Domino: Character Backstory, Costume History, and Cosplay

Updated on October 28, 2019
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Domino Costume History
Domino Costume History | Source

Fabian Nicieza and Rob Liefeld are credited with creating Domino. However, her first appearance can be a little confusing. The Domino persona was first seen in the 1991 issue of New Mutants #98, but this was Copycat impersonating Domino and not the actual character. The real Domino would not make her debut appearance until the 1993 issue of X-Force #8.

Character History

Project Armageddon was a secret government breeding program attempting to create the perfect soldier through genetic engineering. Domino was the sole survivor amongst all the other test subjects. However, her mutant ability to psionically affect probabilities, making things work in her favor or against others, was basically the power of good luck and considered a failure for military applications.

Domino's biological mother released her from the Armageddon Project and put her in the care of Rudolpho Boschelli. This was not an ideal home, because Rudolpho was the leader of a cult called the Church of the Sacred Heart. Domino escaped from the cult when she was thirteen and became a freelance mercenary. Although her mutant good luck abilities mostly worked subconsciously, she could sometimes actively control them. This and her skills in firearms, explosives, martial arts and hand-to-hand combat made her an effective mercenary.

Milo Thurman

Despite being considered a "failure" by a government project, she was often hired by different government agencies. The NSA had Domino guarding Dr. Milo Thurman, because his analytical abilities made him to much of a liability to ever let go. Domino and Milo fell in love and got married. It was Milo who gave Domino the nickname Beatrice from Dante's Inferno. Unfortunately, A.I.M. attacked the facility where they were staying, and they were separated. When the chaos ended, Milo thought Domino was dead.

Wild Pack/Six Pack

Domino finds employment with the Wild Pack. (The group of mercenaries would later change their name to the Six Pack.) It was here that she first meets Cable. Dominio was often utilized as the group's scout. Their main client was Tolliver, a businessman who used them for corporate espionage and revenge. Domino was extremely close to Cable, but a routine check on an opium route for Tolliver would change that and have major repercussions for the entire team.

During the mission, Domino finds a hidden hatch and a search by the team shows things are too dangerous. Domino wants to abort the mission and get the team to safety, but Cable has them proceed. They confront Cable's personal enemy Stryfe and almost get blown up. Tolliver is unhappy with how the team broke protocol and failed their assignment, so he puts a price on their heads. In Singapore, the group is almost taken out, but Domino is able to use explosives and eliminate the mercenaries attacking them.

With too much pressure being put on the team, Cable takes on one final mission. They set explosive all around Stryfe's base to level it. Stryfe arrives too early and takes their teammate Kane hostage. The group is willing to negotiate, but Cable refuses. Stryfe flees and Cable teleports away, leaving the rest of the Six Pack trapped in the place they rigged to blow. Domino was able to escape with two of her teammates relatively unharmed, but Kane and Hammer were not so lucky.

Copycat Impersonates Domino

Cable's abandonment of the team hurt them all, especially Domino. While laying low after the incident, Tolliver captured Domino and had the shapeshifter Copycat pretend to be her. While Domino is held prisoner, Cable asks the imposter Copycat, thinking she is Domino, to help him lead his recently assembled X-Force team. This team was originally the New Mutants, but Cable turned them into a rapid reaction strike force and renamed them appropriately.

When Cable discovers where Tolliver is hiding, he goes after him. Cable brings the fake Domino along and is shocked to find the real Domino being held prisoner in Tolliver's hideout. He had no idea Copycat was impersonating Domino. Cable instantly gets into a fight with Deadpool, and Domino is cut free by Deadpool's sword. Domino takes the advantage and shoots Deadpool in the back. Copycat is able to escape, so Cable and the real Domino continue their hunt for Tolliver. Showing a different side to Domino, Cable orders her to find his X-Force kids, while he goes off to kill Tolliver.

Searching for X-Force

Domino respects Cable's last order and searches for X-Force. She enlists the aid of her old Six Pack teammates Grizzly and Hammer. They were able to track down Copycat and hoped her knowledge of X-Force would help in their search. Copycat was in trouble, so Domino and her team had to rescue her from Deadpool and Sluggo. Copycat knew this was not a humanitarian rescue mission and offers them information on X-Force's newest hideout, if they spare her life. She then leads them to Adirondack Mountains.

The empty blown up base causes Domino to believe they were being lied to, but Copycat calms Domino down enough that they are able to follow the trial to Warpath's ancestor's reservation Camp Verde. It is X-Force's new base, but they don’t find the team. They do find Cable, who is with their old teammates Kane and G.W. Bridge. With the old team back together, they would like to reform, but Cable's inability to agree to stop his secrecy causes the team to leave without him. The Six Pack continues to operate without Cable.

