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Easter Eggs and Weird Things in "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone" That You Didn't Notice the First Time

Rachaud is an avid reader who enjoys sharing his literary insights with others through writing.

To say that the Harry Potter series is a classic is very much an understatement. Some, in fact, swear that the books are “literally their childhood.” So, the amount of digging that has been done by fans not only into the story of the orphaned wizard but into the entire universe should come as no surprise. These are some Easter eggs, or little things that might make you think, that can be found in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone:

Page 5

Uncle Vernon notices all the wizards and witches openly being themselves and talking about otherworldly business. One even calls him a muggle and mentions Voldemort directly to him. I know they were happy, but did they really need to be so careless?

Page 10

Dumbledore states that Voldemort had reigned for eleven years. To me, that seems like a very long time for either Voldemort to not have already completely taken over or been defeated by then. What exactly was going on for eleven years?

Page 11

McGonagall states that Dumbledore has either more or as much power as Voldemort, but chooses out of nobility to not use it. Has she seen him do something before that would make her think this?

Page 13

Professor McGonagall states that in the wizarding world, everyone will know Harry’s name and that books will be written about him. If you don’t know, there’s a fan theory that J.K. Rowling is really Rita Skeeter and that her books were real. Hence, this would be a clue.

Page 14

Hagrid states that he got his flying motorbike from Sirius Black. This is the first mention of Sirius in the series, yet he doesn’t make his actual debut until the third book. Did Rowling already know Sirius Black’s story only 14 pages into the first book?

Page 17

We find out that Petunia finds Harry in the early morning hours and that Harry spends the next few weeks being pinched by Dudley. It was at this moment that it really dawned on me that they raised this kid for 10 years! The Dursleys hated and abused Harry but still allowed him to live in their home and bought him food for almost 10 years up to the point of him discovering the truth. Why? What was in the letter?

Page 19

Harry is woken from a dream that is technically a memory of the night his parents died. He was only a year old that night. Do all wizards have memories from when they were toddlers?

Page 22

Marge, Vernon’s sister, is mentioned for the first time. Did Rowling already know the character was two books away from floating in the sky?

Page 28

Harry speaks to a snake. He doesn’t react at all to the fact that, even though at first the snake is only nodding and shaking its head, he is still having a conversation with a snake.

Page 30

It is stated that strange people know Harry when he goes out to the store sometimes. How come none of these people, who were obviously witches and wizards, ever mentioned to Harry exactly how they knew who he was? We might’ve had a different sort of story then.

Page 34

Harry gets his Hogwarts letter. Since we know from the way it’s addressed that Dumbledore knew Harry was being kept in the cupboard under the stairs, we should also assume that he knew that Harry was being emotionally and probably physically abused by the Dursleys. Why is it that he never stepped in to help the boy?

Page 55

Hagrid explains that Harry’s scar is what results when an evil curse touches you. So, why don’t people get it after being hit with the Cruciatus curse and the Imperius curse? Also, no one else seems so get it after being hit with the killing curse.

Page 100

It is stated that Scabbers was Percy’s rat before he was Ron’s. Since we know that he is really Peter Pettigrew, how long exactly was Peter Pettigrew a member of the Weasley family in rat form? There are just so many questions that can come out of this one line after reading the third book. How long can an animagus stay in animal form before they can’t change back? Why did he end up with the Weasleys in the first place?

Page 121

It is insinuated when the sorting hat is on his head that if Harry had been put into Slytherin, he still would’ve had to go on the journey he went on throughout the series, but it would’ve been a tad bit easier. What about being in Slytherin would’ve made Harry more equipped to deal with Voldemort? Is it because he might’ve been closer to Snape and the children of Death Eaters?

Page 130

Harry has a dream about Quirrell’s turban. The turban was telling him that he had to transfer into Slytherin because it was his destiny. Since we know Voldemort was under the turban, and at this point Harry had no way of knowing that, this is the first time we see the psychic connection between Harry and Voldemort. As far as I can remember, we don’t see this again until the first and second chapters of the fourth book.

Page 213

Dumbledore says that he doesn’t need a cloak to become invisible. I don’t think he was joking.

Page 221

It says that Harry has a feeling that Snape can read minds because that’s the only way he would know that Harry knows about the Sorcerer’s Stone. If you’ve gotten to the fifth book already, then you know that Snape does know how to read minds. Was this a random throw-away line, or a hint of things to come?

Page 294

Quirrell’s body begins to break apart from touching Harry. This is explained as Lily’s love protection still being in effect. How is it that, almost eleven years later, the protection is still in effect in this scene, but it’s no longer in effect in Goblet of Fire when Voldemort gets his body back?

Page 302

Harry says something that I think adds fuel to an internet theory. He says that Dumbledore knows everything that goes on in Hogwarts and instead of stopping it, he just gives guidance to Harry and his friends along the journey. Upon reading all of the books, this can be interpreted as Dumbledore doing this because he knows Harry must face Voldemort to fulfill their prophecy. This could also help a theory that states that Dumbledore is really Ron from the future, who has come back to guide the three to the final battle. Personally, what defeats this theory for me is that both characters have established families and Dumbledore has a backstory dating back to at least 1945 in wizard history and a brother who talked about Dumbledore’s youth with Grindlewald. Although I feel that, most likely, this theory isn’t exactly true, I do believe it’s possible that Dumbledore could be someone from the future and maybe his backstory has some super-complicated explanation.

There you have it! These are the Easter eggs and weird things that made me think while reading Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. Do you have any to add?