviews: “Origin of the Species” (Amazing Spider-Man 642-647)

At the end of Brand New Day, Mark Waid teams up one final time with Paul Azaceta to bring us the return of Menace and the birth of her son, who Spidey must keep safe from his fiendish foes!


Amazing Reviews: “One Moment in Time” (ASM 638-641)

Joe Quesada answers questions unanswered since the beginning of "Brand New Day": How was Peter and MJ's marriage ended? How did everyone forget Spidey's identity? And do we really want to know?


Amazing Reviews: “Grim Hunt” (Amazing Spider-Man 634-637)

Joe Kelly wraps up the epic Gauntlet tale with "The Grim Hunt," a big finale that brings Spidey face-to-face with one of his oldest foes as the Kravinoff family's ultimate plan is revealed.


Amazing Reviews: “The Gauntlet, Volume 5: The Lizard” (Amazing Spider-Man 630–634)

Zeb Wells and Chris Bachalo team up again to transform Curt Connors back into the Lizard, with a much darker take on the classic foe. What happens when Connors is "shed" and only the Lizard remains?


Superhero Academy 101: History (The Quest for the Supersoldier Formula)

A secret formula and a bombardment of mysterious vita-rays changed a sickly weak 4F reject into Captain America. The formula died with its creator. Now others look to recreate it. Read on to learn more about the supersoldier formula.


Amazing Reviews: “The Gauntlet, Volume 4: Juggernaut” (Amazing Spider-Man 626-629)

Taking a slight break from "The Gauntlet," Fred van Lente introduces us to a new Scorpion and Roger Stern crafts a sequel to his classic "Nothing Can Stop the Juggernaut," because something can!


Amazing Reviews: “The Gauntlet, Volume 3: Vulture and Morbius”

In “The Gauntlet, Volume 3: Vulture and Morbius” (Amazing Spider-Man 622-625), Fred van Lente reintroduces Morbius the Living Vampire. It's a story that sadly cannot live up to Mark Waid's drastic two-part Vulture story and Joe Kelly's dark conclusion to his Rhino arc.


Amazing Reviews: “The Gauntlet, Volume 2: Rhino and Mysterio”

In “The Gauntlet, Volume 2: Rhino and Mysterio” (Amazing Spider-Man 617-621), Joe Kelly and Dan Slott revamp two more old enemies—Mysterio and Rhino—further twisting the life of Spider-Man as he proceeds through the Gauntlet.


Amazing Reviews: “The Gauntlet, Volume 1: Electro and Sandman” (Amazing Spider-Man 612-616)

The Gauntlet begins to haunt Spider-Man as Mark Waid amplifies old enemy Electro, and Fred van Lente introduces us to a darker version of a classic foe, the Sandman.


Amazing Reviews: “The Return of the Black Cat” (Amazing Spider-Man 606–611)

Joe Kelly brings Black Cat into the Brand New Day setting, Marc Guggenheim resolves his Velociraptor plot, and Kelly returns to bring Deadpool into the mix as The Gauntlet draws near.


Superhero Academy 101: Metallurgy (Vibranium, Adamantium, and Uru)

The use of metals within every universe is important regardless of whether they’re used for good or for evil. The same blacksmith that shoes a horse is usually the same one that makes chainmail.


Amazing Reviews: “Red-Headed Stranger” (Amazing Spider-Man 602-605)

Fred van Lente brings danger in the form of the Chameleon as he kidnaps and replaces Peter Parker for his own nefarious designs! What trouble will this spell for Spidey's friends and family?


Amazing Reviews: “Died In Your Arms Tonight” (Amazing Spider-Man 600-601)

Wedding bells are ringing as Dan Slott and John Romita Jr. have Aunt May tie the knot with Jay Jameson. But which old Spidey foe (and old Aunt May flame) rears his head at the same time?


Amazing Reviews: “American Son” (Amazing Spider-Man 595–599)

Harry Osborn's chain gets another major yank as he joins Norman, who wishes to add him to his arsenal of heroes, and Spidey sneaks into Avengers Tower disguised as his enemy Venom to save his friend.


Amazing Reviews: “24/7” (Amazing Spider-Man 589-594)

Fred van Lente makes his Amazing Spider-Man debut, and Dan Slott and Mark Waid craft a pair of crazy story arcs for our favorite web-swinger to fight his way through.


Amazing Reviews: "Election Day" (Amazing Spider-Man 584-588)

Marc Guggenheim wraps up the mysterious "Menace" plotline of Brand New Day, revealing the new villain's shocking identity and its repercussions for Spidey's supporting cast!


Amazing Reviews: “Secret Invasion: Amazing Spider-Man”

Spidey gets tangled in the Secret Invasion event, so watch Jackpot take down a Super-Skrull in a story with barely any Spidey in it! Then, watch as her secret origins are at long-last revealed!


Amazing Reviews: “Death and Dating” (Amazing Spider-Man 578–583)

While Mark Waid introduces a supporting character who will play a major role in Spidey's life, Dan Slott answers one of the most mysterious questions of Brand New Day: How is Harry Osborn still alive?


Amazing Reviews: “Crime and Punisher” (Amazing Spider-Man 574-577)

ASM fans are given a fun trio of tales that sees Spidey take on Hammerhead and Magnum Moses? Plus, a war story centered on Flash Thompson about a mission that will change his life forever.


Amazing Reviews: “New Ways to Die” (Amazing Spider-Man 568-573)

John Romita Jr. returns to ASM to help Dan Slott craft a tale that pits Spidey against Norman Osborn, the Thunderbolts, and Anti-Venom—a brand new adversary wearing a familiar face.