Top 10 Best Harem Manga

Updated on November 7, 2017
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Top 10 Best Harem Manga
Top 10 Best Harem Manga

The “Harem” genre is about multiple girls flocking around a male character. Most of the time, this genre is combined with ecchi and comedy genres. But it's a flexible trope and can easily meld with many other genres.

Why it has become such a mainstay as a manga genre is a total mystery, but, as mysterious as it is, it truly is very popular.

So, if you're looking for a story where all the girls are going wild for one (usually pretty ordinary) guy in some kind of crazy situation, these are the best!

10 – Omamori Himari

Omamori Himari
Omamori Himari | Source

A jack of all trades, a master of none— this is what made Omamori Himari number 10 on the list. It’s a harem manga, but it also encompasses many other genres. It’s entertaining, it’s fun, and it’s clichéd (like many on this list). Plus, there're a lot of girls! Omamori Himari is a must-read if you want to complete your harem journey.

From birth, Yuuto Amakawa has lived with an extreme allergic reaction to cats. He thought he had seen how bad it could get. He thought wrong! On his sixteenth birthday, his life suddenly changes for the worse! Malicious spirits are after him. And his only hope for survival? A cat spirit named Himari who has taken a human form.

9 – Heaven’s Lost Property

Heaven’s Lost Property
Heaven’s Lost Property | Source

#9 is a manga series that’s so difficult to dislike that you’ll just have to let yourself enjoy it. That’s the kind of manga Heaven’s Lost Property is, and you'll definitely have fun! It has a meaningful that can make you tear-up with both laughter and sadness. It's a must-read in this genre.

Sakurai Tomoki has always had the same strange dream ever since he was a child. Now, in high school, his dream will finally be unveiled. One night, a mysterious angel named Ikaros comes crashing down on him from the sky. Ikaros is "tethered" onto him. Tomoki has somehow become Ikaros’ master, and every wish he has can now be fulfilled.

8 – Ranma ½

Ranma ½
Ranma ½ | Source

Meet the huge classic—Ranma ½! The fact that it's a classic is the main reason why it’s here on top 8. This manga series has made an enormous contribution and has had a great deal of influence on all harem manga. It’s very unique and stylish for a manga of the genre and time period.

There’s only one place to go for martial artists who want to power up. That place is the training springs in China! There’s a drawback to training in the springs, though, as Ranma discovers too late. The springs are cursed, and Ranma has fallen into the spring of the drowned girl! Now Ranma transforms into a girl whenever he is splashed with cold water. There are also the events he has to attend. Curse? Training? Engagements? Ranma is in for a crazy and hilarious martial arts experience!

7 – Rosario + Vampire

Rosario + Vampire
Rosario + Vampire | Source

For anyone into the genre, Rosario + Vampire is a manga you must check out! Story, characters, plot development, entertainment—this series does a good job with all of it! That’s why you have to read it ASAP!

Aono Tsukune can’t find a high school he can actually get into. He’s unlucky and unsuited for any high school. His parents suddenly stumble upon a school that will accept him. But what they don't realize is that the school is a youkai school! Everyone’s a monster and Tsukune is the only human! Tsukune tries to escape, but it’s far too late for him now. He finds himself in the clutches of a vampire girl named Moka, and his life is now in her hands.

6 – Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai

Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai
Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai | Source

Again, it’s a guy in the center of a circle of girls. What did you expect? This time, everything’s funnier. That’s the best part of reading Boku wa Tomodacchi ga Sukunai! Hilarious and very raunchy—this manga will give you lots of reasons to smile and a great deal of enjoyment.

Fate led Kodaka Hasegawa to Yozora Mikazuki. Both of them were friendless, and Kodaka noticed Yozora talking to the wind. The effects of loneliness are intense! Now that they've met, they create the neighbor club. It’s a club with one purpose and one goal—to make friends! Kodaka and Yozora begin recruiting “friends” to their club in hopes that they’ll actually gain friends and finally be able to do stuff that only friends do.

5 – Highschool of the Dead

Highschool of the Dead
Highschool of the Dead | Source

A group of bouncy girls slaughtering zombies? This isn’t your usual harem manga! Highschool of the Dead has action, a compelling story, and lots of fan service. All of these are what makes it perfect for #5 on this list.

A zombie apocalypse is happening in Japan, and everyone’s at risk. In one school, a group of students and a nurse are left with no choice but to fight for survival. It’s a life or death situation. There is no in-between. Getting through the hazardous undead is the only way to survive.

4 – Mahou Sensei Negima!

Mahou Sensei Negima!
Mahou Sensei Negima! | Source

If story is what you want most, Mahou Sensei Negima! offers a story of epic proportions. It’s not a typical harem manga. This is one that transcends all clichés provides a very high level of entertainment. Don’t believe me? Read it and see for yourself.

Negi Springfield is a 10-year-old magician who has been tasked with becoming an English teacher at a middle school. He’s dismayed, but it has to be done in order for him to reach his goals: find his father, become a great magus, and take care not to expose his true identity—Negi’s magical teaching life begins!

3 – The World God Only Knows

The World God Only Knows
The World God Only Knows | Source

If the sheer number of girls in The World God Only Knows doesn't overwhelm you, then I don’t know what will. The goal in this series is to conquer all the girls, though the main character is reluctant. Each girl has her own compelling story and set of circumstances. These individual stories are what make this series great.

Keima Katsuragi is the best when it comes to conquering girls in dating video games. But will the same hold true in similar circumstances in real life? Unfortunately for Keima, conquering girls in real life is now his new reality. After encountering the Shinigami, Elsie, Keima now has to make girls fall in love with him one after another. Failure to do so means he gets killed!

2 – High School DxD

High School DxD
High School DxD | Source

All hail the ultimate harem + ecchi combination! I’m talking about the series High School DxD. It’s so true to its genre that it oozes pleasure and raunchiness. I’m not gonna say any more about that. Seriously, I urge you to read this series if you’re a true fan of the genre.

Issei Hyodo just entered the realm of the impossible—a conflict with demons and angels. But all he ever wanted was his own personal harem. The poor guy gets killed by his first-ever date who turned out to be a fallen angel. Good thing a demon revives him and makes him her servant. What lead to Issei’s out-of-this-world experience? He shall soon find out as he discovers new powers and comes closer to his desires.

1 – To LOVE-Ru

To LOVE-Ru | Source

The most awaited moment has come. It’s time to reveal the most deserving manga series worthy of the title of best harem manga. The title in question is—To LOVE-Ru! It’s has all the essential elements of the harem genre, plus more great content! Trust me, you’re going to enjoy reading this one most of all. Be prepared to be overcome by pleasure and excitement!

It’s Rito Yuuki against all odds in love and with strange alien creatures! Wait, what?! Rito has a crush in school. It’s his friend, Haruna Sairenji. But then, a female alien-creature named Lala had to appear out of nowhere during Rito’s bath time. This is how his predicament begins! Rito must now marry Lala or else his life ends and the world will cease to exist. Woah! Such escalation! Will Rito be able to escape his weird engagement, or will he push through until the end?

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