10 of the Scariest Creepypastas Ever Written

Updated on December 2, 2017

What Are Creepypastas?

Creepypastas are free short horror stories that people share with each other online. The word "creepypasta" comes from the concept of "copy/paste." Through misspellings and laziness, many people started calling stories that are copied and pasted a lot online "copy pastas." When short horror stories started being written and shared commonly online, they became known as "creepy pastas." Many sites have been created for people to read, discuss, and write creepy pastas online. You can find most of them with a quick google search.

Authors create stories on these sites (and on reddit, especially in the subreddit /nosleep) hoping people will enjoy them and share them. There have been lots of talented authors who have contributed and that's why these stories are more frightening (and thought provoking at times) then you might imagine. In fact, I scared myself many times and lost sleep while creating this article.

***No Spoilers***

If you stumbled upon this list, you are either trying to figure out what creepypastas are or are trying to find new creepypastas to watch. That's why I hate when people make lists like these and ruin big plot points or large sections of the stories while giving their opinion on the story. I will do all I can to describe why these stories are worth a watch without ruining anything that happens in them.

Some of these stories are less well-known that others and a lot of them don't appear often on other people's lists, so you'll probably find at least one thing on this list that you haven't yet heard or red.

I included video links rather than text links to all the stories because I believe hearing these stories read out loud makes them creepier than just reading them quietly to yourself.

Stories Not Included In This Article And Why (Slenderman, Jeff The Killer, Etc.)

There are some creepypastas that are classics. Everyone has heard of them, everyone is scared of them, and they wind up on most of these lists. Here is why these creepypastas didn't make it to the list (although if you want to check these creepypastas out, feel free to do so!)

Slender Man And Jeff The Killer

While there have been some amazing images and games made of Slender Man and Jeff The Killer, the actual, original creepypastas aren't as scary as any of those things. So while Slender Man and Jeff The Killer are two monsters that will be terrorizing people for years to come, their creepypastas by themselves are far from the scariest creepypastas I've ever read.

The Russian Sleep Experiment

This creepypasta scares a lot of people, but never scared me. Partly because I struggle with insomnia and I've learned a lot about people with extreme sleeping disorders, so I don't find the story believable enough to scare me, so I didn't include it on the list.

Ben Drowned And Other Video Game Creepy Pastas

Ben Drowned and other creepypastas related to pop culture are actually often well-done and terrifying. But many of them rely heavily on additional video content created for the creepypasta and I wanted to focus more on creepypasta that is completely original. Maybe someday in the future, I will make a list of the creepiest pop culture related creepypastas ever made.

10. "I Can See Auras And It's A Curse"

A lot of creepypastas are graphic and violent. This creepypasta is psychological and the horrifying realities of this man's curse will leave you disturbed by the end of it.

It wasn't a scary enough creepypasta to make me lose sleep, which is why it's at the bottom of this list, but it's well-written and satisfying to read. It's horrifying in a dark way, making you question life and your own morality.

9. "The Strangest Security Tape I've Ever Seen"

Another creepypasta that is more psychological and not at all violent, but unlike the last one, this creepypasta made me extremely jumpy while I listened to it and long afterwards.

8. "Masterpiece"

If you're familiar with creepypastas, you may have already heard this one before. It's short, but it's a classic and one of the first creepypastas I ever read. Unlike some other old creepypastas, though, this one stands the test of time. Even after many other talented authors have come in and created new creepypastas that are better than old ones, this still stands with them as one of the scariest creepypastas ever written.

7. "The Disappearance Of Ashley, Kansas"

The story of how an entire town disappeared from existence. As the story unfolds, it gets more fascinating and more horrifying. It's written in a unique style and obviously by an author who has experience in writing and knows what they are doing. It has a satisfying beginning, middle, and most importantly, end. I read this creepypasta multiple times.

6. "Bedtime"

All of us have feared going to bed at one point in time in our life, but this boy is the only one who has a legitimate reason for feeling that way. Unlike the other stories on this list, this story starts out scary and remains frightening until the end. There's not much buildup, it dives right in and keeps your attention as you wonder what will happen next.

5. "The Dream Of Every Dentist"

Are you already terrified of dentists? Well, wait until you hear what they dream about and you'll be more scared. This creepypasta is made more horrifying due to the author's ability to use real facts about dentists, the way they do things and how they live, and intermingle them into this horrifying story. It makes it seem real.

4. "You'll Never Even Know"

All of us fear the unknown. This story plays on that fear. This story got my heart racing at points and left me so deeply disturbed by the end of it that I didn't want to be alone. Every time I even look at this thumbnail, I find myself frightened as I remember what this story is about.

3. "The Expressionless"

I know people talk about how horrifying Jeff The Killer and Slenderman are, but in my opinion, they have nothing on this monster. I was shocked, disturbed, and disgusted by "The Expressionless" and the horrifying reality we would leave in if this monster existed.

2. "The Keyhole"

It took me months to get over my fear after I watched this creepypasta. Months.
I've listened to this creepypasta many times. It packs a big scare in such a short story.

1. "Smile.jpg"

There is something about this creepypasta, the way its written, and the picture that is included in it that makes this story feel more real because it feels like it could actually happen to you. The fear of it happening just makes you afraid that it is already happening. It's the kind of story that makes your fear feed itself, so it grows. Don't make the mistake I did of trying to google the image after listening. I scared myself for the rest of the night.

Additional Horrifying Creepy Pastas

These creepypastas didn't easily fit in with the other stories, but they are some of the most terrifying creepypastas out there and deserve a read!

1. Ted The Caver

This creepypasta isn't as good in video form, in my opinion. It's better to read the actual creepy pasta directly and take your time appreciating the pictures that have been created and the detail put into to making this creepypasta come to life.

It has a slow build up and is longer than many other creepypastas, but is worth the read. You'll be on the edge of your seat, terrified, by the end.


2. The Portraits

This creepypasta is a very short, quick read. It was one of the first creepypastas I ever read and just spooky enough to give you the chills.


What Is Your Favorite Creepypasta?

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