Joining X-Force

Domino is later asked by Cable to join X-Force. Things are rough at first, because X-Force knew Copycat and not her. However, Domino would continue to serve as a vital team member and eventually formed a strong bond with her new team. She also began growing closer to Cable. She was the one to accompany him to Madelyne Pryor's grave, when Mr. Sinister revealed Madelyne and Scott were his parents and Stryfe was his clone. Domino and Cable went on a few dates, but the Age of Apocalypse stopped everything and after they were too busy to explore their feelings any deeper.


Domino has very few people in her life that she would call a friend. When one of her closest friends, Grizzly, appears to be involved with a serial killer, she goes to Colorado and investigates. Domino finds him being controlled by Cable's son Genesis. Grizzly forced Domino into killing him, so he could be free of Genesis' influence. Domino then buries her friend's body and carries the weight of being the one who killed him.

Operation: Zero Tolerance

Domino is later blocked from accessing her powers, during Operation: Zero Tolerance. With the loss of her mutant abilities, Domino fell into a deep depression, lost her sense of humor and quit X-Force. She eventually regained her powers, when Jesse Bedlam boosted them back up. Domino rejoined X-Force and stayed with them, until they disbanded.

Domino was not without a team for long. She joined X-Corporation, which dedicated itself to the search and rescue of other mutants. She was sought after by S.H.I.E.L.D. and worked with a new Six Pack team.

Back to X-Force and Security Recon

Domino would come back to X-Force, when it was reassembled as a black ops team. It was led by Wolverine and dealt in preemptive strikes to stop threats that might require more force than the X-Men were willing to use. That included implementing lethal measures. Wolverine and Domino would have a brief romantic relationship. However, when Wolverine and Cyclops split the X-Men in half, she went with Cyclops' team. This was because she is not cut out to teach young students, rather than negative feelings toward Wolverine.

Domino was assigned to the Security Recon Team and be the main line of defense for the mutant island sanctuary Utopia. Domino not only proves her usefulness to the team , but also how tough she really is. While Domino did an amazing job holding back the sentinels and agents of the Puternicstan government, she was eventually wounded and captured. Despite her injuries bringing her close to death, Domino managed to escape and takes one of their scientist hostage for interrogation later.

Domino and Cable

Domino has been on a lot of teams, but she continually returns to those groups Cable leads. When Cable reforms X-Force, Domino returns. Their mission to protect the world becomes even more complicated when a misunderstanding and shooting lead the team to being on the Avengers' most wanted list.

Original Domino Costume
Original Domino Costume


The first time fans saw Domino, it was actually Copycat impersonating her. However, a flashback sequence revealed the real Domino wearing almost the same costume. The main section consisted of a midnight blue bodysuit with white running along the inside of the legs and on the front portion of the pants.

As a mercenary, she understood the importance of wearing additional armour and equipment pouches. She had on large shoulder pads that could have been worn by an American football player. The rest of her accessories were a deep purple. Thick gloves allowed her to keep a firm grip on her weapon and a head frame added additional protection to her head. Her armbands and belt were packed with pouches for ammunition and additional equipment.

Domino Six Pack Armour
Domino Six Pack Armour

Six Pack Armour

When Domino was working with the Six Pack, she would sometime wear a costume that offered a lot more protection. Her bodysuit was a solid black, but very little of it could be seen. Her hands, arms, legs and shoulders were almost completely covered with purple and brown padding and armour. It gave the appearance of a more flexible and sleeker bite dog training suit. She still wore her iconic purple head frame.

The Real Domino Costume
The Real Domino Costume | Source

The Real Domino

When Copycat was exposed and the real Domino was back in action, she started wearing a new costume. She still had a midnight blue bodysuit, but now there were ovals cut along the sides of the arms, body and legs. Her knee high boots were black and looked like they could be worn in combat or for a night on the town.

She had purple hand and forearm guards protecting her exposed limbs when aiming for a clear shot. She had matching straps running along her waist, hips and legs, with lots of pouches and a holster for her gun. Domino was still wearing her signature head frame. It was a much sexier look, but still managed to add to her lethal appearance. When she joined X-Force, she would add the X emblem to her belt and chest.

Domino Sleeveless X-Force Uniform
Domino Sleeveless X-Force Uniform

X-Force Uniform

X-Force would start wearing matching costumes after the Age of Apocalypse. This is when Domino stopped wearing her signature head frame. She wore a blue sleeveless bodysuit that opened at the collar. This was much lighter than her previous color choices. The zipper closed this outfit in the front and had an X emblem on the slider. Domino’s long purple gloves went slightly past her elbows.

Rather than having large boots, there was armour plating that went from her thighs and down to her ankles. If they were not so thick, some might mistake them for chaps. Her purple belt was again loaded with pouches and a red X emblem appeared on the buckle.

Domino Bling Costume
Domino Bling Costume | Source


Domino had a second costume she wore at the same time she was wearing her redesigned X-Force team uniform. Domino still had a dark blue bodysuit, but it was asymmetrical and did not completely cover her entire body. Past costumes had been firmly cinched at the top. This outfit had an open high collar and chest window. Her right thigh and left forearm were bare.

Rather than having a form fitting top, she had on a billowy short sleeve shirt. Domino’s purple shoulder pads were back, but they were much slimmer. She had a pair of matching thigh high purple boots. This ensemble included a lot of bling. She had gold bracelets, belt and a chain that ran from her chest down to her legs. To identify her ties to X-Force, she had an X button by her clavicle.

Domino Fabric Strip Costume
Domino Fabric Strip Costume | Source

Fabric Strips

Domino had a third costume that she used in her rotation of uniforms with X-Force. I am assuming this is the clothing she wore in hot climates, because there is a lot of skin exposed and it has a swimsuit like appearance. There is a high collar with a X emblem clasping it together. The body of the costume has a one piece swimsuit shape. The bust has been cut out of the top and the torso has thin strips of fabric running vertically and one large strip running horizontally down the center.

There were more bands of fabric of different thicknesses running all the way along her arms and legs. Her boots, choker and gloves were all solid pieces of clothing. This all midnight blue/purple costume was accented with gold bracers holding parts of the fabric together.

Domino Superhero Costume
Domino Superhero Costume


Domino returned to X-Force and started wearing an outfit that looked more like a superhero costume and less like her usual mercenary wardrobe. This midnight blue body suit covered her entire body. The only skin exposed was her face and fingers. Once again the zipper was running down the front of the costume.

A purple collar added some much needed color to the body suit. She had matching purple gauntlets and boots to add a bit more protection. Her purple belt was slung across her hips and offered lots of pouches for extra equipment. She had another utility strap around her left thigh. Sometimes, Domino would wear a matching midnight blue jacket.

Domino Mother Rescue Mission Costume
Domino Mother Rescue Mission Costume

Rescue Mission

When she went to rescue her ex Milo Thurman, Domino wore a plain outfit and lost many of the flashy aspects of past costumes. Stealth was clearly the objective of this outfit. She had on a black, long sleeve, skin tight top that was cropped at the midriff. I am unsure why she felt is necessary to show off her abs, if not being seen was the primary goal. She had a snug hood that kept her hair tucked in and helped blend into the shadows.

To add a little bit of protection, she had dark purple gauntlets on her forearms and a matching bracer on only one arm. She wore a pair of form-fitting workout shorts. The black boots showed she was not going to the gym. Domino still needed her weapons and equipment, so she had a gun holster and satchel. The only vibrant color was the X emblem printed on one shoulders.

Shadow Operative

Domino was no stranger to working on covert missions that others might find morally questionable. When she went on shadow ops missions with Wisdom’s X-Force team, she wore attire that was more appropriate for stealth. The only color on this plain black body suit was an X emblem on the shoulders and belt buckle.

Domino Techno Punk Costume
Domino Techno Punk Costume | Source

Techno Punk Suit

When Domino went looking for her mother, she wore a costume that looked part mercenary, part rebellious teenager. Domino now had a sleeveless, V-neck bodysuit. A wire mesh was worn over her neck and chest, covering the areas her blue and black bodysuit did not. Slim wristbands protected her arms and made the thick boots look even more intimidating. Domino’s goggles were the most impressive part of her costume. They allowed her to see at night, illuminate infrared trip wires and scan fingerprint smudges.

Domino Mercenary Costume
Domino Mercenary Costume


Domino returned to the Six Pack and started wearing an outfit designed for the mercenary work she would be doing. It was a black bodysuit that completely covered her from the neck down. Blue stripes ran down the sides of the costume and gave it a little bit of color, but did not draw attention. There were straps and pouches incorporated all over the costume, to make sure Domino could carry all the equipment she needed for the mission.

Domino Civil War Costume
Domino Civil War Costume

Civil War

Marvel’s Civil War storyline shook up their entire universe. It is only appropriate that Domino wear a brand new costume during the war. She wore a navy blue sleeveless top with a small white trim. Her pants were mostly white, with navy blue running along the outside. Her boots, belt and pouches were also white. She had thin navy blue cuffs over her wrist.

Domino Mission Specific Costume
Domino Mission Specific Costume

Mission Specific

While working with Wolverine’s X-Force team, Domino did not stick with one costume. Instead, she would make changes based on the mission to be accomplished. They were usually some form of a black bodysuit, that actually covered her entire body and unzipped down the front. The plain bodysuit might be worn by itself or have different amounts of body armour incorporated into it. In order to accommodate the different weapons and equipment she might need the holsters, straps, belts and pouches would often change.

Domino Cosplay Costumes
Domino Cosplay Costumes | Source
Alternative Domino Cosplay Costumes
Alternative Domino Cosplay Costumes | Source

Models and Cosplayers

Fans of Domino have been creating their own cosplay costumes of their favorite mercenary for years.


Google Images (Images appeared on several sites and was unsure of original)

And of course: Reading way too many comic books.

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